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[MOD] JKay Deluxe v0.7.1 alpha for XXUDMH8 - Oct.17th

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By _JKay_, Retired Recognized Developer on 8th June 2013, 04:26 PM
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Speed up access to settings and applications. Small, simple, fast without battery drain. How I think Samsung should have made it!
It only needs a supported rom (odexed or deodexed) and CWM to install it.

100% free while in alpha/beta!! Just press menu and select Purchase Pro Features

Here you can follow the creation of JKay Deluxe for I9505. Feel free to test and give feedback and/or suggest new features! Thanks!

Oct 17th - Released bug fix release. Now looking at firmware I9505XXUEMJ5 (Android 4.3)... no eta!

Oct 13th - Updated all the JKay Themes... creating more now...
Oct 12th - Release v0.7.0 fpr XXUDMH8

v0,7 got added support for SystemUI theming, signal icons themed when fully connected, high-res signal and wifi icons and more...
0.7 for XXUDMH8 (includes SystemUI.apk and framework-res.apk so some themes may be overriden!)

This is alpha release... expect missing features and bugs!

Upgraded to v 0.7... still adding feature...
.. before adding blocking notifications, more quick settings toggles etc I will upgrade current features to Android 4.3

Before asking questions!
Try and follow these 10 golden rules:
1) Donít be rude
2) Try to be as precise and as short as possible
3) Do your homework before asking (Google, search newgroups, read tutorials,FAQs Known issues etc..)
4) Try to ask one question at the time
5) Proof-read your question after writing it
6) Donít expect others to do your work
7) Avoid PM and private email if other channels exists
8) Remind yourself that people help you voluntarily
9) Read and follow up on suggestions
10) If you get a solution let others know

My thanks goes to:
Google for Android!
Samsung for the I9505 and it's software!
XDA for this forum! for their Samsung roms!
Chainfire for cf root and Mobile Odin Pro!
Koush and Chenglu for CWM!
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8th June 2013, 04:27 PM |#2  
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Implemented so far: + are Pro Features, - are free, * are bug fixes and changes

In v0.7.1 alpha (October 17th):
* Fixed: Percetage text not changing colors at 30 and 15
* Fixed: Icons were not reappearing on statusbar after doing show/hide

In v0.7 alpha (October 12th):
- added: support for ASU level and Wi-Fi RSSI (+100) level on signal icons
- added: support for 4 diff. signal and 7 different wifi icons (4,5,6 bars plus 15 or 16 levels)
- added: support for custom signal colors with different background colors
- added: support for different signal color when fully connected to google servers
- added: support for show/hide 9 different statusbar icons
- added: support for 4,5,6,7 or 8 visible quick toggle buttons
- added: support for different colors for battery text (also samsung text) when at 15 and 30 percent
- added: support for different colors for notification panel and items
- added: support for different colors for quick toggle on, off, dim, text, button background and panel background
- added: support for show/hide of quick toggle gaps
- added: support for show/hide or quick toggle text and indicator
- added: support for different status bar background colors when in app and when on home/lockscreen
- added: Clear all notifications button at the top when 'Show notification titles' is not checked
- added: Theming of all the rest of the status bar icons and status bar text
- plus more...

In v0.6.1 alpha (September 19th):
* fixed: SystemUI bug when running deodexed roms
* fixed: Bug when running Deluxe Settings without framework
* fixed: Bug where Battery icon disappeared.

In v0.6 alpha (September 18th):
- added: support for custom battery icon and theme (installation by running an apk!.. No reboot required!)
- added: support for changing battery colors like: percentage color, battery color, battery background color, charging color, low battery color, blend colors, solid or gradient etc etc..)
- added: quick launch panel with profile support (list of action, custom icon etc..)
- added: center clock with custom time format (incl. seconds), custom date and am/pm on/off, size, colors etc
- added: quick settings panel on/off
- added: brightness panel on/off
- added: show brightness panel and quick settings panel by doing a 2nd swipe down!
- added: black status bar on/off (instead of the gray one)
- added: show/hide notification titles
- added: show/hide alarm clock
- added: show/hide next alarm on drag bar

In v0.5.2.1 alpha (August 21):
* fixed: update bug on Jelly Bean unlock widget when not using JKay profiles

In v0.5.2 alpha (August 19):
* fixed: remove double entry for GPS action
* fixed: Samsung settings no longer needed for having Action Profiles on Samsung unlock widget
* fixed: size and position for correct for aosp unlock widget
* fixed: notification led no longer turns off for good during boot
* fixed: dont show bouncer when using 'Unlock widget when secure'
* fixed: pin/pattern views were too wide when using 'Unlock widget when secure'
* fixed: Home button long press action could get activated when taking screenshots using power button + home button
* Changed: readded Volume keys to wake phone and to toggle flashlight when screen is off (only for testing, may be removed again)
* Note: To get 15 preset action profiles on Jelly Bean unlock widget: Select 'Reset' under Jelly Bean unlock widget action profiles.
- added: lock screen custom timeout setting (5 to 30 seconds)
- added: Vibrate when unlock on/off setting
- added: free action profile for 'Home'
- added: free action profile for 'Temp screen timeout until screen off (3 minutes)'
- added: free action profile for 'Messaging'
- added: free action profile for 'GMail'
- added: free action profile for 'Phone'
- added: free action profile for 'Google search'
- added: free action profile for 'Music'
- added: free action profiles for 'Sound on/off'
- added: free action profile for 'screen timeout'
- added: support for custom action for single press home button
- added: support for missed events icon on action profiles
- added: JKay power buttons for Device options dialog
- added: JKay sound power buttons for Device options dialog
- added: dedicated 'Restart Menu' action so now the action menu can be used for other things
- added: support for missed events on Samsung unlock widget (with badge number)
- added: '+ Add application' at the top of the 'Pick action profile' selector
- added: support for up to 15 action profiles on AOSP lock screen (5 at a time, swipe down left/right for 2nd and 3rd set of profiles)
- added: new icons for Messaging, GMail, Phone, Google search, Music, Sound on/off, flash light, screen timeout, restart, recovery and power off
+ added: action 'Vibrate' to be included when ever a profile should vibrate when activated!
+ added: action 'Toggle apps' to swap between the two most recent apps ( Requested by: KurdX )

In Alpha 0.5.1 (July 28th)
* fixed: If no icon then default shortcut icon is set when selecting 'Create home shortcut'
* fixed: flashlight wakelock removed
* fixed: back button very long press did not work when long press was enabled!
* fixed: launching apps like Root Explorer caused FC in Root Explorer
* changed: icons are now set when first action is selected
* removed: volume buttons wake phone and volume button flashlight (they don't work when phone is in deep sleep!!)
- added: Home button wake phone option on/off
- added: free action profile for 'Screen off & lock'
- added: support for confirmation for 'Reboot to recovery' and 'reboot to download'.
+ added: Led on when screen on, also includes battery charging now
+ added: 'Application to launch': Application Manager
+ added: 'Application to launch': Running processes
+ added: 'Application to launch': Battery information
+ added action: Blocking mode on
+ added action: Blocking mode off
+ added action: Close all application (same as 'Close all' button on Recent apps list, but respects unkillable apps)
+ added action: Lock now
+ added action: Screen off
+ added action: Screen timeout (Can be used as a toggle too! And 0 means 10 hours!)
+ added action: Screen timeout until screen off (Can be used as a toggle too! And 0 means 10 hours!)
+ added action: Sync on
+ added action: Sync off
+ added action: LTE auto (can be used as toggle too... will switch between current network mode and LTE auto!)
+ added action: WCDMA auto (can be used as toggle too... will switch between current network mode and 3G auto!)
+ added action: WCDMA only (can be used as toggle too... will switch between current network mode and 3G only!)
+ added action: GSM only (can be used as toggle too... will switch between current network mode and GSM only!)

In Alpha 0.5 (July 21st)
- added: option to use volume keys to wake up phone (requested by Zurko)
- added: support for up to 6 action profiles on Samsung lock screen
+ added: an unlock/lock icon automatically selected when using 'Secure mode' action
+ added: support for unlimited action profile shortcuts on home screen
+ added: action 'GPS on / off'
+ added: action 'Take screenshot' (requested by acc49ers)
+ added: action 'Home' (requested by Zurko)
* fixed WakeLock not always released when using volume keys for flashlight
* fixed: bug when using home button on lock screen
* fixed: framework sometimes reset deluxe settings
* changed: profile icons now 144x144 pixels instead of 96x96

In Alpha 0.4.1 (July 14th) - bug fix release
* fixed: FC when using voice commands on face unlock and having lock before unlock
* fixed: menu buttom, home button, back button not always work after long press!
* fixed: (I hope!) framework sometimes reset deluxe settings
- added: vibrate when on/off option for flashlight (requested by teiglin)
- added: unlock widget until time-out on/off option (requested by acc49ers)
- added: action 'flight mode on/off' (requested by RS050377)
- added: action and profile for 'Search key' (requested by teiglin)
+ added: action 'secure mode on/off' (requested by Idan)

In Alpha 0.4 (July 10th)
- Added actions: Remove foreground app, kill foreground app, multi window show/hide, flashlight on/off, recent apps toggle and unlock.
- Added ability to select unkillable apps... thats apps that can't be killed by kill or remove actions.
- Added profile support on long press and very long press menu button, back button, home button and home button double click (long press home button and double click home button can use different profiles when on lock screen.. while back button and menu button are disabled on lock screen)
- Added support for flashlight on volume keys like samsung stock.. but with support for custom long press time out and 3 different brightness levels.
- Added support for volume keys skip track.. also with support for custom long press time-out.... and with support for skip track using Spotify and Winamp players!!
- Added support for Silent on/off, vibrate on/off and beep sound on/off on volume slider
- Added some free default profiles with icons like: restart menu, wifi toggle, bluetooth toggle, flashlight toggle, Google search, Voice search, S Voice, Camera, Recent apps show/hide, unlock...
- Added features for the buttons and flashlight like time-out etc..
* Fixed: Backup failed if some profiles had no icons
* Fixed: Order of setting sound and vibrate in same profile

In Alpha 0.3 (Jun 23th):
+ Added Action Profiles
+ Action profiles can currently be used on power menu and for headset jack only.. but that will change!
* Fixed: Reboot could FC when 'Fast unlock' was enabled and Pin lock was not selected as lock screen! - Jun 10th
* Fixed: Disabled led notifications will no longer block for other led notifications! - Jun 10th
* Fixed: Removed led notifications did not always remove the entry for real!!! - Jun 10th

In Alpha 0.2 (Jun 9th):
- Volume keys available while on lock screen
+ Unlocked application support (secure apps! meaning you can run any app from the secure lockscreen!). As many as you want!
+ Keep applications in memory! (Make sure your favourite apps are always ready to run when you need them to be!)
* Bug fix for LED indicator when receiving Missed phone call notifications.
* other minor changes..

In Alpha 0.1 (Jun 8th):
+ LED when screen on
+ LED when panel revealed
+ Support for custom color and frequency for any app and notification!
+ And support for disabling LED for any notification!

- Unlock widget (Samsung or AOSP Jelly Bean unlock widget)
+ Unlock widget when secure
+ Multiple widgets when secure
+ Unlocked camera (use it from secure lock screen)
+ Fast unlock (no need to press OK)
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8th June 2013, 04:27 PM |#3  
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Select up to 8 quick toggles, change colors, background, transparency etc as you like!

Select between many icons styles, change colors, select ASU and RSSI info, Change color when fully connected to Google Servers etc...

Customize your statusbar clock with seconds, date, colors etc..

Customize your statusbar battery with colors for background, percentage, low battery charging etc...

Define your own action profiles and put them on the Quick Launch panel. Install your battery icons and themes just by running an apk!

Full control over your LED indicator! Including smart add and filters!

Even with realtime color preview when picking color for the LED!

Create custom profiles to be used anywhere.. on any button, power menu, custom action menu, quick launch, lock screen etc...

Example of a toggle profile.. my TuneIn Pro profile.

Put action profiles on any button! Long press, very long press and/or double click!

Fully customizable power menu with action profile support!!

Keep applications in memory! Always ready when you are! Also: Safe from kill: Make sure you don't accidentally kill critical apps!

Much needed features for your secure lock screen! Access to camera from secure lock screen without the need for entering a pin code!

Missed the good old AOSP Jelly Bean unlock ?

Widgets while on pin/pattern lock! And no need to press OK when entering pin or password!

Place up to 6 action profiles on Samsung lock screen! With support for missed events from any app! Now you can even put 'Reboot to recovery' on your lock screen. And have unlock widget before pin/pattern lock!

Place up to 15 action profiles on the Jelly Bean unlock widget! WIth support for missed notifications from any app! Notice the glowing GMail icon! When selected the new email will be shown!
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8th June 2013, 04:27 PM |#4  
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Some features will be Pro features (only available if purchased).. but not yet.. just select 'Purchase Pro features' from menu.

Known issues:
1) There seems to be a Jelly Bean unlock widget resize bug on some themes/custom ROMs

2) Unlocked apps can currently only be run from Samsung ripple lock/ AOSP unlock widget

3) Launching Camera from pin/pattern can't access gallery

4) Issues with toggle profiles not always showing the right state!

5) Unlock icon not shown on Jelly Bean unlock widget if you restore old settings. You need to add an Icon to unlock profile or use 'Reset' on the Jelly Bean widget profile page

1) No I will not create JKay Deluxe for the I9500.

2) Yes you will have to purchase again if coming from I9100 or I9300. This is 100% rewritten and now uses in-app purchases.

3) Framework and App is free. And most feature will stay free!

4) No ETA... this is a complete rewrite... both apk and framework.

5) How to install:
* Root your phone using latest CF-Auto-Root
* Install a CWM like this one
* Use CWM to install framework zip
* Install Deluxe Settings like any other Android app.
NOTE: Take a look at Mobile Odin for flashing and keeping root.

6) Can you port this to my phone?
Sorry.. I can do JKay for the phones I own. Currently that means the I9505. People are allowed to port JKay Deluxe. But only as a whole. This means that it will require the Deluxe Settings.apk to work and that all the features in Deluxe Settings works 100%. And as I don't have that phone I cannot do support on these ported phones!!

7) I just need this one feature from your framework. Can I port that?
Read question 6 and the rules on XDA. You must ask for permission before using any of my code or resources!!!!! Otherwise I will report you!!!

8) It does not work, can you please help?
Ok... Before you post questions like this please ask yourself: Does my question lead to other questions? Here are a few tips for posting questions.
* read all of this FAQ
* do a simple search
* be specific: never use words like 'it does' etc...
* make sure people are able to reproduce your issue
* specify rom version, custom rom name, kernel, theme name, JKay Deluxe version other mods installed...
* if you use a version that was ported to a different rom (PDA version) by another person and have problems then never ever ask for support in this thread!!! Don't even mention the problem in this thread!! People might think that there are issues with my mod when in fact there are not!


LED indicator
On the I9505 there is an LED indicator that can flash blue if you receive a notification and the screen is off. As soon as the screen is turned on this notification LED turns off.
When you show the notification panel then this notification is removed from the LED list so it wont flash blue again when the screen turns off. This is standard behaviour.

With JKay Deluxe this will all change. You can now have the LED flash in any color, with any frequency for any notification. You can even have it flash when the screen is on and when the notification panel is shown.

Check 'Use custom LED' to turn on custom LED color and frequencies.
To add a new led notification use the menu and select either 'Add new LED notification' or 'Add latest received'.

'Add latest received' will use the information from the latest notification you have received for the new entry.
All you have to do here is to edit the optional Filter field, select color and On time in ms and Off time in ms.
The Filter field can be used for matching the notification with the ticker text received. This way you can have a certain color and frequency for each person when receiving phone calls etc. like this: say I want a certain color for when my wife calls me. I enter Filter text : Missed call from The Wife
Filter is not case sensitive! Then I would select the Phone app, pick a color and frequency. Done.
Note that the LED will flash in the selected frequency and color when selecting the color.
And also note that the S4 is not very good as reproducing colors using the red green and blue LED.

Disable LED for a specific notification:
If you don't want to have your LED indicator flashing when you receive a gmail for example then simply make an entry for gmail and select 'Disable' from the menu. Make sure it's still activated and that you have enabled Custom LED.

Action profiles
Action profiles can combine many settings and actions into one action. Say you have a bluetooth headset and want to listen to your internet radio while on the go. With action profiles you can create one profile to say: launch TuneIn Radio, set bluetooth on, set data on, set wifi off, set media volume to 8. This action profile can then be use from anywhere... you can place it on the power menu, on a custom action menu, on long pressing a button, on the lock screen, on the quick launch panel etc..
You can even make it a toggle profile. This means that if you launch the action profile again then if would check if the TuneIn Radio application is running, and if it is then kill it, turn off bluetooth, turn off data and turn on wifi.

How to create an action profile:
1) Start Deluxe Settings and go to Actions
2) Press action profiles to see a list of existing action profiles
3) Press menu key and select 'New action profile' or 'New toggle profile'
4) Give it an icon, title and summary
5) If you select toggle profile then you can also set an off icon and a off text for the profile
6) Press '+ Add action' to add an action to the profile
7) Select a profile action from the list.. the 'Action menu' will bring up a menu with a list of action profiles
8) Keep adding actions until your profile is done.
9) Press on icon or off icon to change the icon for the profile. Here you can select a png from your sd card or an apk and use the icon from the apk.
10) If it's a toggle profile then the first action selected will be the matching value for the toggle profile. This means that if that value is on then all on-actions will be switched off and all off-actions will be switched on.

How to put an action profile on an action menu:
1) Start Deluxe Settings and go to Actions
2) Make an action profile that contains the 'Action menu' action and give it a title and dialog title
3) Press 'Edit action menu options' to see the list of action profiles on the Action menu
4) Press on an entry and select the wanted action profile
5) Select if the action profile should be visible when authenticated and/or on the secure lock screen
6) Move the action profile to the wanted position in the list

How to put action profiles on the Phone options dialog:
1) Start Deluxe Settings and go to Actions
2) Select 'Power button' entry and select 'Edit phone options'
3) Press on a '* Press to select AP *' or any other '* *' entry and select action profile
4) Select if the action profile should be visible when authenticated and/or on the secure lock screen
5) Move the action profile to the wanted position in the list

How to put an action profile on a button:
1) Start Deluxe Settings and go to Actions (or go to More -> Lockscreen if it's Home button while on lock screen)
2) Select what button to configure (Back, Home or Menu)
3) Select if it should be long press or very long press or double click (if home button)
4) Set the time-out value
5) Press on action profile to select a different action profile from the profile list

Note: if both long and very long press action profiles have been set then release button when phone vibrates to select long press action profile!

How to put an action profiles on home screen:
1) Start Deluxe Settings and go to Actions
2) Press action profiles to see a list of existing action profiles
3) Select a profile or create a new using menu
4) Press menu and select 'Create home shortcut'
5) Go find your shortcut on your home screen and place it where you want it

How to put action profiles on your lock screen:
1) Start Deluxe Settings and create the needed action profiles
2) Press more and Lock screen
3) Select your Unlock widget
4) Check the option 'Use profiles on unlock widget'
5) Select 'Edit lock screen profiles' and select the action profiles for the unlock widget

Current list of actions: Action menu, Application to kill, Application to launch, Application to remove, Blocking mode on, Blocking mode off, Bluetooth on, Bluetooth off, Call number, Close all application, Download, Flashlight on, Flashlight off, Flight mode on, Flight mode off, GPS on, GPS off, GSM only, Home, Kill foreground app, Lock now, LTE auto, Mobile data on, Mobile data off, Multi window show/hide, Power off, Recent apps show/hide, Recovery, Remove foreground app, Restart, Screen off, Screen timeout, Screen timeout until screen off, Search key, Secure mode on, Secure mode off, Sound on, Sound off, Sync on, Sync off, Take screenshot, Text number, Toggle apps, Unlock, Vibrate, Vibrate on, Vibrate off, Volume alarm, Volume media, Volume notification, Volume ringer, Volume system, WCDMA auto, WCDMA only, Wi-Fi on, Wi-Fi off.

... and a lot more will come!

Unlocked applications
You may have asked yourself 'Why would I need to be able to have the Samsung lock screen before the secure pin lock?' or 'Why would I want multiple widgets on the secure pin lock?'... Well because you are now able to run application without the need to enter pin code! Select the apps you want unlocked... it could be the Camera, Music player, the Calculator or Sticker notes.
Simply select the Lock screen page and check 'Enable unlocked applications' and select the apps you want unlocked. It's perfectly safe! There is no way to access any other app!

Keep in memory
Make your favourite application stay in memory always! This will cause the start of the application to be almost instant! Memory on Android is there to be used. But do NOT put large games on the Whitelist. Only whitelist small good behaving apps that you use a lot.
How to whitelist an application: One the More page check 'Keep in memory' and select the applications you want whitelisted. I currently have TouchWiz Home, Contacts, Messaging and Gmail on my list.
Check running processes in Application Manager to see what whitelisted apps you are running. They have 1 process and 0 services.

Unkillable apps
Say you have put long press to kill apps on the back key and you don't want it to kill certain apps then put the apps on this list and they will be safe from remove and kill actions.

Secure mode
Use the action 'Secure mode on/off' to disable you pin/pattern/password lock screen. This way you can quickly enable/disable security. Simply put it on in an Action profile and use it anywhere you like...

This may harm your phone! I'm not responsible if you phone won't boot etc.. Download when in trouble install it using CWM.
I will not promise to do JKay frameworks for a new ROM. Deluxe Settings requires this specific ROM!


JKay Deluxe Settings app:

JKay Deluxe framework:

Battery & Themes:
Click here to find battery and theme apps. I will put them on Google Play Store when people say they work ok. Can be installed as any other apk... and deleted afterwards.. battery can then be found on the internal sd card.

JKay Icon packages:
Icon pak 1 for Jelly Bean lock screen

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8th June 2013, 04:42 PM |#5  
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waiting for i9500
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8th June 2013, 05:39 PM |#6  
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I already buy the deluxe settings from 9300, i'll have to buy again?

Sent from my GT-I9505 using xda premium
8th June 2013, 05:45 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by _JKay_

Intro and progress info

Speed up access to settings and applications. Small, simple, fast without battery drain. How I think Samsung should have made it!
It only needs a supported rom (odexed or deodexed) and CWM to install it.

This is early alpha... expect missing features and bugs!

Glad to see you here in S4 section! Great news!
8th June 2013, 05:47 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by _JKay_

Intro and progress info

Speed up access to settings and applications. Small, simple, fast without battery drain. How I think Samsung should have made it!
It only needs a supported rom (odexed or deodexed) and CWM to install it.

This is early alpha... expect missing features and bugs!

Hey, good yo see you here! Anyway you said you were going to take a longer break.... What happend? Did you buy S4?
8th June 2013, 06:38 PM |#9  
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Wohoo.. This is what I have been waiting for! You're the best!
8th June 2013, 06:50 PM |#10  
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Awesome! This was the thing keeping me from installing CM on I9300. I guess it will not happen on I9505 either
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