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[ROM][Aug 25] Jellybean 4.2.2 for Endeavoru AOSP Build [Kernel 3.1.10] [JDQ39] #20

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Banner by Sebianoti

Me and rogro82 started to port Android 4.2 to the HTC One X

  • Wireless
  • Phone calls
  • GSM Data
  • Audio
  • Video Playback (including HD)
  • Camera (no photosphere - blame google)
  • GPS
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth
  • BT and Wireless tethering

Not Working
  • USB tethering (?)

Installation instructions
  • Verify that your backup is complete - a backup of your sdcard may also be a good idea (see below)
  • Verify that you are running hboot 1.26 or newer (hboot 1.39 is recommended)
  • Download the ZIP and the boot.img (see Downloads)
  • Copy the .zip to your sdcard and reboot into fastboot
  • fastboot flash boot boot.img, then boot into recovery
  • WIPE your phone (this is not optional)
  • Install the .zip and reboot

You can always upgrade to a newer version without wiping any data, formatting system or wiping the cache.
But keep in mind that you must always flash boot.img + re-flash gapps after upgrading


RC20 (20130825)
  • Fixed the two Android 'master key' bugs
  • Kernel patch for CVE-2013-2094
RC19 (20130317)RC18 (20130311)
  • Option to control button backlight depending on the screen brightness (Settings -> Display)
  • Software fix for pabx's broken headphone jack detecion: Added an option to forcefully route mediaplayer-output to the headphone jack. (Settings -> Audio)
RC17 (20130301)
  • Use latest WIFI Firmware (improves reception)
RC16 (20130216)
  • Added to build.props. The phone will now only accept ADB connections from authenticated hosts. Note that you must upgrade your local ADB installation to the version included in the 4.2.2 SDK. Connecting with an pre-4.2.2 adb will not work
  • Fixed quicksettings: longpress = toggle, press = settings
  • Internal: Use CMs nicer audio-recording patch
RC15 (20130213) Android 4.2.2
  • Upgraded to Android 4.2.2_r1
  • Silenced vibrate kernel driver + removed unneeded pm_qos request
RC14 (20130208) Kernel 3.1.10
  • First release with Linux 3.1.10. Note that you MUST upgrade your hboot to 1.3x (1.2 versions may work - any feedback is appreciated, but any version < 1.2 will NOT work - your phone will freeze during deepsleep!)
  • Mounting USB-OTG devices on 4.2 is somewhat tricky as filesystems are not shared with 'parent' processes - using some userspace app like 'Nexus Photo Importer' is recommended
  • Switched to ondemand govenor as the old 'interactive' is broken in HTCs Linux 3.1.10 source drop (doesn't make a big difference)
RC13 (20130202)
  • Merged missing cam pull request
  • Option to change the max frequency in settings (Developer Options -> CPU Frequency)
  • Improved frequency management - say goodbye audio dropouts!
RC12 (20130122)
  • More camera options (jpeg quality, burst mode, scenes) - thanks to seadersn
  • Option to enable the overflow button
  • New hardware button mapping profile: press = tasks / longpress = menu
RC11 (20130114)
  • Support for encrypted /data partition. (see this post)
  • Ability to limit the max CPU frequency (see this post)
  • Enhanced included Camera App (thanks to herrvorragend23)
  • Include SimToolkit
  • Option to change the Home + Menu longpress behaviour (Settings -> Display)
RC10 (20130104)
  • Support for big /data partition. This is experimental, see this post
  • Mount /data with '-o discard'
RC9 (20121229)
  • Added 'volume rocker' support (disabled by default -> settings -> sound)
  • Bluetooth Audio (A2DP) is now working
  • Stubborn BT devices should now be able to pair
RC8 (20121225)
  • Fixed WIFI Tethering
  • Changed halo background
RC7 (20121220) Doomsday edition
  • Bluetooth Tethering support (still a little bit flaky, try to re-enable bluetooth + tethering if the connection drops)
  • Changed quicksettings behaviour: Short press = toggle / Long press = open settings
  • Reboot + Screenshot options in Power-Off menu (thanks to lownoise2)
RC6 (20121219)
  • Support for Bluetooth file transfer and HID (Again: thanks to rogro82)
RC5 (20121215)
  • Audio recording fixed (Send your thanks to rogro82)
  • Developer-Options enabled by default in Settings
  • Display internal + sdcard storage in Settings
  • Improved holo-background gardient
  • Switching from/to 2G-Data-Only works without reboot
  • 'Silent' GSM-Data drop is hopefully gone
RC4 (20121211)
  • Camera support Install this if the camera icon is missing in your app drawer
RC3 (20121209)
  • Paid applications can now be installed using Play Store
  • Unity engine based games work correctly
  • Hboot 1.3x support
RC2 (20121202)
  • Multitouch fixed
  • Based on Android 4.2.1 (December fixed)
  • HD-Videos (OMX) working

RC1 (20121126)
  • Include Email.apk
  • Fix google location service provider (google now / gmaps)

Download links (always flash boot.img!) (Primary host in Germany) (Mirror in Sweden)
Gapps download

IRC Channel
Join us at #tg-endeavoru on Freenode irc


I can not upgrade my hboot to 1.3x, help!

You can still run RC13:
This was the last release using Linux 2.6 and will therefore work on older hboot versions. RC13 is stable enough for everyday-use.

What kernel should i use?

Use the stock kernel from boot.img - there is nothing wrong with it. Using a different boot.img or/and kernel will just break stuff.

Even more links!
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25th November 2012, 08:42 PM |#2  
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For people wondering:

Although its an AOSP build it does have multi-user support which originally is only available on tablets in AOSP ( users can be added in settings )
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	device-2012-11-25-223510.png
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Name:	device-2012-11-25-230909.png
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25th November 2012, 08:47 PM |#3  
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Will try it as soon as links posted, thanks for your work! Can't wait for some of the important things like camera to work.
25th November 2012, 09:08 PM |#4  
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Will have to give this one a shot. Looks very interesting, even though there's some major flaws. Official CM10 has never been stable on the HOX, so looking for alternatives. AOSP might be the solution, in the long run (not currently in that state ).

Good luck with the upcoming work, attempts, hacks, tweaks etc.!

1. You can add NFC to the list of working things. Just tested it with a tag.
2. The performance of the ROM seems very snappy and nice. Just because of it I had to take a few benchmark tests, and yeah, the ROM performs! (oops, wasn't made public at first)

Generally about Android 4.2 and its new quick settings (QS):
I wonder why Google doesn't allow us to reorder the grid (by long pressing on the items, much like on their launcher; folders). Would be great if one could add or remove buttons too. Personally I'd like to add GPS + NFC and remove 'Airplane mode'. When tapping on the items their respective activities is started. Convenient sometimes, but it makes QS pretty much useless... On/Off toggling would've been the preferred way I think. Much like how the Airplane mode button works... it doesn't even ask the user if the device should be put in airplane mode (which I think is pretty vital).
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25th November 2012, 09:30 PM |#5  
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Voted to XDA News page

5 Star'd

Keep up the good work Gentleman
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25th November 2012, 09:33 PM |#6  
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Definitely wanna try, but will probably wait until it's a little more stable.
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25th November 2012, 09:38 PM |#7  
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Needed to rename rc0.boot_img to rc0boot.img (really any .img name would work) but otherwise booting fine straight over the top of latest CM10 nightlies. I'm no dev, but love being on the bleeding edge

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25th November 2012, 09:40 PM |#8  
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booting, working fine, confirmed call, data, sms, multi users... will put my mirror up tonight or tomorrow
25th November 2012, 10:31 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by MashineGun

booting, working fine, confirmed call, data, sms, multi users... will put my mirror up tonight or tomorrow

NOT booting for me - I think its because i am on hboot 1.31 but anyway keep ist going
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25th November 2012, 10:41 PM |#10  
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Great job. Thank you guys.
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