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This is an UNOFFICIAL build of CM10.1 ( CyanogenMod 10.1 ) for Nexus 7 (GSM) tilapia and by NO means this is my ROM. I am just compiling from CM Source and 100% credits goes to TeamDouche, fattire, nemith (GSM) the device maintainers of Grouper/Tilapia and all other coders who contributed to CyanogenMod.

This is similar to a nightly from CM but has some extra goodies baked in. If you can't handle some things possible being broken, please don't use this and then complain to me for building it.

 * Your warranty is now void.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. Hard. A lot.

Remember to VOTE this thread if you like it.



  • Do NOT expect daily builds. I'll build when I'm free.
  • Do NOT ask for support in this thread.
  • Do NOT use this unofficial build and ask for support at the official threads.
  • Do NOT be rude.
  • Respect all users
  • If u see a NOOB question and u don't feel like replying, DON'T, just ignore that post. If u do reply, good for u.....and be nice in your reply.
  • Do NOT use extFAT sdcard with CM10. I do NOT guarantee your sdcard will NOT corrupt.



1st Time Installing
  • Download the zip
  • Download Gapps
  • Mounts & Storage ---> Format /system
  • Install the update zip from recovery
  • Install gapps
  • Reboot

Already installed CM10
  • Download the zip
  • Install the update zip from recovery
  • Reboot





  • Post#2



fattire, nemith (GSM) , maintainers for grouper/tilapia
Vadonka (sponsor of server)
All other coders for making CM possible!
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23rd December 2012, 12:05 AM |#2  
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md5sum: babf209146055892eb278f71dac179a0


md5sum: 620cb4488ff26a77289635dd56c139f9
md5sum: f94fb19d2152628c3134aef1b4cdf75c
md5sum: 5bb44bdfa55b7b24c62fb1fabcec9576
md5sum: 66afc5ad8b1755d9d08cf78ccaa7633d
md5sum: 278a52aa90bb3b1d125e9694f74be731
md5sum: 59925a7abfc98f0e07f20b3d1685f0b2
md5sum: 59925a7abfc98f0e07f20b3d1685f0b2
md5sum: f8e17bbbb432da233dbef0c2778be9d7
md5sum: 05ecbac30678db97d9435f8716231130
md5sum: 5ad97ec6d3b661b4dee8b40647ff4314
md5sum: e305cdf8297a9d40e52d116657711010
md5sum: e305cdf8297a9d40e52d116657711010
md5sum: 8764d2219074dbf7b7a51039b5d59588
md5sum: 8764d2219074dbf7b7a51039b5d59588
md5sum: ebc96d75f7169ce8a99d4d10cb28fe36
md5sum: ebc96d75f7169ce8a99d4d10cb28fe36
md5sum: ebc96d75f7169ce8a99d4d10cb28fe36
md5sum: a6e5346f509417946c24c3cf24c6fdc8
md5sum: 6fe8a158fe11655b2d00ff20c50ac688
md5sum: acdbcb09fdc3a258111c5fbefeb053e2
md5sum: 0229dcd4636d580a49bbb49a0a296b10
md5sum: e7d230fab7c764a3a4d54b327b70a63d
md5sum: e7d230fab7c764a3a4d54b327b70a63d
md5sum: 051044a5aef66ba85034d04eaa13f656
md5sum: 66ea96141aa3f5626f207ccb9b51aa4b
md5sum: 9426ffe62c127cfda7b510e6c9e8d5ef
md5sum: 40ca5aee6c00648112683bb64d6a49e7
md5sum: 7d4f191ced85e28a60d7b41205c6657c
md5sum: 481f539716f94ca06cc88e71439af3f7
md5sum: b0df5e7fcc27c5ef4bb94cd93dbd1091
md5sum: 6a8899e91ec3ae336a18242f44b83d5e
md5sum: e215beb0ad436f73ac02a86826bba30b
md5sum: 68c8cf198fc91dd618e642774be04bb0
md5sum: bddc3c4726c4174d03adb1966d7c077b
md5sum: 40e2daa75a5ee1c70dec025067d766f3
md5sum: 46ebb624b0fcbc2af938b76989ba4407
md5sum: 8aed7a12c01071a76a2957ca2d33e180
md5sum: 3d9cca5bb4d31a79fe3eaca63900df49
md5sum: 88de1d5f8316da9c87933356e3dbc1ad
md5sum: 4f50f34b390145330149cc1e5bd1db74
md5sum: 7c99097b086ff610a8240e607b1dcfc6
md5sum: 506a2f8dcfd451d0d6e63db03b65bb36
md5sum: efec1a464a4b65b0f406d85d3661c5c0
md5sum: cb1eab913964a97c55d7515c00431ed5
md5sum: ecb38f318b79d66d1b2c3c6d40258bfc
md5sum: dd2f52ab98aa3ba297db5a60e4f08e9a
md5sum: dd2f52ab98aa3ba297db5a60e4f08e9a
md5sum: 34e1809c9d8e57000b224b188d1ee8bc
md5sum: 7ba8de2eaaa14dddacfd106883dc5c51
md5sum: 4200bd4b299530f9b52024e9185ed250
md5sum: 5b72bb188092184b7d5c1d4513121511
md5sum: 5b72bb188092184b7d5c1d4513121511
md5sum: f68ff45abc171fdca3b09bf31b19ba29
md5sum: 37ced8a60ed67a01e27aade0764c5106
md5sum: 5271f5c92ec6f52c96f52a101e3f7271
md5sum: b494abd77e3b25c71fda7c9f9310aa08
md5sum: 5d773d9373f95f80eb344cf8e8d4f484
md5sum: 3548eb16db7056a215566f3ef3907d18
md5sum: 83efea04eef216c5deb0a6eb3c19a05f
md5sum: a31e9535b4d52242df42143e56b8c2be
md5sum: d6ea7f5c9a412ceda322e091aa15c2cf
md5sum: 7ca7dfc093687557d6c6f0dc1552b25b
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23rd December 2012, 12:06 AM |#3  
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23rd December 2012, 12:06 AM |#4  
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23rd December 2012, 12:09 AM |#5  
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Love it. Good work c: first!

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23rd December 2012, 12:13 AM |#6  
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temasek's CM10.1 UNOFFICIAL BUILD - DEC 23

  • This is my initial UNOFFICIAL build release to the public for N7 tilapia CM10.1 KANG.
  • Wi-Fi Tethering is working in this build
  • Cherry-picked Navigation Bar Customisation
  • Will add more download sites as per my other kang devices if there is a sizable user base. Currently tilapia user base looks SMALL

MD5SUM: 7ca7dfc093687557d6c6f0dc1552b25b


Change I5d905fb1: squisher: link the target $OUTFILE.,,n,z


- Navigation Bar Customisation
- Enable Wi-Fi Tethering (my own submission to cm gerrit)
- Update build fingerprints to 4.2.1 (my own submission to cm gerrit)

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23rd December 2012, 02:54 AM |#7  
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More problems so far.
23rd December 2012, 08:49 AM |#8  
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I want to try this rom but I need a few answers to my questions.

1) Can I flash CM10.1 rom on top of this rom, IF (a big if) I'm not satisfied with it?
2) Can I use faux kernel with this rom? I'm a fan of his kernel.
3) During flashing, is sdcard content wiped? I have use 20 GB now and I can't connect my N7 to PC because of MTP issue. The only way to backup my sdcard is by using USB OTG and it took ages (!) to finish copying all that stuff.
4) Does this rom have expanded desktop feature like PA rom?
5) Does it support USB OTG (without the need for Stickmount or other app)?
6) Do I have to flash another recovery than what I have now, which is CWM Touch recovery for tilapia?
7) What features or functionality is not working or not available? I was told that this rom support WiFi tethering, which is the feature I need most. I was wondering if there's any missing features that stock 4.2.1 have but this rom don't have.
8) How does this rom handles update? Do I check for update in CM OTA app (if there is such feature in CM rom and this rom) or do I wait for new build to be uploaded here and flash in recovery? If the former is true, then it will overwrite the rom files, is it not? I am afraid that jumping back and forth between this rom and CM will make it unstable and other weird things (reboot or whatnot)

If you think of my post as super noob, then please refrain from replying. Just ignore it (as mentioned in OP). If you indeed want to help, feel free to reply.

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23rd December 2012, 08:51 AM |#9  
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All OK temasek, 5stars for you !
Can you add the link for the latest gapps?

p.s. Please temasek can you add the tile for data toggle in fast setting panel?
It's important to me in Italy we use ever 3g connection because there isn't much WiFi access points.
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23rd December 2012, 10:30 AM |#10  
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Picasa sync sir? Thanks.

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