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[4.2.2][jdq39][aosp] SHPONGLE [halo][beta][20130630]

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By 1ceb0x, Senior Member on 11th April 2013, 04:47 PM
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Hello mate,

Before rushing to download this rom (I know everyone does it, I'm not an exception either), take some time to read what I'm about to write down here.

Let me introduce you to my ROM, called simply: SHPONGLE.

Its a ROM like every other one, nothing too special about it, everyone knows the features, you have seen it in every rom that its out there for other phones. So if you expect this one to be something really special, something that will blow your mind away, stop, take a long, deep breathe and close this page. This is not a ROM that makes you pancakes, nor it will transform your device in something way more cooler than a Nexus, for example.

I've spent days and nights working on this new release and I know you were waiting anxiously for me to say "Build's up", I'm sorry I kept you, mate, waiting for such a long time but you know me (do you?). If even one single bug was introduced, the build was canceled. That's why it took so long. There are numerous things changed and added that, I hope I kept track of everything. There were numerous errors/crashes/incompatibilities to squash and I'm very proud of myself right now.

So, what is SHPONGLE and why did you changed the name?
When I first worked on Evervolv and fixed almost everything in one go, I thought that I've found a gold mine. To bring an AOSP rom to life, on a legacy device, its pretty much committing suicide. Not only there are 99% chances that the build will not get past Htc's logo screen, but there is 100% chance of not having things working in it ever (take for example camera, which is pretty much hacked because HTC does its job of not releasing camera drivers).
Evervolv's base helped us so much, I want to thank them for doing a great job on keeping legacy devices alive, but, it is time to let go.

Then I started to feel "home sick" of my last ROM for Hero (its a phone) and I thought: "Why shouldn't I work myself in turning this Evervolv ROM in something totally different, in the memory of my last ROM?". So that's how, there is no Evervolv anymore, nor it will be in the near future. This right here is SHPONGLE. Welcome, to One V, Shpongle!

At its core, this ROM still remains an Evervolv, but I have faith that the birth of his child, SHPONGLE, will rock on your device even if I will be gone.

Yeah, but what SHPONGLE means, anyway?

If any of you wants to know what it really is, I suggest you go and search on Youtube. If you are a little bit like myself, you'll love it!

I feel the need to repeat myself now, mate: This ROM has nothing special in it. It's just the result of my love, passion and a bit of myself inside. You'll feel the smoothness but you will also feel some strutting. Don't blame the ROM (well, you can blame it) but blame the HW. With 512 mb of ram, you can't expect too much of it frankly.

On with the ROM we go!

Sweep2Wake, DoubleTab2Wake - Credits to our austrian guy, Maxwen
Status bar tweaks
Rotation tweaks
Lock screen custom shortcuts, custom wallpaper, maximize widgets;
LockClock app (weather, clock, calendar)
Hardware keys remapping
Power menu toggles
Expanded desktop
Clear all recents
Performance CM menu
Fast Charge
Quiet hours
Power sounds
Media scanner behavior changer

What's not working:
Native camera - I don't care right now
use a 3rd party camera
Quiet hours
A big THANK YOU for everyone who supported my work by donating!


Mirror for roms - Thank you eoghan



Fix layout of MultiWaveView and GlowPadView
Remove opaque check in GLRenderer when preparing dirty region
Fix failure of cancel P2P invitation
Added HALO (thanks to ParanoidAndroid team for sources)
Don't bring home to the front if we're opening a floating activity
Give floating flag to previous activities in the stack
HALO code clean up and improvement
Settings: Halo has its own sub-menu now
Shpongle settings: New icons
HALO: Option to pause the underlying app when notification is displayed
Reworked Maximize widgets options
Added the ability to long-press on the little lock icon to unlock the device when maximize widgets are ON
Removed default camera widget from carousel lockscreen
Re-added the DIM layer on custom backgrounds in Lockscreen (thus making lock clock/clock widgets to be visible in white wallpapers).

Re-added the internal task killer values (multi tasking should perform better now)
Tweaked the sched_latency_ns and sched_wakeup_granularity_ns options
Creates hwui.deny folder in local - HWA Settings should work without a problem now.


Fixed bluetooth headset issue
Fixed a condition in location manager - when the location was acquired, the manager was searching again and again for the location when it was needed. this fix stops that until a new location is acquired.
Fix a nullpointer exception in Settings


Added the kill application selection in Hardware Keys
Added "Switch to last app" action in Hardware keys
Default values for hardware keys vibration.
Smaller vibrations on virtual keyboard - the feel is AWESOME!
Fixed video playback and re-added video fixes - Thank you Jolas for spotting the files missing in previous version.
Re-tweaked the UI status bar tunables so that it works better now
Changed wallpaper with something more minimalistic
Removed Take bug report and Power menu bug report from Developers options
Switched OFF the Daydream screensaver feature - Thanks Lloir for the tip.
Fixed Accessibility menu FC


Renamed to Shpongle
Shpongle tweaks menu
Removed evervolv's bootanimation
Status bar tweaks
Status bar speed up tweaks
Fixed swipe left - right in status bar notifications area (not quite perfect, but better)
Hardware keys - 3dot menu overflow added, kill app with back button fixed
Display rotation feature added
Lockscreen customizations added - custom background, target shortcuts
LockClock compatibility
Power menu tweaks added
Expanded desktop added
Long press on clear all - clears cache
Battery LED fixed
Performance menu - Voltage settings added - Credit: Maxwen
Quiet Hours feature added
Give proper permissions to Superuser for SystemUI (needed by clear all - clear cache action)
Fixed Flingtracker hanging the Statusbar when swiping down with two fingers.
Fixes for video playback
Performance menu acts like Developers menu now
Pressing any key on the Warning message from Performance menu will exit the settings.
Volume panel style and linked volumes together
Don't adjust volume when vol-downing to vibrate or silent
Fixed color gradient issue (mainly visible in Settings - that ugly background)
GlowPadView : Re-enable magneticTargets
Option to always show battery status in lockscreen
Options to start widgets maximized (bugged)
Increased widget lockscreen limit from 5 to 9
Change the way the system calculates hw rotation

note - the red changes are somewhat important




Sound Settings
Ability to enable/disable sound when adjusting volume with hardware keys.
Ability to enable/disable and choose a sound when connecting/disconnecting the usb cable.
Language & Input
Hardware keys remapping.
Added ability to choose an action at boot for MediaScanner.
Ability to swipe on statusbar notification, left or right, to view quick settings or notification area.
Transparent statusbar notification from now on (since our device = 512mb RAM).
Recent apps window
Clear All button.
OneV settings
DoubleTap2Wake & DoubleTap2WakeDuration - all credits goes to Maxwen.


Recents apps window lag fix.
Status bar quick settings/notification button pressed fixed (it turns blue when pressed).
Status bar download/upload animation smoother than last time
Clear all button pressed fixed ((it turns blue when pressed).
Browser unable to copy the same text copied before.
Account malloc mmaped pages as native heap (see them as memalloc, not ashmem).
"[+>" more icon in status bar is now visible.
Fix array index oob in Matrix3f.loadRotate().
Fix NullpointerException in MediaMetadataRetriever.
Remove possible leak when exception occurred in LocalsocketImplementation.
Text2Speech memory leak.
Memory leak in ActivityStack.
A leaked partial wakelock in AbstractThreadedSyncAdapter.
Possible leak in AudioGroup.cpp.
Paint.cpp: breakText returning count of glyphs not chars.
Javacrash java.lang.NullPointerException in
Correct the target app token for input method window.


Write entropy data 4 times a day instead of 8 times.
Increased touch sensitivity (UI IS snappier).
Removing ineffective code in
MediaScanner: delete abnormal elements in prescan procedure & Update thumbnail when file is updated.
Browser: Pinch to zoom and scrolling improvements.



Bring up Evervolv's bootanimation.
QuickSettings: Carrier data directly switches data ON/OFF (one click to enable carrier data, long click to go to Data settings).
QuickSettings: Rotation toggle (rotations on, rotation locked).
Bring up AOKP bundled Performance Control app in Settings (VOLTAGE CONTROL GIVES FC -
Don't use this feature until I fix it in the next release).
Renamed Advanced Settings to One V and
moved below EVToolbox.
Removed Nexus livewallpaper wallpaper.
Added ability to swipe on top of fullscreen apps (games)
to see the Statusbar for 5 seconds.



UI crashes/freezes/apps crashing/lockscreen disappearance - GOODBYE!
(ChangeID: I5ad9aa8e98eb6fd554b01022439141fe4a55bd70)

Fixed UI/status bar crash while swiping down onto the lockscreen
(ChangeID: I2a6a5c74ed22d8e6b7a3bea3424ff2879d227105)

Re-added Email apk for those of you who uses it
Removed tilerenderer from display (forgot about that)



Headphones BASS fixed



GPS fixed - thank you maxwen for the libraries!



Browser glitches fixed
Fixed buffers allocation - UI freezes, crashes
Easter egg added! Find it!!!
Removed EVTIPS and EVwidgets - We are getting ready for next step



Embedded Superuser into Settings - no need for separate apk
Added device specific Advanced settings with FAST Charge, S2W and Button Backlights
More to come in the future!

A few screenshots:

Video presentation - Thank you, @ijayesh

Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-05-17-22-29-29.jpg
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-05-17-22-29-40.jpg
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ID:	1970196  
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11th April 2013, 04:48 PM |#2  
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awesome! gonna try it right NOW!

lol at "cumming soon" XD
11th April 2013, 04:51 PM |#3  
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Well ice must be having sex at the moment. Since he's gonna cum soon. :P and damn missed first comment. gonna try this out in a minute. Thinking about just using my omnia W as a camera and use 4.2 as a daily. Even though that would mean I'll have to carry two phones.

Sent from my One V using xda premium
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11th April 2013, 04:52 PM |#4  
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thanks a lot matee for this

Sent from my HTC One V
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11th April 2013, 04:58 PM |#5  
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11th April 2013, 05:01 PM |#6  
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Sorry to say this but you will get a lot of UI freezes and force closings - I don't know the cause of it YET, but you guys can get me logcat of those - PLEASE - work with each other and provide only 1 LOGCAT of the same issue, not multiple logcats for one issue. I want you to work as a team because only then this rom will get where it should be, with your help!

I want:
  • logcat with GPS trying to lock into satelites (using google maps or something similar while you do a logcat);
  • logcat with the UI freezes;

I don't want:
  • logcat for camera;

GAPPS for 4.2: gapps20130301
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11th April 2013, 05:08 PM |#7  
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Booting my pc and gonna do logcat for GPS. Anyone else wanna take UI? Else ill take that aswell.

Edit: rom download link doesnt work for me. Anyone please confirm.

Edit 2: nvm gotta copy link and than go to the site dont click on IT IT wont work.

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11th April 2013, 05:15 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by Sabbit


Thank you for reminding me. I can't thank you on the thread - no thanks for today.

Originally Posted by lars1216

Booting my pc and gonna do logcat for GPS. Anyone else wanna take UI? Else ill take that aswell.

Sent from my GT-I8350 using Board Express

Thank you as well. Take note that the status bar seems pretty laggy and unstable if you play with it. I managed to get SystemUI to restart itself while I was in the lockscreen and I wanted to slide down the status bar. I pressed and hold the statusbar for 5 seconds while in lockscreen and the UI just restarted itself.

Another issue:
When you receive a SMS and you are in the lockscreen, slide the statusbar down, and press the message. You will not be directed into the messaging app but instead you will see the lockscreen. When you will slide to go to home screen, the message saying that the sms app has stopped working will appear - This issue is easily fixed by forcing the status bar to not be accessible when in lockscreen - Need to search for the code to implement it. MINOR issue!
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11th April 2013, 05:24 PM |#9  
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stupid internet being stupid, hurry up please rom is almost done but for gps i need gapps too which take a long ass time for some reason... seems to be a really slow host, everything i download from them takes a long ass time.
11th April 2013, 05:25 PM |#10  
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^^^^ NP m8!
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