Default clip on keyboard? - any experiences?

Anyone got one of these?

As its a clip on device, I would hope that the onscreen keyboard disappears when you're using it... or does it come with software for caps lock control etc, come to think of it, can someone post a really good close-up photo showing the keys?

My main reason for being interested it ironically is more for gaming, as I'm a big fan of the Atari VCS emulator, and of course Pocket PC Mame, of course mame is a bit of a problem on the xda due to the few number of hardware buttons.

Obviously for more simple games the joypad is ok,

basics are
four directions
one fire button

a "coins" button
Exit game app button

The cenre click functionality of the xda joypad is difficult to use in some games, e.g. Atari VCS pitfall, where a fire button press is needed while moving left/right. The press down only works without directional control

Although its no problem for Atari games (I remap the fire button to the calendar or contacts button, with the emulator set to rotate the screen, in this configuration, the joypad is used with the right hand. ) Some MAME games have three fire buttons.
Obviously playing a two player arcade or VCS game on a handheld would be daft!

Obviously its a problem using the other hardware buttons, e.g volume or the two call buttons in case someone actually calls you while you're playing a game. In any case using these as fire buttons are too fiddly and close to the joypad.

I'd appreciate if someone could comment on this with their discoveries or experiences with this add on before I buy one.