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[ROM] Dandroid 3.9 MF1 4.1.2 TW [VRBMF1] Full AOSP CM10 Theme. 100% working 07/31/13

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By Danvdh, Recognized Contributor on 20th July 2013, 08:12 AM
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MF1 4.1.2 "CyanogenWiz" for d2vzw





This ROM based on official VRBMF1, This is the latest official build for the North American Galaxy s3 for use with Verizon models. there is NOTHING reported broken on the rom.

  • VRBMF1 Base (Verizon)
  • Network mode enabled in mobile settings
  • Unrestricted Tethering
  • Rooted
  • Busybox
  • Deodexed
  • Zip aligned
  • AOSP Themed completely (including remaining touchwiz app's)
  • AOSP Signal Cluster - See screenshots, This is the signal layout from CM
  • Multiwindow/Premium Suite
  • Disabled Scrolling cache
  • Hold volume to skip (adjustable in settings)
  • Menu to kill w/toggle
  • Toggle to adjust status bar and notification shade transparency/color
  • AOSP Lockscreen
  • Brightness slider toggle
  • Toggle system clock postion (Center, right etc.), day of the week and color
  • 23 toggle mod
  • 1% Battery mod (Choose from many different set's)
  • 4 way reboot menu
  • Bluetooth/WIFI Tether/Instant GPS lock's
  • Pop up browser that expands to chrome, if chrome is not installed it will open the stock browser
  • AOSP system sounds
  • Double Tap Home to either Google Voice or S Voice, option in display settings
  • Lean Kernel latest (Thank you Imoseyon)
  • Build.prop tweaks for battery life
  • more tweaks for battery life & performance
  • Init.d edits for performance/battery (smooth scrolling etc)
  • init.d script's enabled (for dev's)
  • Worldwide APN
  • Debloated and running insanely fast!


Installation instructions

Reboot into recovery and make a nandroid backup
Wipe Data/Factory reset
wipe cache
wipe dalvik
flash rom



If you edit something in this ROM, please don't ask for support, feel free to take whatever you need but give thank's to me and everyone on my credit's list please Android is open source but we do work hard on this


If you need to use a specific language with Dandroid and it's unsupported you can make it work by following these easy steps

1) Go to a rom that has your desired language supported.

2) Open the app "Rom Toolbox", download from the market

3) Go to Interface, then Font Installer

4) Press the menu key, then backup all of your fonts.

5) Setup this rom, then load Rom Toolbox.

6) Restore your previous rom's fonts.

7) You should now be able to read/write in you're language


HTML Code:
Dandroid 3.9 d2vzw 07/31/2013
-based all my work on VRBMF1 from Verizon,  this is no longer a port
-enjoy :)

Dandroid 3.7.1 d2vwz 07/20/2013
-Ported to Verizon, Everything should work

Dandroid 3.7.1  07/18/2013
-Added AOSP lockscreen shortcut's (MMS, Phone)
-Disabled Input method notification (once and for all)
-Cleaned up secsettings.apk and added a Easter egg ;)
-This is a clean up release, all known bug's fixed :)
-Feel free to dirty flash this if coming from 3.7
-Remember to wipe both cache before flashing 3.7.1
-Hoping this is my last release until 4.2.2 TW ships for the S3
-Please donate if you enjoy this ROM, I've put well over 100 hour's into it

Dandroid 3.7 07/16/2013
-Full wipe, All my testing has been with full wipes, it's worth it ;)
-Massive theme improvements
-This is touchwiz? look's like CM now, oh and everything work's perfectly!
-Removed touchwiz system font, replaced with AOSP
-AOSP notification style
-Fixed massive gap in toggles
-More systemui theme stuff
-Updated clock app
-Fixed battery icon names (thank you Hayzie)
-Reverted aosp keyboard (Google keyboard in market, download it)
-IME bug should be fixed now
-Updated build.prop
-Some other minor stuff, no more changelog. tired
-This build is even more amazing then 3.6!

Dandroid v3.6 07/11/2013
-fixed a few thing's in the framework, android.policy and SystemUI, 
-Finished off the signal cluster by adding stock CM icons
-ALL FEATURES ARE 100% tested and working now
-Updated build.prop
-This ROM is now in final release mode, Bring on 4.2.2
-I'm parking my phone here for a while, I'm happy now. DAILY DRIVER!
-you can dirty flash if your coming from 3.5
-if you enjoy my rom, donate so I can continue putting in stupid hours :(

Dandroid v3.5 07/09/2013
*Please full wipe this release, there won't be another for a few weeks*
-Fixed Sound Control (no need for a patch anymore)
-Changed Camera Icon
-accuweather widget upgaded to S4
-Default lockscreen wallpaper changed
-Replaced dial sound with an aosp sound
-Removed Font pack 
-Some more general cleaning
-updated smooth scrolling
-Enabled Data/app support for future releases
-Updated build.prop

Dandroid v3.4 07/05/2013
-This is a clean up release
-Fixed camera theme 
-Hold volume to skip working, find it in sound control in Settings/sound
-Disabled all app's in multiwindow, 
-Added a couple .png files to framework-res.apk
-Debloated stock browser
-updated build.prop

Dandroid v3.3 07/03/2013
-Replaced the 23mb Samsung clock with a 3mb AOSP clock, 
- adjustments to lidroid
- Fixed the DPI on the stock AOSP battery icon
- Popup browser will now open chrome when you hit expand 
- a few more CSC edits. fixed the setup language
- edited the build.prop
- Fully completed AOSP signal cluster
- replaced stock music with CM Apollo from cm10.1
- S Planner AOSP Themed
- Reworked the system UI sounds
- Cleaned up the release a little bit
- updated build.prop with a couple new tweaks

Dandroid v3.2 07/01/2013
- MUST FULL WIPE, Major update, old builds are unsupported
-fixed a couple things in SystemUI
- adjustments to lidroid
- few optimizations to android.policy.jar
- a few more CSC edits
- Kernel 100% working now and damn it's smooth
- Theme stuff
- updated build.prop
- debloated some more Samsung junk to speed up your download*

Dandroid v3.1 07/01/2013
- Massive update (full wipe required)
- added aosp lockscreen, hold menu to kill, brightness slider toggle
- Theme stuff
- Proper signal cluster reporting
- Separate flash for AOSP signal cluster
- Battery icon toggle (choose from quite a few)
- Status/Notification bar toggle to customize transparency/color
- Stock kernel*
- updated APN, worldwide apn list
- Fixed every bug from 3.0 that I found
- worked 30 hours in 48 on this rom

Dandroid v3.0 6/28/2013
- based on MVLDMF1 4.1.2
- missed you guy's, expect more features in my next update

Dandroid v2.8 3/21/2013
- CSC feature.xml restored but left mostly blank 
- Brightness Slider Toggle 
- Used CM default ringtones in Build.Prop again
- Menu button unlocks AOSP lockscreen fixed
- Remove default input method notification*
- New Kernel 3/14


Idyar - My partner on this project, Couldn't get some of these features out as quick without him!

Theme - CM, Vertumus, raubkatze, Google
Loserskater This guy is the man, seriously. I would not be able to do this without him. I've lost count on how many things he's contributed to this ROM, past and present. AOSP MMS would not be possible on touchwiz without him. Give him your thanks, guys like him make this community what it is.
enewman17 - I've learned alot from breaking open your rom's and seeing what's inside, great dev and alot of Dandroid would not be possible without him, I've had to keep his APK's decompiled for reference this whole time, Cheers to you man and keep up the good work
Wanam - 23 toggle mod
he_stheone64 - 1% battery mod
dsixda - for the android kitchen I used to bake this ROM
Jamison, Cristiano Matos - For a few guides and stuff I read
upndwn4par - for his t-mobile porting guide
Chainfire - Root
rompnit - Accuweather widget
Beanstown- You are the only other dev that uses these toggles, I have no idea who to give credit too for them!
moonmanxo - signature
invisiblek - The base I used for this Verizon ROM
Hero - his porting guide
more to come I'm sure



Dandroid 3.9 Verizon -
Md5: c88492ff62969400458ae5b7ce4b1b7e

please report any bug's in this thread but make sure you read to make sure it hasn't been reported already



AOSP MMS *UPDATED 07/31/13* (Will clear your txts, so backup first if you need to) - This is AOSP MMS ported over for Dandroid, I made some changes in the XML to get around the force close issue. The app is inverted and has quick emoji/emoji support and 5000 message limit by default. Simply flash in recovery, reboot and enjoy *THIS WILL BREAK MESSAGE BLOCK FEATURE AS WELL, don't ask me for support, this is why it is an optional flash*

Stock Music player - In case you miss this

S Memo - same as above

Stock Browser - Debloated for size and because most people use chrome

Stock S Planner (unthemed) - In case you like the old style better

All Share - Debloated for ROM size, here you go

Note 2 keyboard - Thank you enewman


credit: amiblindyet


ROM Review

thank you so much techfanatic9
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20th July 2013, 08:12 AM |#2  
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20th July 2013, 02:43 PM |#3  
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Does this have any bugs with camera volume while recording video? Do the facebook contacts actually sync into the contacts?
20th July 2013, 03:08 PM |#4  
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Thanks for the rom

Sent from my SCH-I535 using xda app-developers app
20th July 2013, 05:14 PM |#5  
droidxxxxx's Avatar
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does this rom support multi window?

Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
20th July 2013, 05:24 PM |#6  
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Looks real nice, thanks!
20th July 2013, 05:30 PM |#7's Avatar
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Yes another one. Test it out to see if the issues you are asking are their. Beauty of a nandroid

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20th July 2013, 06:15 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by Thank Me Later

Does this have any bugs with camera volume while recording video? Do the facebook contacts actually sync into the contacts?

This is a TW rom themed to look AOSP, it is not a pure AOSP rom. TW roms do not have this issue.
20th July 2013, 07:04 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by sivarticus85

This is a TW rom themed to look AOSP, it is not a pure AOSP rom. TW roms do not have this issue.

Oh snap my bad. I thought it was AOSP based. Thanks for the Rom! I may have to give it a go sometime.
20th July 2013, 07:21 PM |#10  
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I'm having problems flashing, tried in CWM & TWRP. Also checked md5 to make sure download was good. Anyone else having problems?
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