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Frequently Asked Questions - HTC Evo 4G LTE(Jewel)

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Frequently Asked Questions
HTC Evo 4G LTE(Jewel)

This a short list of frequently asked questions in this device forum and the answers often given as a response. It should serve as a starting point for gathering knowledge and finding solutions to many common problems. Please only post in this thread with feedback on how to improve this document. Do not post "Thank you" type responses. If you have additional questions or require more help, try to find an existing thread or create your own. Do not use this as a general help thread.

Q1: I'm new to all this rooting and modding stuff where should I start?
[How to] Steps to shake the noob status.
Q2: How do I Root/Unlock/Custom Recovery for my HTC Evo 4G LTE?
My Guide
RegawMOD EVO 4G LTE Rooter Thanks Regaw_Leinad
rawintellect's Guide Thanks rawintellect
[TOOL] WinDroid HTC EVO 4G LTE Toolkit v1.0 | Unlock | S-OFF | Root | Flash Thanks WindyCityRockr
Q3: What is S-OFF and how can I get it?
s-off means security off
With s-off you can also flash radios/firmware, also splash screens and boot.img (kernel) from recovery with out using fastboot

How to s-off:
**Read the instructions carfefully easy to do
Facepalm Thanks jcace and beaups,
DirtyRacun (Linux ONLY Windows is no longer supported) Thanks Team Unlimited
[S-OFF] Moonshine S-OFF for 3.16.651.3 Thanks Fuses and Team Moonshine
[s-off] rumrunner s-off Thanks beaups and Fuses
[TOOL] WinDroid HTC EVO 4G LTE Toolkit v1.0 | Unlock | S-OFF | Root | Flash Thanks WindyCityRockr
Q4: What is the recommended recovery?
TWRP TeamWin Recovery Project
[jewel][CWM Advanced Edition] PhilZ Touch
If you have updated to 4.3 with hboot 2.10 look here
[ROM][FIRMWARE][RECOVERY][STOCK] Sense 5, Android 4.3 Final Update - 4.13.651.4
CWM is no longer supported.
Q5: I want to go back to stock where can I find an RUU?
3.17.651.4 RUU
Q6: How do I remove the red text on the splash screen?
By following the steps located here [MOD | S-OFF] Remove Red HTC Developer Splash Screen Text
Q7: How do I flash my custom recovery?

Place the recovery.img in you folder where your adb is located, reboot your phone into bootloader and select fastboot plug the device into your computer. If you have the right drivers installed, your screen should now say FASTBOOT USB. Run the following command via the command line:

fastboot flash recovery recoveryfilename.img In this command line make sure to rename recoveryfilename to which match the name of the the version you are using

example: fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-2.x.x.x-jewel.img

after it has finished reboot
Q8: My PC won't connect to the phone by USB (for RUU, fastboot, adb, etc.), what do I do?
Make sure you have the usb drivers installed, and or try another usb port.
Q9: What is adb?
Guide - What is adb and how do I use?
[TOOL] ADB, Fastboot and Drivers - 15 seconds ADB Installer. Thanks Snoop05
Q10: If I'm S-ON how do I flash a boot.img via fastboot?
On your computer, open the custom ROM zip using an unzip program (WinZip, WinRAR, etc.) and extract the file "boot.img" (no quotes). Place this file in the same folder as fastboot.exe..the command to flash a boot.img is fastboot flash boot boot.img
Q11: How do I update my radios/firmware?

Firstly you MUST be S-OFF
Download the correct files from Captain_Throwback's [FIRMWARE][S-OFF] Jewel Firmware Collection
Move it to your External sd card
Boot into bootloader (press power + vol down at the same time, release power after 1-2 seconds while still holding vol down)
Once in bootloader you should be asked if you want to update
Follow the onscreen instructions on how to do so
Once it's done flashing you will be asked to reboot
Once you are booted to your OS use ES File Explorer or similar to delete the file
Q12: How do I remove the useless bloatware?
ROMCleaner is a great script for removing bloat.
Q13: Are there any custom kernels for this device?
Q14: What are the different hboot versions and what are their differences?
[Guide]HTC EVO LTE Hboot versions. Thanks FinZ28
Q15: How do I get back to stock unrooted and have the latest bootloader?
[RUU]VipeRUU Jewel 3.16.651.3 || Updated 3.19.13 ||-viperboy-
3.17.651.4 RUU
Q16: How do I get out of a bootloop with a file still on my sd card?

Download THIS (ADB Tools) and extract it to your desktop/open the folder/press shift and right click and choose open command window here OR
from your android-sdk folder navigate to the platform-tools folder and open a cmd window (shift and right click within the folder and choose open command window here)
type adb reboot recovery
press enter
when in twrp choose mount
then choose mount usb storage
make sure external sd is chosen
then once mounted to your PC delete the file
unmount and reboot
Q17: How can I get a logcat to report problems to a Dev?
[Utility][WIN] AIO logcat manager. Thanks majdinj
[UNIVERSAL][LOGCAT]How to get & read a logcat/ Troubleshoot your own issues! Thanks Stryke_the_Orc
Q18: Where can I find the latest HTC Drivers?
[DRIVERS] Latest HTC Drivers [] Thanks CNexus
Q19: I wiped my system/OS how can I fix it?
[Guide][Rescue] Fix HTC EVO 4G LTE after OS wipe. Thanks FinZ28
This FAQ is part of a Recognized Contributor Group Initiative. Please look for a similar FAQ thread when visiting another device forum.
A special thanks to everyone who contributed to the production of this FAQ
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions - HTC Evo 4G LTE
Not bad

The advice is free....the bandwidth, not so much
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions - HTC Evo 4G LTE
Missed one.

How to update firmware:

Credit to Captain Throwback for this one

Edit: I see you added it

The advice is free....the bandwidth, not so much
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Great job mate, thank you for your work.

To all that view this thread please offer bigdaddy619 more Q's with A's so this can build and be complete for all
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This definitely needed a bump. Should be pinned.
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