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[APP][4.0+]Ultimate Dynamic Navbar

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Ultimate Dynamic NavBar - app that alows you to get rid of that horrible space-eating black navbar and replace it with fancy showing-on-swipe customizable navbar-like panel.

I'd Be Glad Glad If you support me by bying this in Google Play ^_^
Also you can download lite version there

As always, UDN is free for XDA and 4PDA communities(but if you want to donate me - buy PRO, it's the same, as CE, but updates through Google Play)

- panel that shows up with fancy animation by swipe from bottom edge of the screen or by touching a trigger button (Customizable).
- XPOSED(safe) or build.prop mod(dangerous) to hide softkeys on your device. All devices with android 4.0+ are supported!
- you can add up to 9 buttons to the panel (and assign shortClick and LongClick acitons to every button)
- About 20 different action for buttons: from basic system navigation to "kill app" and "tie custom app"
- Everything is themable: buttons, panel, glow-effects and more!
- Swipe mode to navigate the panel like paranoid's pie.
- small ram consumption (~< 8 MB of RAM)
- Lots of other customizations and modes.

Waiting for your bugreports and feature requests on UDN's Issue tracker

Since this thread moved to devDB, I'm no more able to edit attachments(hope it's temporal bug, though). So here's latest download link:

XDA:DevDB Information
Ultimate Dynamic Navbar[DEVELOPMENT TEMPORALLY PAUSED], App for the Android General


Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: v23.2
Stable Release Date: 2013-11-19
Beta Release Date: 2013-11-16

Created 2013-10-10
Last Updated 2015-04-14
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-08-21-00-45-51.jpg
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-08-21-00-46-12.jpg
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Size:	40.9 KB
ID:	2207045  
Attached Files
File Type: apk udn_v0.15_CE.apk - [Click for QR Code] (635.2 KB, 9183 views)
File Type: apk udn_v0.17_CE.apk - [Click for QR Code] (637.8 KB, 2193 views)
File Type: apk udn_v0.20_CE.apk - [Click for QR Code] (643.5 KB, 928 views)
File Type: apk udn_v0.20.2_CE.apk - [Click for QR Code] (643.7 KB, 7484 views)
File Type: apk udn_v21.0_beta1.apk - [Click for QR Code] (631.3 KB, 677 views)
File Type: apk udn_v21.0_beta2.apk - [Click for QR Code] (631.4 KB, 713 views)
File Type: apk udn_v21.0_beta3.apk - [Click for QR Code] (633.1 KB, 25078 views)
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8th May 2013, 11:52 PM |#2  
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v22.0 beta1:
-Optimized for Android 4.4(KITKAT)
-"Previous app" action
-"Hide panel" action for edge buttons
-When you press "XPOSED module" - app will redirect to "Modules" section of xposed configurator. If you don't have xposed - app will propose to install it.
-Added preference for external xposed module, will make it active in beta2
-lots of internal improvements


-Changed order of buttons in list. It is more logical now.
-1 new button - SCREENSHOT[SAMSUNG]
-Updated FAQ

-FIXED: incorrect action names and icons on "Screenshot" and "PowerMenu" buttons
-FIXED: Custom app as seven button breaks all preferences.
-Made "pick an app" dialog to load apps as async task. Now it doesn't freeze UDN when loading apps
-Optimized MainActivity, so app starts faster on slow phones and doesn't lagg if you didn't grant root permissions
-Updated FAQ, now it helps solving all known problems.

-2 new actions: "screenshot", "PowerMenu"
-Ability to add custom apps to the panel!
-FIXED: incorrect length of swipe when trigger type is "swipe" and activation method is "whole bottom edge"

-1 new way to hide navbar(Requires XPOSED): safe, bug-free, keeps "overflow menu" button in apps.
-FIXED: incorrect length of swipe when trigger type is "swipe" and activation method is "whole bottom edge"

-Panel stays visible after orientation change

-2 trigger types: "swipe" and "touch"
-Configurable swipe length for trigger
-FIXED: Wrong actions on edge buttons
-FIXED: Crash when selecting glow animation
-FIXED: Glow effect doesn't disappear when swiping on button
-Glow effect now disappears with animation, when swiping on button

-Now it's possible to assign LongClick actions to edge buttons
-2 new themes for buttons: "PIXELD" and "DIAMONDS"
-FIXED: "toggle mode" does not work
-Internal Optimizations

-Made edge-buttons 1.5x wider
-New action for edge buttons: "SEARCH"
-Glow-effects are now brighter
-Length of vibrations is customizable now
-New Button: "EMPTY SPACE"

-New legacy-like "edge menu button" (+ few placement options for it)
-5 new glow-effects
-Option to turn off glow-animation
-FIXED: Buttons density does not work for landscape-right mode
-FIXED: glow-effects in landscape

-Internal refactoring and optimizations

Version v0.10(yeah, I changed naming scheme):
-Option to stick navbar to the right side of the screen
-Option "don't rotate trigger with navbar"
-more correct way to count density of buttons, now depends on orientation
-6 new themes for glow-effect(they're not finished for landscape yet!)

Version v0.9.25:
Nothing new, just fixed bugs of 0.9.23 and 0.9.24:
-FIXED: "whole-bottom" triged is not transparent.
-FIXED: Glow-effect does not disappear if I slide the finger up on the panel.
-FIXED: Navbar hides instantly after triggering it.

Version v0.9.24:
-Total internal refactoring, optimizations.
-New, better algorithm for trigger-listeners.
-Ability to hide panel by touching outside of it.
-1 new animation for glow-effect.
-Notification is now hidden by default.

Version v0.9.23:
-OnClick effects are animated now! 2 pre-loaded animations: "stock" and "rotate", expect more animations soon!
-Background image of onClick effect is customizable: "stock", "hexagon", more themes will come soon!
-Color of Glow effect is Customizable!
-*Please note, this update is not very polished so expect higher memory usage(still less then 10mb), will fix this in next update.*
-*Also, translations are partially broken now*

Version v0.9.21:
-App now checks for busybox, superuser existance and superuser's permissions. UDN will not let you do anything with it if those checks are not passed.
-UDN will ask you for leaving review on Google play after some time of active usage
-Added manual "rate this app" option.
-Removed wip.html
-Fixed few small bugs that were causing app crashes.

Version v0.9.20:
-Fixed bug: wrong values on numeral fields in CE edition app.
-Fixed bug: Wrong summary on Color options.
-Added 4 new themes: "College", "Defused", "Droid", "Elvish".
-Removed Motorola RAZR D3 from Supported devices, because most negative reviews I recieve from this phone and I got tired of explaining why I can't fix their problem(if you wan't to try this app on your D3 anyway - mail me).


Version v0.9.17:
-Total internal refactoring.
-fixed 4.3 bug: now UDN will be launched when you click on notification.
-Moved all string resources to strings.xml, so app can be localized now(write me, if you want to translate to yor language)
-Added Russian translation(Напишите мне, если есть замечания к переводу!)

Version v0.9.16:
-"Google now" action
-Ability to semi-spoof notification on 4.3
-New theme "LoPro"
-Google now is now default action for Longpressing home button
-Optimizations: app again consumes ~5-7mb of RAM on default settings (Magic, ha?)

Version v0.9.15:
-Android 4.3 optimizations
-New action: "KILL ALL APPS"
-External vibration option for navbar trigger
-Made General settings more obvious
-Updated FAQ
-Internal optimizations

Version v0.9.14:
-Sexier look of the app.
-New fancy icon.
-Configurable height of the toggle button
-Fixed: crash when you select search button.
-Internal optimizations.

Version v0.9.13:
- Speeeed! No more delays! Navbar buttons are now react as they should.
- Fixed All icons of actions(and notification).
- 3 new action: "Volume -", "Volume +", "Sleep".
- Fixed bug with buttons preview.
- Partial internal refactoring, removed unused resourced.
- Fixed bug: "buttons are red by default"

Version v0.9.12:
-Custom colors for navbar and icons.
-Transparency of the Icons.
-New action: killApp.
-Removed MIUI theme, because it was incompleted and low-res.
-Made PIXEL icons bigger.

Version v0.9.11:
-Speeeeed! Now buttons react slightly faster.
-Probably fixed bug that caused crash on android 4.0 (Not tested, because I don't have such devices)
-Changed default settings.
-In "Enabled Bttons" tab previews are now shown in chosen theme, not always in NEXUS theme
-Massive internal refactoring.

Version v0.9.10:
- Configurable transparency of trigger.
- "Support me?" tab. You can check comparison between LITE/PRO/CE there, and switch between them.
- 2 new themes: "Samsung" and "Pixels".

Version v0.9.9(and subversions):
- Fixed transparency. From now, only transparency of the panel is editable, buttons are always bright.
- Added new trigger: center of the bottom edge of the screen.
- Added 3 new themes: AIRBRUSH, ZTE, RUSSIA.

Version v0.9.8:
- Added "vibrate on click" option.
- Added new trigger: center of the bottom edge of the screen.
- Internal refactoring of button management. Now it consumes a bit less of resources. NavActions gonna be accessible via external(non-UDN) calls soon!

Version v0.9.7:
- Migrated to as root utilities provider.
- From now it is completely safe to use "Hide real navbar" option. //BUG: if your phone/tablet does not have root&&busybox this option will do nothing for you, will not even notiy.
- Quicker buttons reaction.
- Fixed outside_click action on dialogs. From now them work correctly.

Version v0.9.6:
- NavBar Hider is accessible again! It won't brick your device anymore. Still not cool enough, though
- 2 new themes(MIUI and ZENYTH).
- fixed bugs.

Version v0.9.5:
- Temporarily removed ability to hide real navbar. //hope tomorrow will re-add it againm this time without bricking devices
- Removed edge buttons because they're not worked anyway.
- Now panel can handle 7 normal buttons.
- Changed sprites for toggle buttons (temporal sprites, i'd be glad if someone paint me better ones).
- Added XPERIA button's theme.
- Moved panel options to "Themes and Behavior" category.
- Internal refactoring, small optimizations and fixes.

Version v0.9.4:
- HideAction Countdown resets when you press a button. (except "toggle mode" and "hide on button pressed" mode).
- Fixed placing of buttons. Even ldpi screens can now add up to 5 normal buttons (edge buttons are not fixed yet, though).
- Internal optimisations. Service again consumes less than 6 megabytes of RAM.

Version v0.9.3:
- Numeric options are now configurable through seekbar. Looks fancy!
- Now it is possible to setup transparency of the panel.
- Fixed buttons misplacing in NEXUS and MOTOROLA themes.
- small bugfixes.

Version v0.9.2:
- Now it is possible to assign longpress action on a button.
- Partial internal refactoring.

Version v0.9.1:
- Removed small edge-buttons for now, because they didn't work as expected. Will add them back later.
- Basic theme framework. For now only internal themes(NEXUS, MOTOROLA, HTC, FACEBOOK_HOME), working on ability to install custom themes
- LongPress action on home_button (Opens recents window). Not configurable for now, In the next updates will work with all buttons and gonna be editable.

Version v0.9:
- Removed shortcut to use GMD GestureControl as a gesture handler to activate the UDN, because that didn't work.
- [FINALLY] Added ability to hide real navbar from-inside of the app.
- Small fixes.

Version v0.7.1:
- Ability to disable navbar auto-hiding when pressing any button.
- Toggle mode: navigation bar will never hide itself, hidable only by pressing a button-trigger.
- Option to replace the gesturePad with the button-activator (2 versions)
- 2 new button-spaces: tiny buttons on the sides. / / PREVIEW FEATURE, EXPECT BUGS
- Removed Russian language, because it's more convenient and faster to develop for only one set of XMLs, if it necessary to you - translate yourself XD
- Maybe something else, I don't remember

P.S. All features added in today's update were earlier requested by members of XDA and 4pda communities, thank you for ideas, guys!

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8th May 2013, 11:56 PM |#3  
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Official mimi-FAQ (TOO OUTDATED):
Q: How to use "Ultimate Dynamic NavBar"?
A: Switch the switch to "on", then you can trigger UDN's panel by swiping up near the trigger(grey triangle) at bottom-left screen corner of your phone(or tablet).

Q: Only button that works is "Recents" Why?
A: Looks that you don't have Root permissions on your device. Google for more info...

Q: Activated "hide real navbar" option, but nothing happened! What I did wrong?
A: That means that app can't obtain root permissions, or your device don't have busybox installed.

Q: App can't restore original navbar.
A: Rare bug You can manually restore navbar by removing all "qemu.hw.mainkeys=1" lines from /system/build.prop . Mail me if you need help.

Q: UDN overlaps information on the screen!!!1 How Do I fix it?
A: That's correct behavior! It is impossible to act another way! And No, I cant overlay nothing in the zone of real navbar Don't ask!!

Q: Android 4.3, can't hide notification. Is it possible to fix?
A: No, since google fixed bug I used to hide notification. There's no way to hide notification anymore

Q: OK, I found bug! What should I do???
A: post it to issues list I'll be happy to fix it!
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9th May 2013, 12:01 AM |#4  
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Says problem with download

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9th May 2013, 12:06 AM |#5  
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Second the parsing error

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9th May 2013, 12:09 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by raymond36136

Says problem with download

Sent from my One XL using Tapatalk 2

Sorry, will fix it now. Use dropbox link for now:
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9th May 2013, 12:34 AM |#7  
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It wont let me select to "hide real nav bar''. So all it really does for me is add a second, auto hiding nav bar on top of my existing nav bar.
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9th May 2013, 12:39 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by twichel04

It wont let me select to "hide real nav bar'' So all it really does for me is add a second. auto hiding nav bar on top of my existing nav bar.

Looks that I need to add FAQ to the thread
0. you can bting my navbar back by swiping UP from the bottom of the screen.
1.My app can't hide real navbar yet But you could use this( or check your rom settings(CM, AOKP and Paranoid are have fullscreen toggle).
9th May 2013, 06:04 AM |#9  
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Good job man!

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9th May 2013, 10:19 PM |#10  
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A shortcut to show and hide the navbar will be helpful ... to use it with gmd gesture control to combine the best parts of both apps ...

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9th May 2013, 10:26 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by mdcykkk9

A shortcut to show and hide the navbar will be helpful ... to use it with gmd gesture control to combine the best parts of both apps ...

Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 2

Ok, will add toggle shortcut in the next update. (actually, it is going to be "show" shortcut, because hidding is hardcoded for now. and i'm not going to change it's behavior in nearest future )

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