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Frequently Asked Questions - HTC Droid DNA

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Frequently Asked Questions

This a short list of frequently asked questions in this device forum and the answers often given as a response. It should serve as a starting point for gathering knowledge and finding solutions to many common problems. Please only post in this thread with feedback on how to improve this document. Do not post "Thank you" type responses. If you have additional questions or require more help, try to find an existing thread or create your own. This thread was started by Ronnie but seeing he does not have a DNA, Charlie n I will be overseeing this. Do not use this as a general help thread.

Q1: What is adb?
Guide - What is adb and how do I use?.
Q2: How do I unlock the bootloader?
See this thread for HTC Droid DNA Bootloader Unlock/New Method UPDATED 2/7/2013
Q3: Bootloader unlocking. Yes it is necessary?
You cannot flash roms, etc without unlocking the bootloader.
Q4: How do I root my phone?
Here is a complete guide for rooting the DNA by Using Moonshine
Q5: How do I flash my custom recovery?
Place the recovery.img in you folder where your adb is located, reboot your phone into bootloader and select fastboot plug the device into your computer. If you have the right drivers installed, your screen should now say FASTBOOT USB. Run the following command via the command line:
fastboot flash recovery recoveryfilename.img In this command line make sure to rename recoveryfilename to which match the name of the the version you are using

example: fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-

after it has finished reboot
Q6: How do I flash a boot.img via fastboot?
On your computer, open the custom ROM zip using an unzip program (WinZip, WinRAR, etc.) and extract the file "boot.img" (no quotes). Place this file in the same folder as fastboot.exe..the command to flash a boot.img is fastboot flash boot boot.img
Q7: I did a factory reset in hboot. Now the SD memory is wiped, and won't mount USB.
Connect the phone to a Windows PC, open Device Manager. There you should have the option to format the SD memory. Format as FAT32, and this should fix the SD card corruption.

This is a bug within hboot, and factory resets should only be done in TWRP.
Q8: My device is encrypted, how do I remove the encryption because I can't flash New roms?
If you do not have forgot your password, you can only factory reset your phone to remove encryption.
Q9: Will rooting affect my battery life?
No simply rooting the phone should not hamper battery life.
Q10: What is the best ROM?
There is no best ROM for all users, depends on personal needs and preferences. best to pick a few which look like they meet your needs, and try them out..
Q11: How do I return to stock?
Return to Stock for Verizon HTC DNA
Q12: Can I use my DNA on other networks?
At this time you can download GSM version of ROM to be used on other networks.
Q13: Are there any Butterfly compliant ROMs?
Yes. There are some threads that inludes ROMs that are specific to the Butterfly.
Q14: How do I flash a custom kernel on my DNA?
If you are S-Off. Simply flash the zip download of the kernel in recovery like a rom or mod.
If you are S-On. Extract the "boot.img" from the zip onto your pc. Use adb "adb reboot bootloader". Once you see fastboot USB then in the folder where you have the boot.img saved type "fastboot boot boot.img"
Q15: Can I flash a new recovery without rebooting my DNA?
Yes. Place the recovery.img on your sdcard root. Open a terminal emulator and type "su flash_image recovery /sdcard/xxx.img". (Note: The x's are the name of the recovery as some may hold a different name. If not on the sdcard root folder, specify the folder /sdcard/xxx/xxx.img!)
Q16: I encrypted my DNA now can not use it. Is there a way to undo this?
Thanks to our good friend Charlie, there is a fix. Backup your data to a computer. In recovery make sure to manually wipe data. This should also wipe the encryption.
Q17: Will rooting my device void my warranty?
Yes. If you have a Verizon DNA it will void your warranty. If you have another variation in other countries, then you will need to check your Terms Of Service with your provider.
Q18: How do I use the Sideload function?
Install a recovery that has sideload functionality.Choose Sideload in recovery. Update the Android SDK to the newest version. Use the command " ADB Sideload (path to where the .zip you want to install is).
Q19: Is there a fix to the sim card error?
YES!. According to Verizon Tech support the sims sent with the phones are defective. You can get a new one from a Verizon Wireless Store.
There has been an 2.06 update that Verizon has said will "fix" the sim card error.
Q20: How Do I stop the PUK has been locked message?
As per the Verizon Tech Support, they have updated their system and part of that update was the PUK (Pin Unlock Key) Verizon ask that you call them from a seperate handset so that they can reset the PUK in their system.
Q21: I've upgraded to a 4.2.x rom and can't find my files. Where are they?
A detailed explanation of how to find the files and the easiest way to manage all your data can be found here WHERE IS MY DATA BY .TORRENTED.

'This FAQ is part of a Recognized Contributor Group Initiative. Please look for a similar FAQ thread when visiting another device forum.'
A special thanks to everyone who contributed to the production of this FAQ

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Thread stuck.
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions - HTC Droid DNA

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14th March 2013, 09:55 AM |#5  
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whos awake? can i run ruu with s-off?
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions - HTC Droid DNA
Originally Posted by zounduser

whos awake? can i run ruu with s-off?

Yes I ran the 1.15 .exe s off. You may need to either lock the stock hboot or have the eng hboot which you use as it is. DO NOT lock the eng hboot to run an RUU it's either or not both.

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Q: How can I help?
A: If you like a developers work, you can donate to them with the donate button. You can also help by testing beta builds and reporting bugs to the developer.

just thought that might be nice to add...?
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions - HTC Droid DNA
We do not promote donating. That Is a choice for individual users, but we cannot ask for that kind of support.

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OP updated with how to sideload.
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I hope this is the right place. Question for sure. How can I tell off I have S-off? I got my DNA used. Will something specific be obvious in the bootloader?

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