Default GPRS & RSU 6.24.00

I upgraded my TMO radio stack from 6.18.00 to 6.24.00 using files from's Upgrade page. Process went smooth! 8) Phone & GPRS all running perfect. Using ROM 4.00.21.
Only problem was ActiveSync 3.7.1 didn't recognize partnership & would only connect as a Guest after the RSU. :? The fix: uninstall ActiveSync, restart Windows, reinstall ActiveSync and it detects new hardware & starts the create partnership wizard. Okay now.

Some GPRS stats after the RSU 6.24.00 install:
o I live in Austin, TX USA & I tested the internet connection via
3:35pm CST 37.1Kbps
3:40pm CST 31.6Kbps
Clear IE History & Temp files
3:45pm CST 68Kbps
Held an incoming call, GPRS held, took call & resume testing - all as published. Clear History & Cookies again
3:55pm CST 51Kbps

Are these GPRS traffic numbers typical? Good ... high ... low?

Hope this helps y'all. 8)