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[11/08/2013][Pixeldroid JB 4.2.2 V7.0 FINAL] [AOKP] [720p/HW/Sound/NOS]

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Phone [11/08/2013][Pixeldroid JB 4.2.2 V7.0 FINAL] [AOKP] [720p/HW/Sound/NOS]

  • Installation
    Partition Tool
    HD2 Tool
    Recovery for SD
    ★ task29
    ★ instal super wipe via CWM
    ★ make full wipe via CWM
    ★ install your bootloader magldr or clk
    ★ install Recovery with 360 MB System and 5 MB Cache
    ★ 2 GB EXT4 cluster default / SWAP 256 MB / the rest FAT32 cluster default
    ★ install the Rom via CWM
    ★ after the first boot make reboot to recovery
    ★ Fix Permission
    ★ for all user with DataOnEXT problem. Instal and test the initrd_patcher
    ★ Dexo.ODEX.Script.1.0_by_wwchang HERE
    ★ after the install is a black screen -> push the HOME button
    ★ my moded file from cbolumar "many thanks" (framework-res.apk with grey settings wallpaper and other lockring) flash via CWM HERE

    ★ SD Card and Terminal Guide -> dmesg/logcat/kmesg/dalvic_cache/fsck_msdos HERE
    ★ YouTube Install Settings from dj_crash 1981 HERE

    ★ my rom and launcher Settings from V5 Final

    the User what have reboots with 1190 MHz CPU !! go to 998 MHz

  • what Features
    ★ aokp open source project / many thanks to romanbb from aokp team
    ★ Rooted (Busybox, Superuser)
    ★ Nos_injection_4cylturbo
    ★ Supports both magldr & clk
    ★ Supports both EU & TmoUS
    ★ Rom System Control from AOKP
    ★ Tytung´s JB R2 Kernel
    ★ Tytung´s HWA / thanks Tytung
    ★ Themed from Pixelfreak
    ★ Monster Sound
    ★ Screenshot (enable via Rom System Control)
    ★ Developer Menu enabled
    ★ working 720P and Cam / thanks Tytung
    ★ working wifi tether with barnacle from AROMA -> activate settings/skip wpa_suplicant
    ★ working USB storage
    ★ better system animation
    ★ vocalizer for better TTS ->install from AROMA
    ★ newest play store transparence
    ★ full working GPS
    ★ full working landscape with navigation
    ★ newest play store
    ★ other lock and unlock sounds
    ★ XPERIA JB -> Install from AROMA
    ★ and more and more....
  • Known Issues / not work
    ★ black screen after calling -> push the HOME button
  • Rom performance
    ★ very little accumulator use
    ★ fast working mobile network
    ★ fast working GPS
    ★ fast working WIFI
  • AROMA Install
    ★ Language Englisch
    ★ more App´s & Widgets
    ★ SWAP
    ★ WIPE
    ★ RMNET or ppp
    ★ NAND or NAND with DATAonEXT or nativeSD
  • Thanks to
    ★ AOKP Team
    ★ Pixeldroid Team
    ★ Evervolvs
    ★ Xylon
    ★ Tytung
    ★ romanbb
    ★ NYLimited
    ★ wwchang
    ★ Titanic52
    ★ Kameirus
    ★ Exit_Only
    ★ eng.stk
    ★ PartimusPrime
    ★ Bboy
    ★ Rizal Lovins
    ★ ra3al
    ★ zhuhang
    ★ macs18max
    ★ and whoever i missed.....

    beta tester from Pixeldroid Team
    ★ coyote968
    ★ Kameirus

    push the thanks button for my work

  • V7.0 Final
    ★ better battery drain
    ★ new Tytungs Low Sound Fixer
    ★ delete XPERIA install
    ★ my build.prop tweaks
    ★ other sounds
    ★ change init.d (Credits: Tytung & pixelfreak)
    ★ other speedo battery pictures (Credits: pixelfreak)
    ★ change framework-res.apk settings (Credits: macs18max & Pixelfreak)
    ★ Bluetooth Tethering (Credits: marco.palumbi & Tytung & macs18max & Pixelfreak)
    ★ etc.

    I hereby want to say thank you once again: my Team members, Tytung, Robbie P, g.andy, team AOKP members and all those who helped me and support me in this Rom

V7.0 Final



I am looking for a user who has my lost 2in1 WinMobile Rom PLEASE SEND ME A PM
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Default Changelogs


★ better battery drain
★ back to Tytungs Low Sound Fixer v5.0
★ change lib files
★ more build.prop tweaks
★ etc.


★ fix the Calling blackScreen
★ delete one FX Sound Module
★ the rom can work with 1190 Mhz with non Problem
★ change the sensor files for better working sensors
★ and more


★ change build.prop tweaks
★ fix the Touch and Zoom mistakes
★ insert the XPERIA with Sony Apps and Widgets -> install from AROMA and only with XPERIA Launcher
★ change the Sound modules for big and clear sound
★ the black screen after calling is better and not 100% fixed
★ delete Facebook HOME from Aroma install
★ insert Tytung`s HWA / many thanks for this
★ working UKW Radio / i have test with TuneIn Radio from store
★ and more


★ change Bluetooth files
★ insert Tytung´s HW files for full working Camera and Camcorder HERE
★ i think fix the slow sounds after disconnect headphone
★ flashable .zip for Original framework-res.apk (no themed) HERE
★ and more


★ insert the latest multi dpi play Store
★ insert LiveWallpaperPicker
★ insert new LockClock with working yahoo weather
★ insert MusicFX
★ insert LowSound Fixer from Tytung / many Thanks
★ change build.prop tweaks
★ and more
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Sweet new rom Thank u Pixel & Kameirus
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I have been waiting for your version because I really like all your additional mods. Thanks mate!
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@pixelfreak, @Kameirus
Thanks for new 2 downloads. The night will be long testing your new ROM's
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Holy crap, 720p, cam and camcorder working!?!?!
Don't forget to press thanks if I helped you in any way, shape or form

- Samsung Galaxy: Core (i8260)

- NAND: PleasureUX V2.1b RC3 [4.1.2]
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i can't find download link on first post.. thanks for your time by the way..

and what about partition size?
HTC One XL (HTC GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council))(evita_utl)

Software Info :
ROM : (Custom) T-Mobile Germany Official 4.2.2
Android : Jellybean 4.2.2
HTC Sense 5
Kernel: Stock
S-Off : Yes

Hardware info :
Hboot - 2.10
Model ID: PJ8350000
CID Number: HTC__J15
Build Number : 1.01.401.03
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Originally Posted by Unscrewed View Post
Holy crap, 720p, cam and camcorder working!?!?!
Most likely it's just video playback, I think by now everybody should know that we don't have 720p cam on android. If a ROM has [720p] in its title, it's video playback.
Do you have a question about the HD2 ? Ask it here for an instant response.

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Thanks to the developers. Testing the rom, wifi tether works, tested with barnacle and wifi tether for root. Camara native has problems stripes on the screen.
Edit. Like putting on the lock screen, weather information and calendar appointments
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Thanks team!!!! Download nand test!!

Inviato dal mio HD2 - Pixeldroid v8.0 JB 4.1.2
Device: EU - HTC HD2 LEO
Bootloader:Black Clk with recovery touch b8
Micosd: Samsung 16 GB [14 GB Fat32, 1,5 GB Ext4 - 500 MB Swap]

Nand Rom
Pixeldroid AOKP v.5.0 JB 4.2.2 (nand + dataonext)

Nativesd Rom

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