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Who is going to leave Sprint after contract is up?

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I have TERRIBLE 3G service around my house, and I will be switching after my 2 years is up. Thank god I have WiFi in my house.
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I just got my contract renewed this Black Friday, LTE is coming to my area in Q1 next year, so if I like that, then I'll probably stay. If not, off to Verizon!
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I'm leaving. My house has spotty 4G, and 0.5MBs as the max I've gotten in my house on 3G. The lte in my area isn't bad if I go out of the house, IF I get it. Most places I go aren't on the LTE side of my town. Although it is pretty a fast speed, I never hat to use it.

So for the horrible 3G, lack of LTE in place I normally go, and for the reason of price, I'm leaving sprint s's soon as my contract is up. Although I may past the ETF abs leave earlier.

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Been with Sprint for over 7 years. pay about $220 for 5 lines. Im not complaining. When I do call them I usually get what i want also
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Well after a 90 day battle over two sprint reps not adding my insurance ... don't ask long story my evo lte had a factory fault and it took months to get it right meanwhile on all my other 5 lines the service was on 1x and roaming for over 30 days one reason was sandy .. but I've been lied to and taken advantage of so now still horrible service but the credited me 700 $ and replaced my evo with the s3 . So to answer the direct question is no I will not . Because sprint sucks so much I got the DNA on Verizon and for having verizon first time I'm blown away by 4g it's as fast my WiFi in my house . I hate sprint cause I'm tired of paying huge prices for horrible service on flawed phones they pawn off as flagship

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teh roxxorz
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Originally Posted by alaman68 View Post
Never. The service is serviceable but the unlimited data for the price is unbeatable.

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I agree ; not worth them starving my wallet.
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Hope no one is jumping ship to boost....

No more truly unlimited data for them....

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I have been with sprint for years but signal doesnt improve. I have 5 towers near me but i still have crappy service.

So im going to keep calling when i have problems and ill see where that gets me. I dont get my military discount which sucks since i use simply everything

Its funny how we only get 15% when other Companies get more lol

I dont know time will tell but they need to get it together fast!
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The discounts on your account are negotiated between the company involved and Sprint corporate. If you have a low discount it is what was agreed upon by Sprint and the Government. Which means high levels get a good discount and you get a lower one. But typically means you get waived activations or something of the like.

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Originally Posted by jhavron View Post
I got forced to leave sprint. I had 4 lines on a shared plan, and they booted my number because of excessive roaming. Now I'm stuck with a pretty new GS3 with no use for it. I ported my number to a dumbphone on straightalk toi save the number. Therefore if anyone wants I have a GS3 (16gig) with a cracked screen that I found after I got my new one through insurance, a GS3 (16gig) that Id be willing to trade both for a decent android GSM phone.

PM me if anyone wants it
Did they kick all of your lines or just the line with excessive roaming?

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