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[KERNEL]HydraCoreNirvana n16[ENDED]

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Although this kernel is ended. I think I should put the downloads here:
  1. Critical Remind:
    • Flashing this kernel will make your phone Lose Warranty. So please Fully Get Understand of what you are doing. I have no responsibility of any of your lose by flashing this.
    • Before you download and flash, to farthest avoid bootloop or bricking your phone, please make sure you have read and understand sections from 4 to end.
    • Please be wisely use the "search this thread" at the top right corner, if you can not see it, click Name:  BACKBUTTON.PNG
Views: 95284
Size:  574 Bytes there. And be sure you have already read the OP. New-asked-but-already-answered questions will be ignored and maybe disliked or even scoffed by other members.
    • I will never talk about ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival). So please save your keyboard or touchscreen.
    • Please forgive me if I did not answer your question, even you asked before some one I answered. Please informe with message if you need me to answer it. Although I can not guarantee I will answer questions promptly, the carefulness of the answers is guaranteed. If the answer is important to you, please bookmark it cause I may edit the answer post with update instead of posting another one.
    • And if anyone don't like any part of my word. Please send me a message instead of posting here. All words above are my begging for the nattiness of this thread. I won't open another thread of discussion, cause I saw the discussion theads were mostly useless. Holding one thread is easier.
  2. Thanks to:
    @g.lewarne, @hardcore, @chandler929, @Formhault, @androidindian, @noteandfound, @chasmodo, @TeamHacksung, @samsung, @CyanogenMod team, ......,
    and a lot of names to add.
  3. Brief:
    First, I would like to thank the people I mentioned and not mentioned in section 2. Notably g.lewarne, you are always the owner of HydraCore. Thank you for your great work. Galaxy Note now became a legend with your masterpiece.
    Secondly, I would like to thank all people who gave me support, encourage and advise. Under your help, HydraCore has became a really universal and almost perfect kernel.
    In this new thread, the legendary Universal Kernel has a new name -- HydraCoreNirvana. I think the word Nirvana can tell the story of HydraCore. With the new name, the kernel steped onto a new stage -- bootable on JB leaks. It is not fully functional, but it is a good beginning.
    I have to say that I am not a dev. And I am another Child's Slave who use lavatory time as off hours. I really don’t know how far I can go on this. So please, forgive me if someday I got stuck and be absent like Gavin.
    ......long after n6......
    For a long time I kept absent. I really found it hard to go on especially after the CM team upgraded the Mali driver. I am not the right guy to do the library job. So I switched to Samsung Opensource codes.
    The first thing I did was building the Speedmod. I succussed. Meanwhile I made a build with Speedmod kernel image and PhilZ touch recovery initramfs. These builds worked fine with new released TouchWiz Jelly Beans. However, the CM code is going away with the Samsung Opensource codes. There are too many differences between them. The HOME button key issue was one result of this. It is harder and harder to combine CM and TouchWiz in one kernel. It is not just an universal initramfs, the kernel image itself needs to be universalized.
    So I have to make a lamentable decision that from now on, I will stick with Samsung Opensource codes. So TouchWiz Jelly Beans will be supported prior to CM and other AOSP roms which have good enough kernels. Legacy features of HydraCore will be transplanted to the new builds one by one with careful test. CM and other AOSP roms maybe bootable with the new builds, but the functionality will not be guaranteed.
    At last, thank you all for your long time support. I will keep on building this kernel and try my best to keep it Hydra for everyone. But for now, I can only step on one side, and I choose TouchWiz.
    ......more to add......
  4. Technical Description:
    • Safety: mem_cap_erase disabled, so this is a safe kernel.
    • ROM Support:
      • ICS (4.0.X):
        • TouchWiz Based: TouchWiz ICS fully supported. Official MIUI still can not boot to system, adb works.
        • AOSP Based: CM9 fully supported, AOKP and some PA......, and maybe other untested roms.
      • JB (4.1.X):
      • JB (4.2.X):
        • TouchWiz Based: Not out even leaked yet
        • AOSP Based: CM10.1 has bootloop with display.
    • Recovery: CWM 6 non touch recovery from @Phil3759:
    • Root privilege: ADB and LBE superuser.
    • Usage:
      1. Place the ZIP in the TF card.
      2. Root the phone: If you and if you are sure that you have a safe kernel with CWM jume to next. If you phone is unrooted, Flash the TAR version in Odin to get Root and CWM.
      3. Now you may meet bootloop, Press UP + HOME + POWER until you see the CWM interface. (the phone will never boot to the system with a stock rom flashed a TAR version)
      4. Flash the ZIP in CWM.
      5. Enjoy
      6. Please don't ask me how to use CWM. If you don't know, don't flash any kernel.
  5. Download with Changelog:
    1. Instructions:
      • These are SourceForge folders, so open in a browser. The corresponding source is included in the same folder.
      • Not all releases will be kept in this post, find the old ones in the repository. I will keep all files as long as possible. (It seems SourceForge don't delete old files.)
      • Little trick: maybe you can try middle-click the links, a new tab maybe opened.
      • Notice: If you met black screen or bootloop after flashing the tar file. Try the zip package (The recovery should be working). The standalong Mali libraries might fix the problem.
    2. n16:
      1. Download:
      2. Changelog:
        • Kernel: Pushed kernel version to 3.0.83.
        • Defconfig: Reverted pmem settings to fix video overlap. The bug is reported fixed.
        • Defconfig: Reenabled Samsung MTP. The hang of the MTP software on my MIUI v5 TouchWiz Patchrom fixed.
        • Makefile: Brought more legacy HydraCore tweaks including cpu and fpu tweaks.
    3. n15:
      1. Download:
      2. Changelog:
        • Kernel: Pushed kernel version to 3.0.82.
        • Network: Fixed wifi tethering.
        • Audio: Fixed mic in software like talking animals, recoders, etc.
        • Mali: Tweaked thresholds to reduce lag on some heavy interface like MIUI desktop. Further tweaks may be needed.
        • Tweaks: Some small tweaks.
        • Platform: Switched to coLinux. Now it is ideal for me. It is a real linux like vmware, it uses less resource like cygwin, and it is fast like a directly installed linux.
        • Toolchain: Switched back to Linaro 4.7 with LTO.
    4. n14:
      1. Download:
      2. Changelog:
        • Kernel: Pushed kernel version to 3.0.81 with cma port.
        • Superuser: Switched to LBE superuser with some simple permission management.
        • Defconfig: Brought more legacy HydraCore options which may be not noticeable.
        • HydraFS: Some workaround to MIUI. Now official MIUI v4 can boot to adb, positive. But the system is still not usable.
        • Platform: Switched to cygwin.
        • Toolchain: Switched to cygwin 4.6.3.
        • Filename: Yes, X.Y.Fu is still me, it is my name in short.
    5. test builds:
      1. Link:
      2. These builds are test builds. They usually contains new features or fixes. These changes need test. Read the README file in folders for more information.
    6. build environment:
      1. Link:
      2. Just follow the readme file.
  6. TODO and TOFIX:
    • Add Multi-ROM-on-SdCard support.
    • Investigate the reason of the CM10 and CM10.1 failure boot.
    • Make MIUI v4 bootable. Fix CM boot problems.
    • AOSP MIUI JB support.
    • Bring back more HydraCore features.
    • Bring ability to set GPU frequency. This is extremely hard to me.
    • Bring ability to set CPU voltages. Found the location of the settings. Working on it.
    • Bring more ability to alter the kernel without reflash.
    • Tweak all the script included.
    • Study on offcial source code of JB.
    • 64GB cards. I am not sure. 64GB exceeds Fat32 limitation. and exfat is not supported correctly.
    • Vibration Strength not alterable on AOSP roms. I am still working on this, maybe compile two different modules will solve the problem.
  7. Q&A Collection:
    • How to flash: like I said if you don't know how to flash, then don't flash. Or you can read section 4.
    • Can I flash on ...?: Please get to know you rom type, AOSP or TouchWiz based, then please read section 4.
    • Bootloop/Freeze/..., help!: please be concrete, I can not answer questions simple like this.
    • Possible reasons of Black Screen: From n9, standalong Mali libraries are located in the zip. Try to use the zip package. It might fix the problem.
    • Possible reasons of Bootloop:
      • Please check your rom type see whether your rom is supported.
      • Another reason is the unsuppored modules. Look in to /system/lib/modules if it exist. And delete dhd.ko, j4fs.ko, scsi_wait_scan.ko and Si4709_driver.ko if they exist. Deleting dhd.ko may also fix WIFI problem.
    • Possible reasons of Lag: Check the governor and IO settings. Or maybe just clean the RAM. At last, reboot.
    • Possible reasons of Freeze: Usually happens after a heavy load work. Try to reboot. Reboot usually works.
    • ...adding...and...collecting...
  8. Old Versions:
    1. n13:
    2. n12:
    3. n11:
    4. n10:
    5. n9:
    6. n8:
    7. n7.JBT:
    8. n6.JBT:
    9. n5.JBT:
    10. n4.JBT:
    11. n3.JBT:
    12. n2.JBT:
    13. n1:
Last edited by maxfu; 7th August 2014 at 06:19 AM. Reason: Version push.
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18th December 2012, 04:27 AM |#2  
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Great maxfu. You have a lot to say and we'd love to listen

Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk 2
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18th December 2012, 04:35 AM |#3  
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18th December 2012, 05:44 AM |#4  
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Originally Posted by maxfu

My sixth compilation with experimental TWJB leak support:

Seriously? We can finally OC the jb leaks? AWESOME!!!
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18th December 2012, 05:46 AM |#5  
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I guess cm10.1 kernel is next?

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18th December 2012, 06:00 AM |#6  
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It's fantastic, thanks man.
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18th December 2012, 06:50 AM |#7  
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Thanks man a new life for our great Hydracore..............
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18th December 2012, 06:53 AM |#8  
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Another awesome release from Maxfu

thanks man.
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18th December 2012, 07:09 AM |#9  
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Thumbs up Will it really work on JB Leaks ???
M waiting for ur reply ..... ill it really work on JB leaks ??? ( especially latest Ultimate Rom )
18th December 2012, 07:11 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by Immortal Nerd

M waiting for ur reply ..... ill it really work on JB leaks ??? ( especially latest Ultimate Rom )

I build this JB support with Ultimate XXLSA, should be OK with XXLSC. But please be in mind that it is experimental. AFAIK the camera service has problem.
Last edited by maxfu; 18th December 2012 at 07:13 AM.
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