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Announcement from [NUT]: The installer contains a ROOT EXPLOIT, this will trip A/V tools (e.g. ESET NOD32), disable it to download!!
TWRP & PhilZ Touch 6.59.0
*** For Locked and Unlocked BOOTLOADERS! ***

I proudly present you the first and only DUAL RECOVERY for locked boot loaders on our lovely Xperia phones!

If you have an unlocked bootloader and chose to keep the STOCK Sony kernel, you can also use this MOD.

Currently supported XPERIA models:
These are also links to the device specific Q&A threads.
Xperia Z: SO-02E, C6602, C6603, C6606, C6616
Xperia ZL: C6502, C6503, C6506
Xperia Tablet Z: SO-03E, SGP311, SGP312, SGP321, SGP351
Xperia Z Ultra: C6802, C6806, C6833, C6843
Xperia Z1: C6902, C6903, C6906, C6943, C6916
Xperia Z1 Compact: D5502, D5503, D5506
Xperia Z2: D6502, D6503, D6506, D6543, D6563
Xperia Tablet Z2: SGP511, SGP512, SGP521, SGP551, SGP561
Xperia ZR: C5502, C5503, C5506
Xperia T, TX, TL and V: LT30p, LT29, LT30at, LT25i
Xperia S: LT26i
Xperia SP: C5302, C5303
Xperia T2 Ultra: D5303, D5322
Xperia Z3: D6603, D6633, D6643, D6653, D6616
Xperia Z3 Compact: D5803, D5833
Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact: SGP621, SGP641, SGP651

I will be adding more and more devices to the list in the near future, keep your eyes on this thread for them to be released
I will also start a Q&A thread for each of the models officially supported, once released from the experimental stage.

RomAur users read this post first before flashing XZDualRecovery!


INSTALLER: How to install using the installer:
  1. Make sure you have USB debugging turned ON.
  2. download XZ/ZL/TabZ/Z1/ZU-lockeddualrecovery[VERSION] from
  3. Windows:
    1. unpack at C: or somewhere you will remember!
    2. navigate to the resulting directory and look for install.bat, double click it to run;
  4. Linux:
    1. unpack in your home folder with 'unzip XZ/ZL/TabZ/Z1/ZU-lockeddualrecovery[VERSION]'
    2. navigate to the resulting directory and 'chmod +x', then execute it, follow instructions.
  5. Your phone WILL reboot when installation has completed and it will go into the default recovery for the first boot.
  6. Reboot to system from recovery to allow the installer to clean up after installation (it is safe to skip this step).

How to install or update using a previously installed (XZDualRecovery) recovery:
Create a backup of /system/bin/chargemon and keep it somewhere safe, then just flash XZ/ZL/TabZ/Z1/ZU-lockeddualrecovery[VERSION] from using CWM or TWRP.

How to remove:

Download the and flash it in any recovery. Done!

When installing custom STOCK BASED ROMs:
Be sure to flash XZ/ZL/TabZ/Z1/ZU-lockeddualrecovery[VERSION] from after installing the ROM and before you reboot, this way you will not lose recovery!

How to use:
At boot, once you feel the phone vibrate and while you see the green led burn:
- press VOL-UP for PhilZ Touch;
- press VOL-DOWN for TWRP.

Vanilla CWM has been removed from the releases since 2.8.22, if you still use 2.8.21 or older, CWM can only be entered using the NDR Utils app.

2.x Features:
  • When you have a SDCard1 and the XZDualRecovery is able to use it, you can put a file called 'donotrun' inside the XZDualRecovery log folder to make XZDualRecovery escape following boot attempts.
    If you find yourself in a bootloop situation, take out your SDCard1 and put that file in the directory if it exists using a PC. Reboot your phone with Power+Vol-UP and you will be able to boot your phone as if there was no recovery there!
  • XZDualRecovery will signal the escape or any reason why it would not be able to continue normal operation with a 2 second burn of your LED in the color RED. A reason would be a broken /cache and no SDCard1 or a busybox in /system/xbin which does not support the lzcat command. If you see that, check /tmp/XZDualRecovery for a logfile there, it will tell you why.
  • XZDualRecovery will try to use your SDCard1 for logging and functionality, if it has been formatted with ext2/4, FAT16/32 or exFAT. NTFS is currently unsupported.
  • XZDualRecovery now prevents the RIC service from starting up, this means when running XZDualRecovery the Remount-Reboot fix is no longer needed.

  • The default recovery on first boot or when XZDR.prop can't be found/read is TWRP.
  • In your XZDualRecovery folder in either /cache or /storage/sdcard1 you will find a file called XZDR.prop. This file holds all the configurable options.
  • Init.d support is disabled by default, set dr.enable.initd to true to enable it.
  • Byeselinux is unloaded by default, set dr.keep.byeselinux to true to keep it.
  • Insecure ramdisk support is disabled by default, set dr.insecure.ramdisk to true to enable it, set to 'power' to boot it by pressing the power button at boot.

Error reporting:
Please, when reporting errors or problems:
  • Put up a notice in this thread providing the package name you used to install or update;
  • Include ROM name and/or FW version numbers;
  • Include what SU apk you are using (SuperUser or SuperSU)
  • Send me the contents of all the log files from right after a failed boot attempt or a link to an archive containing these logs by PM (that's including the .old rotation logs!). If you have no website or online location to store the logs, PM me for an email address to send them to.
  • Logs can be found inside:
    • /cache/recovery
    • /tmp/XZDualRecovery
    • /storage/sdcard1/XZDualRecovery
    • /cache/XZDualRecovery (if the previous exists, this one will not!)
    NOTE: I need them ALL!
I really need them to troubleshoot what failed and what worked OK. Thank you!

Please do post, I've got loads of ideas myself but you might have the best one yourself!

Special Thanks:
  • DooMLoRD for all his excellent work on our much loved Sony phones!
  • The Team Win developers for TWRP
  • The ClockWorkMod developers for CWM
  • @alexocean for his awesome job testing almost all FW releases and the discovery of SuperSU causing problems for the installation of this recovery!
  • @RoberM for testing
  • @surdu_petru for testing and handy pointers
  • @Androxyde for allowing to use his linux and mac adb binaries.
  • @lancebukkake for finding the TWRP 'fix' to use exFAT formatted sdcards!
  • @delewer for the final fix for TWRP and its use of exFAT formatted sdcards
  • @DevShaft for some code help on the windows installer (the menu!)
  • @Androxyde again, but now for his bash code/script suggestions... oh boy this guy is a genius!
  • @Tamirwig and @shoey63 for their excellent job at testing early BETA's (Xperia Z)
  • @gregbradley for his extensive testing on the Xperia Z1
  • @russel5 for his tinkering and general debugging help

GitHub Repository:

All past, current and future releases will appear on for download, also providing a QR code for easy downloading on your mobile The flashable file will bring any previous version to the latest release.

Well, enjoy!

The origins of this XZDualRecovery package are in the packages done by:
Krabappel2548, Cpasjuste and DooMLoRD
Thank you for your excellent work guys!

Your thanks (and donations) should (also) go out to them, they deserve it!

XDA:DevDB Information
XZDualRecovery, Tool/Utility for the Sony Xperia Z

[NUT], AngelBob , shoey63 , Olivier, Krabappel2548, DooMLoRD, Cpasjuste, Tungstwenty, sijav, zxz0O0, MohammadAG, McBane87, oshmoun
Source Code:

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 2.8.21
Stable Release Date: 2015-11-17
Current Beta Version: 2.8.23
Beta Release Date: 2015-11-19

Created 2013-07-18
Last Updated 2015-11-20
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Known Issues and Frequently Asked Questions
Known Issues:
All known issues in PhilZ, TWRP and CWM on locked boot loaders apply, see their respective threads for more information.

Busybox updaters can kill XZDualRecovery, see the FAQ below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to set the correct time & date in PhilZ 6.59.0
  • Boot to PhilZ Touch;
  • Tap 'Recovery Settings';
  • Tap 'Gui Preferences';
  • Tap 'Time Settings';
  • Tap 'Change date and time';
  • Tic one of the last 3 options in this menu to try it;
  • Reboot to PhilZ Touch to see if it sticks, if not, try another and reboot to see if it helped, do this for all options to try them;
  • If one of them does help but does not stick at reboot, tic 'Try Force Persist on Reboot' once (it will un-tic itself after a reboot).
  • Done!

NOTE: if it's close to being correct (max 15h difference before or after your time) you need to correct the timezone.

About TWRP 2.6 and the use of INTERNAL STORAGE
Originally Posted by jdjta

[snip]...but permissions are set like: Srw-Srw-r (644) (It seems like the 'S' is the problem, I'm sure GID and UID are ticked)...[snip]

A workaround for this issue is to use TWRP's advanced options, after creating a backup you wish to move to the PC:
  1. go back to the main menu
  2. go to advanced
  3. go to filemanager
  4. navigate to /data/media/0/TWRP/BACKUPS/*SERIAL*/*BACKUPNAME*
  5. select one of the backup files
  6. press chmod button (the one without 755)
  7. type 0664 and press go
  8. repeat 5->7 for each of the files in the backup, you can skip boot and the md5 files.
  9. reboot to system and you should be able to copy the files without problems.

Alternatively you can install adbd Insecure by @Chainfire (non-free app from Play, or for free from it's XDA thread) and run ADBd itself as root, which elevates the rights and omits the issue all together.

I think it's a feature and not a bug (as it secures your backups), but I'll try to convince Team Win to make the setuid/setguid a choice rather then a default.

Installation of XZDualRecovery on UNROOTED devices
The 2.8.21 and older installer package uses Easy Root Tool for various Xperia phones, it is able to gain root on all of the currently supported devices, allowing to install XZDR.

Confirmed working:
  • Z - C6603
  • Z1 Compact - D5503 (doesn't seem to work on JellyBean), SO-01F (docomo)
  • Z1 - C6903,
  • Z Ultra - C6802, C6833
  • ZR, C5502
  • Z2 - D6503
  • Z2 Tablet - SGP511, SGP512
  • ZL2 - SOL25

If you want to help me perfect this list, use the tool done by @zxz0O0 in his topic and try to root your device. When testing also try older ROM versions, the latest FW versions may have been patched.

Thanks @zxz0O0 for the initial list.

The rootless installation has been made possible by:
  • @geohot: Root exploit
  • @MohammadAG: Disable RIC kernel module (Link)
  • @cubeundcube: Disable RIC on Z2 phone (findricaddr/writekmem)
  • @zxz0O0: for creating the initial tool where I have based this unrooted install option on.

Thanks for your hard work guys!

The 2.8.22 and later installer package uses rootkitXperia for various Xperia phones, it is able to gain root on all of the currently supported devices -if they are running the correct Lollipop version- allowing to install XZDR.

Thanks go to @cubeundcube and @zxz0O0 respectively for developing and making some changes to allow me to utilize it for XZDualRecovery installation. Thanks guys!

XZDualRecovery's (2.8.21 and older) Busybox dependency and compatible Busybox updaters

Busybox Updater/Installer: If you have XZDualRecovery installed, un-install any Busybox updating app/tool as most if not all of them will install a version of busybox which does not support the lzma compression applets XZDualRecovery depends on. The version installed together with XZDualRecovery is very stable and I have yet to hear anyone complain about it's stability.

@vaisakh7 found a busybox updater which seems to be compatible with XZDualRecovery: Busybox On Rails, which installs a version of busybox created by stericson, which leads me to believe his Busybox installer should also install a version which works together with XZDualRecovery.

Either case, be careful with updating busybox as there still is a possibility it will break your ability to enter recovery or even break full root, which means you might not be able to recover from the broken situation. Your best bet is the installer version, using that to break the lock on the system partition and reinstall the correct busybox.

XZDualRecovery 2.8.22 and newer do not suffer from this dependency, you can use whatever busybox updater app you like when you have 2.8.22 or newer installed.

I installed XPOSED on Lollipop and now I am experiencing a boot loop!

@ondrejvaroscak found a workaround to fix your bootloop issues: [WORKAROUND] Bootloops with Xposed in Lollipop

While using the installer I get the message "This device is unauthorized" and I can't install XZDualRecovery!

Authorizations... The latest versions of adb and android need this, it's nothing XZDR related. If you have USB debugging turned on, and your mobile disconnected from your PC, just make sure you 'revoke all authorizations for USB debugging' in the developer options menu. Then reboot your phone and before doing anything else, make sure you're looking at the home screen on your device, then hook up your USB cable. Your mobile should then ask if the connected PC is authorized or not. Once answered you can start the installer.
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Change log
RELEASE Change log:
Version 2.8.23:
  • Fixed a bug in the byeselinux script found by me after a (long overdue!) bug report by @russel5, thanks dude!
  • First combined release, the single zip solution: READ_ME_FIRST.txt content:

    This XZDualRecovery zip is the first combined package to be released.
    This means you have downloaded the correct package to include in a pre-rooted
    flashable package AND you have the correct package for installing using Windows
    or Linux.
    To flash it, just put the zip on your sdcard or internal storage and flash
    it in recovery.
    To install it without recovery, make sure you unpacked the entire zip and install
    by starting install.bat for Windows or in Linux or MacOS X.
    If you have any issues with this package, please report it in the DevDB thread on
    Signing off,
  • Fixed multiple typo's and silly mistakes due to the change to the combined package (twice over!). Thanks again @russel5
  • Flashable function only: Moved to tmp/ so that the zip looks a bit more clean -or less confusing for the noobies- when unpacking.
  • Changed the way the installer fail/success detection is done. This is hopefully the best possible way and not needed to change ever again.
  • The unrooted option is written with a simple pointer towards what version it is supposed to work on, so: DO NOT TRY IT ON 5.1 AND REPORT IT FAILING TO INSTALL HERE!!
  • Windows installer menu only: new option, "5. Open an ADB shell", to make it easy to start a ADB shell for the people who don't know how, or just for those who find it convenient, of course
Version 2.8.22:
  • Moved most of the files XZDR depends on to /system/.XZDualRecovery, including busybox, which will allow you to use whatever version of any busybox updater apps you can think of, as XZDualRecovery now uses it's private location for anything it might need. Thanks to everyone who helped debugging this release during it's BETA stage
  • Somewhere in the development process of 2.8.22 CWM and PhilZ broke. I was able to fix PhilZ but CWM remained broken after several attempts to fix it. As it's old and quickly becoming obsolete, I removed it from XZDualRecovery. If you really want it back, install 2.8.21 instead.
  • Made a small modification which should prevent system lockups inside recovery, thanks to @McBane87 for that fix.
  • The kernel version needs to be fixed due to the missing CWM package, the builder will always fail when working with 2.8.22. As nothing has changed for the kernel version itself other then the missing CWM, I will keep that on 2.8.21 until I fix it.
  • Changed the unrooted installation option to work with the latest rootkitXperia. This version is able to obtain root on most of the early Lollipop 5.0 ROM versions allowing the installer to work properly. I modified the installer to allow a retry as the nature of the exploit is such that it can fail to gain root and cause a reboot due to the nature of the exploit being used. If you use it, don't give up after one try, try it multiple times before reporting issues.
Version 2.8.21:
  • @McBane87 reported a bug caused by his busybox, fixed that by skipping the one thing which is most likely to still cause bootloops in the previous version.
  • Updated the TWRP busy-bar animation images, thanks to @_SIL_ for the images.
  • Updated the fstab.qcom to restore usb-otg functionality on the ZL as suggested by @_SIL_.
  • Updated the custom kernel functionality, this version should work fine on CyanogenMod rom's at least, thanks go to @oshmoun who debugged it until it worked OK :high-five:
Version 2.8.20:
  • Updated byeselinux to the one compiled by @McBane87, this is should fix the T2 Ultra Lollipop issues.
  • Updated modulecrcpatch to the version statically compiled by @McBane87
  • Changed some code around in making it easier to log more
  • Updated to only install the wp_mod.ko kernel module when needed (which is only if /sys/kernel/security/sony_ric is mounted in one of the init files)
  • Updated to unmount the mountpoint /system/odex instead of the device it should be mounted on, because that might negate the solution for the Z/ZL/ZR and TabZ.
  • Updated TWRP to version

    What’s new in

    • Initial ground work for software drawn keyboard (_that)
    • Fix handling of wiping internal storage on datamedia devices (xuefer)
    • Allow DataManager to set and read values from the system properties (xuefer)
    • Fix crash when taking screenshots on arm64 devices (xuefer)
    • Fix error message after an ORS script completes (Dees_Troy)
    • Fix crashes / error when creating encrypted backups (_that, Dees_Troy)
    • Add system read only option – more details below (Dees_Troy)
    • Add resize2fs and GUI option to run resize2fs (Dees_Troy)
    • Fix crash loop caused by empty lines in AOSP recovery command file (_that)
    • Prevent duplicate page overlays such as multiple lock screens (mdmower)

    System read only option: Devices that ship with 5.0 and higher as their initial OS are using block level OTA updates. With this style of OTA update, the update script checks to see if the system partition has ever been mounted read/write. Further, the script also usually runs an SHA sum of the entire system partition to detect if any changes have been made. If any changes have been made, the OTA update will refuse to install. Since not all OEMs and devices have factory images available, we have created a new feature in TWRP that detects if the system partition has ever been mounted read/write. If not, you will be prompted asking if you want TWRP to mount system as read/write. If you choose not to allow TWRP to mount as read/write, TWRP won’t prompt to install SuperSU and TWRP won’t try to patch the stock ROM to prevent TWRP from being replaced by stock recovery. The goal of this option is to hopefully allow the user to make a raw system image backup that they can use to get back to a state where they can take OTA updates again.

    resize2fs feature: On some devices like the Nexus 6, the factory images include a userdata image that is the proper size only for the 32GB units. If you flash the factory image to a 64GB Nexus 6, the data partition will appear as if it only has the free space of a 32GB device. Using the resize2fs option, TWRP can resize your data partition to take up the full space available. The resize2fs may also be useful to resize system partitions on devices where custom ROM system images don’t take up the full partition space. Lastly, resize2fs may be useful in some cases to reserve the proper space at the end of a data partition for a full disk encryption key, should your partition be formatted incorrectly for some reason.

Version 2.8.19:
  • Updated a few times to try and fix the system mount issues. @McBane87 did the leg work for me in my absence and found a definitive fix after doing some testing together, THANKS A MILLION dude, the community owes you!
  • TWRP has no new version number but it should be considered updated, some fixes which where included in the git repo from Team Win warranted a 'silent' update.
Version 2.8.16:
  • Updated byeselinux to restore XZDR functionality to the Xperia T2, Z, ZL, ZR and Tablet Z Our thanks and gratitude go to @zxz0O0 again, thanks mate
Version 2.8.15:
  • Smaller bug fixes and improvements all around which didn't have a huge impact.
  • Fixing the XZDR.prop issue which prevents new installations to store and use the input nodes needed for the key checking.
  • Replaced the Z1 Compact CWM with the Z1 CWM, to see if that makes it kick back to life.
Version 2.8.14:
  • Removed some unneeded file inclusions.
  • Improved the failed installation detection. Some people would get a 'enjoy the recoveries' notification while they where never installed
  • Updated the stock binary backup checking routines for chargemon, because in some rare situations it would create a bootloop by replacing the chargemon.stock file with a copy of the hijack script...
  • Introduced init.d functionality to the XZDR Kernel, I actually forgot to add this ever since I started work on the kernel version
  • Modified TWRP's to not throw an error anymore if there is no reason for it to throw it.
  • Updated the script function DRSET-/GET-PROP to return null instead of false. If a switch was set to false it would add it to the config as if it wasn't there...
  • Updated TWRP to again (see the changelog for XZDR 2.8.4 for the TWRP changelog).
Version 2.8.13:
  • Used to debug functionality to make XZDR work even more reliable.
Version 2.8.12:
  • Debugged the RIC defeat functionality to make XZDualRecovery operate on any FW version for any device, as it was before 2.8.4.
  • Debugged the Kernel Builder, it now produces kernels which are actually usable again
  • The /system/xbin/disableric script was not used since quite a while but functioned as a trigger, this has now been replaced by the chargemon hijack script doing all the work, this should now make the disableric functionality work on any ROM, regardless of FW version.
Version 2.8.11:
  • Used to debug functionality to make XZDR work on any ROM and any device again.
Version 2.8.10:
  • Introduced the XZDR.prop variable dr.keep.byeselinux, this is set to false by default but when set to true it will cause XZDR to NOT unload the byeselinux kernel module, which at least helps to get Xposed to work. For any Xposed related bugs, please report them in the appropriate Xposed thread. This setting is now valid for all release types, including the kernel version.
  • XZDR installer/flashable now checks if it is getting installed on a Lollipop ROM, if so, it will then adapt the location where NDRUtils is installed to the way it is done on Lollipop. This should prevent Android from 'Starting Applications' at every boot.
  • The download page has gone through a bumpy update, I thought I had all bugs solved, but I was wrong, as you all have noticed
    The website:
    • now has a comment section;
    • has a better structure, offering me the option to still have a clean and easy to use website but at the same time allow me to leave more XZDR versions online;
    • now has a breadcrum bar, this will allow you to quickly move around;
    • includes a new version of the Kernel Builder.
  • The new kernel builder now supports repacking ANY kernel, with one basic but adamant requirement, they need to be built using the method CyanogenMod uses (the method). This means XZDR Kernel now is available for Stock, Custom Stock (kernels like DoomKernel by @DooMLoRD), CyanogenMod, OmniRom and AOSP
Version 2.8.9:
  • Used to test a new feature.
Version 2.8.8:
  • Reverted TWRP to, because of a multitude of issues with To help Team Win debug the issues, I will keep 2.8.7 online for testing purposes. Please if you see any errors pop up, make sure you tap Advanced -> Copy log to SD and to attach it to this topic. The one about failing is a known one and can be considered a false-positive: it is trying to unmount something which is already unmounted.
  • Made sure the installer (and only the installer in this case, the flashable package will be patched later) will install the NDRUtils app on the correct location on Lollipop ROM's. This should make the 'applications starting up' notice at boot go away. Make sure you remove the NDRUtils.apk by hand from /system/app before installing this XZDR version and please DO report your results.
Version 2.8.7:
  • Fully debugged for use with Sony's Lollipop and restored functionality on KitKat on all supported models. Both for locked bootloader installations and the XZDualRecovery Advanced Stock Kernel builder.
  • Included the byeselinux patch by @zxz0O0, heavily modified. It will unload the module when booting to the ROM to restore SELinux functionality.
  • Converted XZDR from using my own solution to the more elegant 'wp_mod' method by @MohammadAG. It now uses my own solution as a backup.
  • Made sure the modules will only be installed when required either by device or ROM version.
  • Updated the flashable package to do the same.
  • Updated the included NDR Utils to the latest version.
  • Updated the (installer) included adb binaries to the current latest version (Required when using TWRP and newer).
  • The installer and the chargemon hijack script will now make a copy of the init 'rc' files to /system/.XZDualRecovery to be used during updates using the flashable zip, this way the (long!) list of firmwares in the script can be discarded in the future, which was only used in the flashable package because these init rc files are unavailable while in recovery.
Version 2.8.6:
  • Used to debug all the Lollipop issues, in total 8 re-releases. All changes recorded in the next version changelog.
Version 2.8.5:
  • Sleep deprived bugs and a .gitignore problem solved (which caused some critical files to not be included in the flashable package), tested on Z and Z2, the XZDR Kernel, flashable zip and installer working OK for me.
  • By popular demand, this version removes the module installed by the byeselinux patch by @zxz0O0 to make sure it doesn't cause issues.
Version 2.8.4:
  • Fixed XZDR operation for Sony's Lollipop releases, a BIG thanks goes to @zxz0O0 for creating the kernel module which made this possible!
  • Updated TWRP to
    What’s new in
    • Fix daylight savings time rules for USA and Europe (_that)
    • Allow mulitple overlays for popup boxes (Dees_Troy)
    • Add pattern style password entry for decrypt (Tassadar)
    • Keyboard improvements (_that)
    • Update AOSP base to 5.1 (Dees_Troy)
    • Reduce theme count to 5 and rely on scaling (Dees_Troy)
    • Various scaling improvements (Dees_Troy)
    • Improved handling of resources in the GUI (_that)
    • Make scroll bar size proportional to list size (_that)
    • Allow scoll lists to render without a header (_that)
    • Make console scroll per pixel with kinetic scrolling (_that)
    • Support styles in XML to reduce XML size and improve consistentcy (Dees_Troy)
    • Various other fixes and improvements (mdmower, bigbiff, codelover, etc)
Version 2.8.3:
  • Updated TWRP to Changelog:
    What's new in
    • Scale the GUI - TWRP can read the theme's resolution and scale it up or down to fit the theme to your screen's resolution
    • Backups can now be cancelled while the backup is in progress (does not include restore because we don't want to leave your device in a bad state)
    • Improve thread handling and move input handling into the main rendering thread to improve stability
    • Make MTP work even if unplugged and plugged back in
    • Unify scrollable list code and make kinetic scrolling feel more natural
    • Fix handling of mapped zip files for OTA updates (CM12 updater)
    • USB keyboards should now work on all devices that support USB host mode via a USB OTG cable
    • Other small fixes and improvements
Version 2.8.2:
  • Fixed TabZ3Compact TWRP layout (changed from landscape to portrait);
  • Fixed various small issues regarding installation on the new models using a different root tool;
  • Fixed PhilZ non-functional ADB
  • Removed XZDRKernel releases from the regular stream and replaced it with an online kernel builder

Version 2.8.1:
  • Added missing Z3/Z3C ROM versions to the disable ric install script
  • Hopefully fixed TWRP touch operation on the T2 Ultra
  • Updated TWRP to TWRP Changelog:

    What's new in
    • Add flashing of boot and recovery images via the TWRP GUI (Find the Images button on the Install page)
    • Fix some MTP related crashes and bugs
    • Eliminate TWRP toggling USB IDs during boot if MTP is enabled
    • Fix various adb sideload issues
    • Improve threading of actions
    • Eliminate separate thread for screen timeout
    • Update libblkid to 2.25.0
    • Use power button as back button on watch themes for easier navigation
    • Add mutex locking to data manager
    • Improve custom theme handling on encrypted devices
    • Allow the stock theme to be offset by build flags so we can center a lower res theme on a higher res screen especially for watches with round screens
Version 2.8.0:
  • 2.7.160 BETA moved in to 2.8 tree with only one change:
  • Updated the Linux/MacOS installer to fix a bug in the usage of 'tr' which is used to analyze the output of the adb'ed installation script.

BETA Change log:
2.7 BETA packages are no longer available on the downloads page.

Version 2.7.154 -> 2.7.160:
  • Fixed TWRP font/theme on the Xperia SP and then for the T2 Ultra
  • XZDR Kernel update for the Z1 and Z3 Compact, FW updates required a new kernel version.
  • Updated TWRP on all devices to and then to
  • Updated PhilZ to 6.59.0, thanks to @shoey63
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3rd May 2013, 07:16 AM |#4  
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I'll give you twrp

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3rd May 2013, 07:33 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by krabappel2548

I'll give you twrp

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Thanks, that would be great

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3rd May 2013, 09:20 AM |#6  
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Will this also work with unlocked bootloaders, or is there anything similar for unlocked bootloaders?

Apologies if this is a silly question but I'm new to XZ and I'm still trying to get my head around the weird recovery situation
3rd May 2013, 09:25 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by Michealtbh

Will this also work with unlocked bootloaders, or is there anything similar for unlocked bootloaders?

Apologies if this is a silly question but I'm new to XZ and I'm still trying to get my head around the weird recovery situation

Yes, it should work with unlocked bootloaders when you are still clinging on to the stock kernel. DooMLoRD's DooMKernel v6 has the same functionality built in, so when using his kernel this package will not be needed.
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3rd May 2013, 10:54 AM |#8  
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Installer released!
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3rd May 2013, 04:49 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by [NUT]

Installer released!

Man u r fast !!
3rd May 2013, 05:46 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by venky716

Man u r fast !!

Having a good and clean base by Krabappel2548 helps to get started, it's basically his installer package modified to support this dual recovery.

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5th May 2013, 05:00 AM |#11  
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can we use this recovery/mod when running cm or aokp based rom's?

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