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To all kernel and ROM developers in this section!

This has not been posted here yet, however this must be followed!

According to GPL v2 license, which can be seen here, under which kernels are released, kernels must be released with source code provided.

What does that mean?

All kernel developers:
  • Successfully build and produce a valid output file, which is the same format as provided in the binary.
  • Contain all source code, interface definition files, scripts used to control compilation and installation of the executable (it is not required to include the actual compiler/toolchain, but sufficient information should be made available to obtain the SAME configuration, including compiler flags, as used to build the binary version as released.

Kick-ass kernel
Built with android-toolchain 4.8 4.8-2013.05 (linking isn't a bad idea)
Branch used to compile (can be a direct link to git)
Name of the defconfig used in build
A short instruction about how to build it (not necessary, but useful)
All ROM developers:
  • if ROM uses custom boot.img, the source must be provided. If it uses kernel by someone else, the kernel thread must be linked in the OP.
  • If the ROM contains stock kernel, source must be linked (official site can be used).
  • Using a non-GPL compliant kernel makes your ROM non-compliant and subject to removal.

Violating any part of GPL may and will result in legal action taken against you, because this would be a case of breaking a law.

Official XDA article:
Original topic by eagleeyetom:

Also, moderators, please sticky this. This must be read by every developer in this section, because these are the requirements placed on XDA forum.