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Anyone using XDA in Italy ?

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By Rick, Guest on 19th January 2003, 02:31 PM
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Subject: Anyone using XDA in Italy ?
From: Rick
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 17:46:13


I would like to know if anyone had successful GPRS
connections using XDA with a TIM card in Italy.

Thanks in advance,

Subject: Hi rick!
From: Mitnick
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 17:51:12

Hi Rick i'm an italian customer
I'd like to buy one XDA devices
Please if possible write me in e-mail

Italy :wink:

Subject: I don't sell XDA's!
From: Rick
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 18:10:33

As the subject says.
I am only a proud owner (unlocked by O2)

Subject: I don't buy from you!
From: Mitnick
Date: 13 Jan, 2003 02:05:29

As the subject says.
I would want to ask one info by mail (in italian)

Subject: Xda with GPRS in Italy
From: Hungry
Date: 13 Jan, 2003 14:00:37


I have an O2 locked xda. Tried it with TIM and Omnitel in
Italy. My xda recognised a GPRS network (with one of the two
operators, can't remember which) but could not connect via GPRS,
had to resort to GSM.


You can buy an xda from O2 Germany which I think (you will need
to check) is not SIM locked. Visit ompass=xda&man

Subject: Email
From: Rick
Date: 13 Jan, 2003 15:27:56

please ask your question here, I'm sure others will be

my O2 is unlocked, but nonetheless it wouldn't work.
Your situation is different because you are roaming when
you're here.


Subject: Let me know.....
From: Francesco
Date: 14 Jan, 2003 01:28:42

A locked xda can accept sim from omnitel, tim or wind in GSM

Let me know...



Subject: sim lock
From: Rick
Date: 14 Jan, 2003 11:01:41

Of course no, a locked XDA is, as the name implies,
locked to the O2 network.


Subject: So an unlocked one....
From: Francesco
Date: 14 Jan, 2003 23:13:26

It has been a very very bad surprise for to discover that
Fujitzu-Siemens will not commercialize the phone module for my I'm going to look for something else...
What do you think about the XDA O2 in Italy?
Is it a good phone and a good PDA?
Or is better to wait for the new Samsung or Hitachi?

From: NIRM13
Date: 15 Jan, 2003 20:45:40


Please see my adverts on Ebay for


Subject: xda
From: Francesco
Date: 15 Jan, 2003 22:14:26

Hi Nirm13,
can you ship your xda in Rome?
Let me know...

Subject: mda and converted xda in italy
From: martin
Date: 16 Jan, 2003 12:05:18


we use mdas, which do work with gprs in italy.

we also purchased an unlocked xda for use in austria. which at
first did not work with the
biggest provider here (A1 Mobilkom). they found some network
settings they could tweak
and the xda now works with their gprs.

the xda (gprs) always worked with ONE (no changes required)

before A1 found which settings to adapt, we gave our xda to
t-mobile and they somehow
flashed the phone-rom so it would work in the t-mobile gprs net
(thus also in italy).

so it boils down to the following:

** either the provider allows the xda access to its gprs network
up front (like ONE in austria)
** or the provider is willing to change settings (like A1
** or you flash your xda to make it and mda and use a t-mobile
network (11 countries at present)


Subject: XDA works with GPRS in Italy..
From: Rick
Date: 17 Jan, 2003 09:49:43

... but you need ROM 3.14!
I upgraded from 3.02 et voila' - new utilities to set
GPRS authentication (PAP vs CHAP), and now it works
just fine!

BTW italian provider TIM requires PAP...


Subject: XDA in ITALY Sim free
From: Criusa
Date: 17 Jan, 2003 13:38:02

Hi there,
This message is for the people lives in Italy.

I bought the XDA Sim Free from England.
It work well with my OMNITEL sim.

If somebody would like buy it, that is the site I bought:
Debbie Lock.

Take it easy men....

Subject: how much is tje price?
From: lollipop
Date: 18 Jan, 2003 19:03:29

Hi Criusa,
thank you for posting your link.....
How much is the price for the unlocked one?

Subject: xda in Italy
From: ctc
Date: 19 Jan, 2003 01:31:13


I'm using a new unlocked xda on WIND in Rome. Phone works fine
but can't get the gprs to work.

The settings seem to keep adjusting the baud rate down to 19200

I've added the code string provided by WIND customer support but
to no avail.



All other settings I've adapted from their online manual linking
an iPaq 3870 to gprs with an T68i.

Support with WIND are unfamiliar with the xda device.

The failure message reads "Unable to connect for an unknown
reason" etc

I'd be glad of any help if anyone's cracked it!


6th February 2003, 11:47 PM |#2  
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Italy Italia GPRS

If anyone there is successfully using an xda on GPRS in Italy on ANY network, WIND, TIM, OMNITEL etc. I'd be very glad if you could take the time to post here the necessary settings.
Please... :cry:
7th February 2003, 12:32 AM |#3  
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XDA for Italy
I have one XDA from september 2002 and a used to get some of them for my friends and custumers in Italy.
I know about GPRS problems only with TIM, the XDA works fine with others networks and i'm able to go on the Internet, send mail etc.

Now i'm going to try Aruba's GPRS flate, a 24 hours gprs conection for 28 euro per mounth and i'll see how and if the XDA works.

Riccardo :arrow:
7th February 2003, 01:53 PM |#4  
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help me
Aiuto, il mio xda non funziona più.
Quando lo inserisco nel cradle non si carica. Lo stesso se provo ad usare il caricatore portatile.
Nessuno in Italia può ripararlo?

9th February 2003, 06:52 PM |#5  
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Really works with TIM?
Hi Rick! So with the ROM upgrade TIM GPRS should Work?
Please, can you tell me how to set the GPRS authentication (PAP?)?

Let me know!
Thanks in advance!
14th February 2003, 11:14 AM |#6  
Senior Member
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To select PAP... need a fairly recent version.

Start\Settings\Connections\GPRS Authentication

Select PAP or CHAP (default)
26th February 2003, 08:11 AM |#7  
mdkia's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 3
Re-locking when upgrading ?
Hi Rick,
just to know XDA is unlocked it safe to upgarde to ROM to 3.16 (I need it working with TIM) or not ...I mean, I read that someone has his XDA locked again by the rom upgrade ...

And ...which ROM should I donwload (my XDA comes from UK)? ...could you please send me a link or ...a tip ...or a mail?))

...I downloaded this two files here but I'm not sure these are the right files:

ciao e grazie
26th February 2003, 04:38 PM |#8  
Peter Poelman's Avatar
Retired Administrator
Thanks Meter: 54
If your XDA is unlocked using the manipulator or by getting the unlock code from official sources it will not re-lock on upgrade. If you unlocked using the weird timing-trick, it will lock when you upgrade.
26th February 2003, 08:00 PM |#9  
mdkia's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 3
XDA developer Peter Poelman >
thanks for the input ...but I bought it used and unlocked so there a way to know if it has been unlocked with the manipulator or with any other trick? (or maybe if it was manufactured unlocked)?

26th February 2003, 08:02 PM |#10  
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GPRS TIM Italia Italy WIND
Hi me again!

Just to post that I couldn't connect to GPRS with WIND and their telephone consultants were useless, - hadn't even heard of the xda!

I have begun the transfer to TIM - it takes two weeks, but you can change networks here in Italy while keeping your own phone number! Very nifty and consumer-friendly!

I hope I'll have better luck with TIM. If anyone can post here the TIM settings I see they'd make a lot of people happy!


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