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Metawatch Smartwatch

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By rEVOLVE, Senior Member on 6th January 2013, 09:34 PM
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As I was anticipating getting the Note 2, I realized as my phone got bigger, it would require a different way of use than a smaller device. With the rumored Note 7", if it's allowed to handle calls, it is even more important to me if I upgraded to that to have a convenient way to handle calls without having to pull the whole device out.. Imagine the device in your pocket as the communications hub - you pull it out when you need to deal with the screen, but for simple tasks like calls, your smartwatch and headset would be the only things you need to interact with.

In the past, there were bluetooth headsets with caller ID displays, but I found they're not practical as you still have to look at the display, then put in your ear or you have the display part hanging around your neck/clipped on your shirt like those Sony's I've seen. A watch which can show the caller IDs, incoming texts and emails is more appealing to me.

I read from reviews that other smartwatches were either too bulky, had miserable battery life, or had issues staying connected with the phone reliably. I found the last two issues to be the case with the Sony 2nd gen Smartwatch so sent it back. I loved the promised functionality, but in practice the battery life wouldn't even last the day, which was a dealbreaker. It also would randomly disconnect from my phones so the lack of reliability for what I wanted it for was frustrating.

It seemed the Pebble was everything I was hoping for (on paper, at least), so I backed on Kickstarter and was hoping it would be out by the time I got a Note, but since it's not shipping yet, I went and got the Metawatch Frame. So far I'm really liking it, even though there aren't a lot of widgets/apps developed for it at this early stage. My primary requirement of at least a days worth of battery life (actually can go several days) and reliable bluetooth attachment so that it instantly shows incoming caller ID is working great. Even shows the contacts picture on the watch (in low res monochrome). - I got the Frame version since I thought Strata looks too bulky.

So far I have it set up to do email/SMS/Caller ID, weather forecasts. You can set up more notifications, but they will eat up battery life and I didn't want to always have every little notification show up on my watch.

You will have to update the firmware on the watch if it ships w/ 1.1 to 1.2 so it supports the Metawatch Community Edition - a simple email to their support will promptly get you a link and instructions to upgrade the FW.

Watch Manager you load on your phone:

Watch Manager Community Edition (has more features, but needs 1.2 FW):

Is anyone else using a smartwatch w/ their Note 2? How are your experiences with them?
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3rd February 2013, 11:03 AM |#2  
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Re: Metawatch Smartwatch

Do u run stock ROM? Android 4.1.2?

I have ordered the Metawatch frame and from what I have heard, metawatch and Android 4.2.1 is not a good match atm. (BT bug)
I'm useing CM10.1 on Note2

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3rd February 2013, 11:46 AM |#3  
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i was using the motorola motoactv until i decided to test how water resistant it was. needless to say, it didnt handle heavy rain very well.
3rd February 2013, 12:11 PM |#4  
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My Motoactv meets my needs. While it isnt water proof, as the above user mentioned, I love it. You can get text, call, weather and Facebook alerts. Rooting the device can add more functions as well.
3rd February 2013, 12:22 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by chino0131

My Motoactv meets my needs. While it isnt water proof, as the above user mentioned, I love it. You can get text, call, weather and Facebook alerts. Rooting the device can add more functions as well.

mmm, i loved it. the only things missing were a vibration function and google maps/navigation out of the box.

considering buying another one.
3rd February 2013, 02:30 PM |#6  
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Re: Metawatch Smartwatch
Hmmm I wonder what is better, if the metawatch or the pebble... Im getting interested on something like this.

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3rd February 2013, 08:12 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by lfrp

Hmmm I wonder what is better, if the metawatch or the pebble... Im getting interested on something like this.

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UPDATE: Just recieved my Metawatch see next page for update.

The Pebble first caught my eye a little while back and I was planning on getting one. But after learning about the Metawatch the other day and looking at the functionality of both, I just ordered a Metawatch. I read and watched several reviews in coming to my conclusion. I went with the Frame model instead of the Strata because the black model of the strata is on back order (I like simple understated colors).

The main reason was that the Metawatch currently offers more functionality, from what I can tell. Both offer notifications for calls, e-mails & text, but the Metawatch allows you to:

- Answer calls, dismiss calls or answer with speakerphone from the watch (Can't hear or talk from the watch of course, but can answer a take call over BT headset from the
watch after checking it for caller ID)
- Displays weather, something I haven't seen on the Pebble yet.

I also like having widgets on the Metawatch that allows you to have more info on one screen, Time/date, local weather and notifications (e-mail, SMS & calls). I rather have the option to have all this info on one screen.

Likes and dislikes of the Pebble are as fallow...

- The higher resolution screen than the Metawatche's screen.
- The supposed Runkeeper integration (though not available yet). AS a Runkeeper user this is big to me. (I may get one eventually if the
Runkeeper integration actually comes togeather.
- I like the look of the Pebble over the Strata (though I'm getting the Metawatch Frame witch I think looks as good or better than the pebble).
- The magnetic charging setup is superior the the Metawatche's clumsy silly looking clip.

- Limited functionality compared to the Metawatch (ablitly to answer (preferably with a BT headset , dismiss or send calls to speakerphone).
I'm sure the Pebble's functionality will expand over time, but it's not yet there, not for me at least.
- The clock faces should have a sub-menu in the in the home screen so there not all in there with music, set alarm and settings options. Not to
mention that the three default clock faces are at the top of the above music, set alarm and settings option then any clock faces you download
are under the music, set alarm and settings options. Again not well thought out.
- It's will probably be 1-3 months before the catch up shipping and are able get watches out to new customers. I'd be willing to wait if it offered
more functionality, as it is I'm not willing to wait.

All things considered I find the Metawatch the more appealing option for me. Though the Runkeeper functionality the Pebble is promised to have in March or so really make me consider getting Pebble eventually. The Metawatch is suppose to have a run tracking app built in But I already use Runkeeper and would like to use one single app to track my runs. Thus far I have found no info in run tracking functionality on the Metawatch so I have no idea what to expect.
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3rd February 2013, 08:15 PM |#8  
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I am currently using the Wimm One, but you can't buy them any longer. Mine works pretty good with either my GS3 or GN2.

Just like the OP, I needed something for caller ID, etc.

I really, really wanted an excuse to get the MotoActiv, but the lack of a vibrator motor was a deal-killer for me.

If and when my Wimm dies, I will definitely be getting a suitable replacement. I didn't back the Pebble because I had already had the Wimm.

I am going to go check out the Meta.
3rd February 2013, 10:02 PM |#9  
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Re: Metawatch Smartwatch
I LOVE the idea of a smartwatch! I've been doing extensive research and am intrigued by the available options.
My problem is, I would hate the look of a small color screen on my wrist. It simply doesn't look professional to me. While there are other alternatives out there, none of them does what I'm interested in or are within my price range.
I've looked at I'm Watch, Sony Smart Watch, Pebble, Martian, etc. The only one visually appealing to me is the cookoo. But its only for iPhone!! Who in there right mind would design and release a product that's for the smartphone market, yet be proprietary to one OS. Morons.
So. I'm on a mission to make something myself. And to be honest the design would be rather simple. A watch wjth the following capabilities.
Bluetooth, low powered.
Time mechanism with a separate power source
Vibrate motor
Notification ring light
Manual set time dial
Bluetooth pairing button
Dismiss notification button (long press show battery remaining)
Magnetic charging dock
Android / WP8/ iOS / BB10 App

All I want is a phone that shows me via customizable lights/vibrate pattern whats happening on my phone. I don't need to complete the actions on my watch, to me that's just silly. I can glance and simply see I have a pending email, text, Facebook/twitter notification etc. Best part is, the batter can last for weeks.
Too bad I have no means to complete this lol

The most interesting watch to me is the
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4th February 2013, 05:42 AM |#10  
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Re: Metawatch Smartwatch

To those who have purchased this watch did you have to purchase the charging clip separately? It's currently showing out of stock.

Also how much are you guys paying for shipping? My shipping costs are estimated at $61 Australian. Excessive but none the less I am still looking at purchasing one.


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