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[APP][2.1+] Prof Reminder (Missed call reminder with Profiles)

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Phone [APP][2.1+] Prof Reminder (Missed call reminder with Profiles)

Prof Reminder

version 1.7.0

Missed call and SMS/MMS reminder with profiles.
The application notify you of missed calls and unread SMS/MMS. Useful on phones without an LED indicator.

★ Support profiles.
★ Remind by: sound, vibration, turning screen on, camera flash (not all devices are supported), LED indicator.
★ Remind about: missed call, unread sms and mms messages.
★ Notifications for 3rd party applications: WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vkontakte, ... (only in Premium version).
★ Contact filter - allow to start notification only for defined contacts (only in Premium version).
★ Night mode.
★ Customizable notification schedule: order of notifications, repeat interval and repeats count.
★ You can set different reminders for missed calls and unread messages.
★ Option to disable sound when you set your phone in silent mode.
★ Option to ignore accidental (short) calls.
★ Does not disturb during a call.
★ Widgets.
★ Plugin for Tasker / Locale.
★ And more ...

★ No advertising.
★ Safe (no internet permission, no root access).
★ Compact size.
★ Low memory consumption.

Android 2.1+

Demo video:

Languages supported:
* English
* Deutsch (thanks Michael K.)
* Français (thanks lduflot70)
* Italiano
* Русский
* 中文 - 简体
* 中文 - 繁體
* 조선어
* Čeština
* Српски
* Български (thanks Mitko A.)
* Polski (thanks Maciej)
* Magyar (thanks Lajos S.)
* Slovenský (thanks Pyler)
* Azərbaycan
* Українська (thanks Nazar Kramar)
* Romanian (thanks Cristian Chirilă)
* Portuguese (thanks Dário Macedo)
* You can add/update translation here http://goo.gl/W0QHv
My native language is not English, so, please feel free to edit English translation too.

From Google Play
From Google Play WEB

The project needs your support. You can help if you:
⁕ upgrade to Premium version,
⁕ rate it,
⁕ write a review,
⁕ translate the app into your language.

If you have any question, suggestions, bugs please write it in this thread.
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1) How to make different notifications for missed calls and messages?
A) - Duplicate profile (long tap on the desired profile - click the ‘Duplicate’),
- In one profile set remind only about Calls,
- In copy - set remind only about Messages,
- Adjust these two profiles as you wish.

Q2) When the new settings are applied?
A) New settings are saved when you return to the main window (with the list of profiles.)
Immediately after saving you will see a pop-up message ‘Profile updated’, ‘Profile сreated’ or ‘Profile deleted’.
NOTE!!! Update profile setting will cause stopping current notification.

Q3) What should I know about profiles?
A) - All profiles are independent.
- The number of profiles is not limited. (You can modify them, delete, or create your own).
- Different profiles can work simultaneously.
- New event can start only one profile.
- New event received during current notification will cause restart notifications.

Q4) How is the appropriate profile is selected for the event?
A) Search is starting from top.
Profile is selected if:
- it's enabled,
- event type (missed call, message) matched,
- current time is within the time limit,
- battery level is not less than defined value,
- profile is not empty (at least one notification is present in schedule),
- event passes contact filter.

Q5) What should I know about time limit in profiles?
A) - Notifications can start only if event occurred during specified period (Time from <= Current time < Time to).
- ‘Time to’ does not affect on interruption of notifications.

Q6) When the notification stops?
A) - When notification schedule is over.
- Or when all events related to the profile viewed (Messages - in stock message client, call logs - in stock dialer).
- Or after screen unlocking.
- Or when service is disabled.
- Or when you stop notification (from widget or icon in status bar).

Q7) Flash does not work?
A) Try to change flash controlling method (Menu/Settings/Flash).
Unfortunately, not all devices are supported. In the future we plan to improve the situation.

Q8) Volume level for notifications is low. How to increase it?
A) Turn on option ‘Set volume’ in Notifications and setup desired volume.

Q9) Will it support App2SD (Moving application to SD card)?
A) No. Because for applications that use services in their work it's not recommended.

Q10) Application do not work stable - what can I do?
A) - Enable ‘Menu/Settings/Icon in status bar’.
- Do not use Task Killers, or at least add Prof Reminder to the exceptions.

Q11) How to add my sounds?
A) Copy sound files in to folder "/Internal_Memory_Card/media/audio/alarms" or "/Internal_Memory_Card/media/audio/notifications" and reboot phone. (Path to the memory card in different phones may vary, usually is 'sdcard').

Q12) How to disable playing sound in Vibration/Silent mode ?
A) In all notifications ‘Profile/Notifications/Sound’ turn off desired modes.

Q13) Why does it use Alarm volume instead of Ringer/Notification volume?
A) It's not possible to use Notification/Ringer channel because it usually muted by system then phone in Vibration/Silent mode. In this case it will be not possible to allow playing sound in these modes.

Q14) LED light do not work / work incorrectly?
A) - Switch to ‘Menu/Settings/Icon in status bar/Show icon when service is running’,
- Try different color (Some devices do not support all colors),
- Make sure that phone settings allow to use LED for notifications,
- Make sure that the device is not discharged, is not connected to the charger, there are no active LED notifications,
- Make sure that in other programs LED control is turned off,
- Try to test profile - long press on profile, item ‘Try’,
- Turn screen off while testing (On many devices, the LED only works when the screen is off),
- Try to change LED controlling method ‘Menu/Settings/LED’.

Q15) Phone begun comment my actions. The ‘TalkBack’ option is turned off. How to fix it?
It's a known bug with Samsung firmwares. This bug can occurs after enabling any Accessibility service.

You can fix it:
- Disable all apps for Text-To-Speech - Open system settings, point ‘Application manager’, tab ‘All’, disable ‘Samsung TTS’ and ‘Google Text-to-speech engine’ by clicking on them and then click on ‘Disable’.
- Install other launcher from Google Play. For example: Nova Launcher or Go Launcher.

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Thanks a lot for sharing your work.
Particularly appreciated a couple of features: profiles support and low memory (and hopefully battery) consumption.

Edit: After a while I can really appreciate the UI and the design. Could you consider, for the next release, a way to save/restore the configuration?
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Updated to version 1.0.3 (Fixed: Now notifications will not play during outgoing call).

Good idea, i will think about it.
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Default prof reminder review

Thanks a lot, for this cool application. I'm still not sure why this functionality isn't integrated in android by default
I'm still testing the application, but so far so good.
Some suggestions could be save/restore the configuration like daigoro64 suggested.
Also I think you should place enable/disable buttons for profiles next to the title of the profile.
Currently I have to hold the profile to get the popup, and then click enable/disable. This way is just more convenient.
And I found one bug, if I am writing a reply to the received text message, I still get notifications, even though I have read the message, and I am in the process of replying.
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About saving/restoring configurations: I added it in to my todo list, but with low priority.

About enable/disable button for profiles: Why you think it will be more convenient? Do you need often enable/disable some profiles?

About bug. Please answer on questions:
1) This happens only when you writing reply?
2) How often this happens?
3) Do you use standart program or a third-party for writing reply?
4) Do you have installed third-party diallers?
5) Do you have installed some contact/message manager programm?
6) Do you have installed other reminder programms?
7) Do you have installed Task Killers?
8) Do you have installed some programms for checking balance (like cluBalance, USSD Checker) ?
9) Which model phone ?
10) Which Android version ?
11) Firmware on the phone standard or modified?
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Thanks for a quick reply
I have created probably 6 profiles, but I have four that I change regularly (loud for pocket during the trip to work, at work, at home, during the night).
Sometimes I have to change them quick, so its not that easy.
With the buttons it would be simpler and quicker, maybe a widget
And now about the questions....
1) Yes
2) Every time, I just open a message, and still get the notifications.
3) Standard
4) ,5) ,6) No
7) I only have "Clean Master", but I skip "Prof Reminder"
8) No
9) HTC wildfire s
10 Android 2.3.5
11) I believe its standard.
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Widgets will be in next version (I hope in two weeks).

Can you send some screenshots - how you are replying to message? Does notification stop after sending reply?
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@ dan_ru
I am not sure, how screenshot would help, but I can in more detail explain my observations.
When I get a message, if I open the message and start writing I still get notifications (usually my notifications are just sound), but if I open the message, close it, and then open it again, I can write a reply without notifications.
So I believe that the process is waiting for closing message event, to stop the notifications.
If you could just cancel notifications for that specific unread message, when that message has been opened.
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There are no way to detect what you are viewing message.
Try to use different message programm.

call, missed, notifaction, reminder, sms
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