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[FIRMWARE] | [GUIDE] | [M7_UL] | Collection - Firmware | 7.19.401.2

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General Information

Since we have S-Off, (and ONLY if you have S-Off!) we also can do a few more things than just flash hboots.

There are a few Firmware flashing threads and lots of zips and good and bad instructions. However, i noticed that many users asked about what they get when they flash what they download and also about how to flash it with S-OFF on various threads. This confusion has occasionally lead to people losing their custom kernels and custom recoveries and/or their SDcard partitions being unintentionally wiped.
I am writing this because i believe in "responsible" sharing. Since the full RUU's aren’t shared but only components (modified as well as unmodified) with often insufficient documentation, which in turn leads to a lot of confusion among the lesser informed users, i will try to catch some of that. I believe that sharing full RUU's would be a lot safer, as only those who actually know enough about it can disassemble them. RUU’s do always reassure users that there is a guaranteed and safe way to go back.

Now we are stuck with components only on a much larger scale than we were used to, due to a general change in sharing attitude and the original RUU source not being “as" active anymore. This is something that we ideally wish to not happen in XDA world. Now we don't live in an ideal world and someone has to ensure there are some proper and reliable info posts. I will try to share some of what i found during my XDA hunting.

*** Much appreciation to @Sneakyghost for creating this thread and maintaining it for a long time ***

This is Firmware for GSM PHONES ONLY - no cdma / sprint firmware here!



Current drivers available through HTC Sync Manager.
Please install, then remove again and leave only drivers!
Usage: Just run the ARUWIZARD.exe and profit!

ZIP Flash HowTo


You need ADB and Fastboot on your PC and instead of using the full ADB download (Huge!) you can either use the Android Tasks Batch script collection from @Sneakyghost, which sets up a “Mini ADB" on C:Android. Info in Post #1618. Or alternatively the HTC One Tool from @squabbi which also offers driver downloads and recovery downloads (handy shortcuts!).
To get ADB and Fastboot up and running please use search, many guides available..
1. If device is booted into Android, reboot into bootloader by running:
adb reboot bootloader
1.a Or else, if your device is in a different state or you just prefer the button method:
Press Power for 15 seconds and hold Vol Down at the same time, when the screen and charging LED go dark immediately release Power but keep holding Vol Down until you see the bootloader screen. Notice: If the device refuses to reboot, you might need to hold it to a bright light with its light sensor. This is a very specific bug on the HTC ONE.

2. Now place the Firmware_xx.zip into your adb/fastboot folder

3. Now run:
fastboot oem rebootRUU
4. Followed by:
fastboot flash zip Firmware_xx.zip
(replace "Firmware_xx.zip" with the name of your zip)

5. Now check the console output. It should approximately look like this:

C:Androidcom>fastboot flash zip 217_224_TWRP2601_combined_firmware.zip
sending 'zip' (35220 KB)...
OKAY [ 2.839s]
writing 'zip'...
(bootloader) zip header checking...
(bootloader) zip info parsing...
(bootloader) checking model ID...
(bootloader) checking custom ID...
(bootloader) start image[hboot] unzipping for pre-update check...
(bootloader) start image[hboot] flushing...
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,hboot,0
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,hboot,99
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,hboot,100
(bootloader) ...... Successful
FAILED (remote: 90 hboot pre-update! please flush image again immediately)
finished. total time: 4.438s

“flush" certainly means “Flash" so press the arrow up key on your keyboard and enter to run the flash command again without reboot...

C:Androidcom>fastboot flash zip 217_224_TWRP2601_combined_firmware.zip
sending 'zip' (35220 KB)...
OKAY [ 2.835s]
writing 'zip'...
(bootloader) zip header checking...
(bootloader) zip info parsing...
(bootloader) checking model ID...
(bootloader) checking custom ID...
(bootloader) start image[adsp] unzipping & flushing...
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,adsp,0
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,adsp,11
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,adsp,22
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,adsp,33
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,adsp,45
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,adsp,56
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,adsp,67
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,adsp,79
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,adsp,90
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,adsp,100
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,adsp,0
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,adsp,100
(bootloader) ...... Successful
(bootloader) start image[cir] unzipping & flushing...
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,cir,0
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,cir,100
(bootloader) ...... Successful
(bootloader) start image[recovery] unzipping & flushing...
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,recovery,0
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,recovery,13
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,recovery,28
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,recovery,39
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,recovery,53
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,recovery,64
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,recovery,74
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,recovery,85
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,recovery,96
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,recovery,100
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,recovery,0
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,recovery,100
(bootloader) ...... Successful
(bootloader) start image[rpm] unzipping & flushing...
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,rpm,0
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,rpm,100
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,rpm,0
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,rpm,100
(bootloader) ...... Successful
(bootloader) start image[sbl1-1] unzipping & flushing...
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,sbl1-1,0
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,sbl1-1,100
(bootloader) signature checking...
(bootloader) verified fail
(bootloader) ..... Bypassed
(bootloader) start image[sbl1-2] unzipping & flushing...
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,sbl1-2,0
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,sbl1-2,100
(bootloader) signature checking...
(bootloader) verified fail
(bootloader) ..... Bypassed
(bootloader) start image[sbl1-3] unzipping & flushing...
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,sbl1-3,0
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,sbl1-3,100
(bootloader) signature checking...
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,sbl1-3,0
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,sbl1-3,100
(bootloader) ...... Successful
(bootloader) start image[sbl2] unzipping & flushing...
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,sbl2,0
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,sbl2,100
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,sbl2,0
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,sbl2,100
(bootloader) ...... Successful
(bootloader) start image[sbl3] unzipping & flushing...
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,sbl3,0
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,sbl3,100
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,sbl3,0
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,sbl3,100
(bootloader) ...... Successful
(bootloader) start image[tp] unzipping & flushing...
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,tp,0
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,tp,100
(bootloader) ...... Successful
(bootloader) start image[tz] unzipping & flushing...
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,tz,0
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,tz,100
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,tz,0
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,tz,100
(bootloader) ...... Successful
(bootloader) start image[radio] unzipping & flushing...
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,0
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,6
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,13
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,19
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,26
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,33
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,39
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,46
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,53
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,59
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,66
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,73
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,79
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,86
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,93
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,99
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,100
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,0
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,26
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,53
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,79
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,100
(bootloader) ...... Successful
OKAY [ 49.443s]
finished. total time: 52.280s

C:Androidcom>fastboot reboot-bootloader
rebooting into bootloader...
OKAY [ 0.038s]
finished. total time: 0.039s


Important: the flash process halts at around 75% to 90% on phone screen! This is normal and a safety precaution! The last few percent is the reboot, which is NOT happening automatically, so you get a chance to check the console output to make sure it is safe to reboot! The bar will only fill up to 100% once you type:

fastboot reboot-bootloader
Error handling strategies:
IF IT SAYS "FAILED" do not immediately reboot the device If you reboot with a FAIL It could brick! If no flash is being accepted you have to find out what is causing the malfunction before rebooting your phone. Keep it alive while trying to figure out the error. It might be your cable, your USB ports (dont use hubs! Always direct-mainboard connections), it might be USB 3.0 which is not good yet, it might be bad configuration of your ADB and Fastboot...
The least dangerous FAILED messages are listed below and are safe to reboot:

Safe to reboot / Flash didn't happen Errors (if you encounter one of them, you can just reboot. Nothing changed):
- 12 signature fail (unknown yet but safe to reboot)
- 23 parsing image fail (means something wrong with the image in the zip)
- 32 header error (means the zip couldn’t be read and unzipped properly)
- 41 Wrong Model ID (means its not the right device)
- 42 Wrong Customer ID (wrong CID means you gotta swap cid first as explained below)
- 90 hboot pre-update (means it only flashed hboot and you have to run the process again immediately to flash all other partitions WITHOUT a reboot inbetween).
- 99 UNKOWN (is not yet clear but safe to reboot, might indicate a defunct S-OFF or S-ON)
- 155 seems to indicate different things, always relating to your phone not being eligible for a certain update. It can mean: 1.) You need to relock bootloader (If S-ON); 2.) You cannot run the RUU/FUU because the software versions of ROM, Firmware and RUU/FUU don’t match - there is no conclusive evidence yet, only hints. I can not monitor the commands being run by a RUU and determine which check exactly fails, so i am left guessing.
- 170 Check USB - FUU won’t run because of not working ADB.
In fact, if it aborts before the "(bootloader) start image[hboot] unzipping & flushing..." line it actually didn't write anything and you can probably just reboot. If you see it flashing stuff though (the stages after that line) and then it stops with a FAILED, chances are a little higher that something is now broken. In that case do NOT reboot but do as i said above.

For Error 12 “signature fail" do:
- might indicate that a signed firmware package is required. This would only happen with S-ON phones though.

For Error 23 "parsing image fail" do:
- change image names in the zip to stock image names like “hboot.img" or “radio.img" or whatever failed there....

For Error 32 "header error" do:
- Sorry i haven’t found the exact cause yet and don’t know a definite solution.
- Make sure there is only one . (dot) in the filename, before the extension. fastboot reads anything after the first dot it sees as the extension. If that is not zip, it fails.
- If that doesn’t help, you can also try: make the zip new with recommended settings, re-run the command, check your connections...

For Error 42 "Wrong Customer ID" and: 41 "Wrong Model ID" do:
fastboot getvar all
Read that output, take note of your CID and MID and then edit the "android-info.txt" in your firmware.zip accordingly (For Wrong MID change the MID in the text, for wrong CID add your CID to the text).

Alternative method for MID and CID errors:
go SuperCID. Do:
fastboot oem writecid 11111111
You can change back to any desired CID after a successfull firmware flash. Notice: this command only works on S-OFF phones (which you have already of course or else you wouldn't be here).

For “Error 90 hboot pre-update..." do:
- Run the same flash command again which you just ran (press arrow up on your keyboard to get to the previous command in console)
- Don’t reboot in-between! (It wouldn’t brick you but it would just make you run the flash command twice again)
- This might be caused by the newer encrypted RUU's, they need their hboot to be flashed first so it can then decrypt the rest of the ROM.zip. Look at an encrypted ROM.zip from a RUU, you will notice that you can mostly extract the hboot without decrypting the ROM.zip, but you can't extract much else.)

For “Error 99 UNKNOWN" do:
- Check with other zip’s if they work!
- Check if your S-OFF is correct
- Tell me if you find out what’s causing an unknown error here!

For “Error 155 relock bootloader" do:
- Error 155 can mean that you need SuperCID. On a few occasions this was shown when the RUU/FUU refused to run because of a wrong region lock.
- Lately, Error 155 has occured when a FUU was launched from within android. When encountering a FUU error 155 with the process stalling after the rebootRUU (stuck at black screen with silver HTC logo), please just restart the FUU and leave the phone in that mode, or reboot the phone, then reboot to bootloader, then do “fastboot oem rebootRUU” and then launch the FUU again (thanks @anarchychris for pointing it out).
- run the fastboot command “fastboot oem lock" - only applies to S-ON phones that want to update the firmware. There a relocked bootloader and signed zip is required. These zips don’t work on locked, S-ON phones!

For “Error 170 Check USB" do:
- Sometimes shown when running a RUU or FUU. Indicates issues with drivers. One way to solve is to run the ARUWizard with the phone already in Fastboot mode. Else you will have to re-install HTC Sync manager. Also, avoid USB 3 ports (the blue ones) - they have a complete new driver stack and that doesn’t work well currently.

You flash at own risk. You're writing to critical parts of your phone.
If anything goes wrong along the way, you might be bricked.

__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________


FUU Downloads (Windows only)
FUU Variants

Full Stock, WIPE FUU's:

Notice: Reflashes the /data partition with HTC’s DZDATA files (stock preload bloatware and reformats SDCard), meaning you *loose everything* on your SDCARD. Also replaces the Kernel, Ramdisk, recovery and Splash1 with latest stock images! Contains Stock Hboot (unmodified).
The /system partition will NOT be cleared. (Else this would be a RUU, not a FUU). So sometimes, a ROM might still boot after this, but more often it won’t. Be sure to know how to adb push or adb sideload a ROM to your SDcard after a FUU!

Combined, NoWipe FUU's:

Updates basic firmware partitions, does NOT touch the /data partition, leaves kernel, splash and ramdisk alone. Recovery will be replaced with TWRP.
Contains Stock Hboot (unmodified).
I won't provide new FUU's from now on. But the old ones will still be available.

If you want to use a FUU:
Download an old FUU from below and replace the rom.zip inside the folder with the new firmware zip of your choice. Then rename it to rom.zip and run the ARUWizard.exe.

Fastboot ZIP Downloads
ZIP Variants

Combined, NoWipe ZIP's

Notice: This package is modified. Contents: TWRP recovery (this is the most stable version, intended to give you the most stable firmwares i can do --> you can manually flash the newest recovery afterwards if you want to. Command "fastboot flash recovery xyz.img.) All other files are updated to latest version, removed Kernel, RAMdisk, Splash and SD wipe files so it should be good to update any firmware from 1.20 and up. Contains Stock Hboot (unmodified).
This package does NOT wipe SDcard.

Full Stock, WIPE ZIP's

Notice: Nothing removed - Everything stock! Needs ROM, (Custom) Kernel and (Custom) Recovery reflash after flashing this except when flashing stock 4.19 ROM afterwards. Phone won’t boot without ROM flash! Contains Stock Hboot (unmodified). *WIPES DATA /SDCARD*


I have lost track of my firmware sources. I am so sorry i cannot name you guys all personally. The most common source would be @LlabTooFeR and HTCDev as well as @mike1986. and some others. If you find your stuff here and want to be included in the credits please contact me. I am very grateful for everyone busy providing dumps and direct leaks.


You are aware that writing to the security protected partitions increases your risk to lose the device exponentially. You understand and agree that i cannot be held responsible for such or any other damages. The flash process is theoretically safe and tested on various phones at time of posting, however you are the brains behind the wheel and you are solely responsible for the execution of the process. I will not accept any responsibility. The method itself is developed by Google and HTC, i only provide access and information to it and you execute it.

You understand that you should not do it if you are not willing to accept this risk.

XDA:DevDB Information
[FIRMWARE] | [GUIDE] | [M7_UL] | Collection - Firmware, Tool/Utility for the HTC One


Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 7.19.401.2
Stable Release Date: 2015-02-23

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