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Members, with so much great Development and Important Information within the AT&T SG3, this sticky thread is in place to help stream line the Development Forum threads of the AT&T SG3. Thank You.

[SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 UNIFIED TOOLKIT V7.0] Drivers, Backup, Root, Recovery + MORE [ATT]

[HOW-TO] The All-In-One Backup/Root/Flash Guide - [I747 & I747M]

[ODIN] Desktop ODIN ver 3.07 for use with Samsung Galaxy S III

[Repository] JB - ICS - AOKP & Stock APK's

[How-To] Port Your TW ROM to All Major US Carriers

[HOWTO] [ROOT] No Tripping Flash Counter - [ATT / Bell / Telus / Rogers / Sasktel]

[MOD][HOW-TO]Long press volume to skip tracks (The right way!)

[FIX/TOOL] Backup/Restore/Fix IMEI & Data Restore Tool v3.0 - Updated 11/01/2012!!!

Stock ROM Firmware Download Links HERE

[MODEM] Complete Modem List for both I747U & I747M