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Themed Google Keyboards!! Updated: 10/16/2014- 149 Different Choices and Counting!!

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Themed Google Keyboards

As Seen on XDA- Portal

Presented By:


Rules- Please Read
  1. I am not responsible for anything that happens to you and/or your device. There is no serious risk involved with installing these keyboards but I have to say it.
  2. DO NOT Post the links on this page on ANY other site or thread without my permission!! You can post a link to this thread but DO NOT repost my links!
  3. DO NOT use ANY of my keyboards in your ROM, theme, Xposed Mod, ect. without my permission!! If you would like to include my work in your project, just ask via PM. I haven't said no to anyone yet!
  4. PLEASE DO NOT Post links or screenshots to yours or anyone else's keyboards on my thread. It's off topic, disrespectful and not tolerated. Screenshots of keyboards are welcomed only if they are for the purpose of explaining a request or reporting a bug.

Welcome to ShaftamleKeyboards! This thread was created on August 1 ,2013, initially with 7 keyboards. Since then, Shaftamle Keyboards has been featured on The XDA-Portal, The Android Soul and Techtricks! The total number of keyboards has grown to over 100 different options! In less than one year the thread reached a quarter of a million views with total downloads well over 3,000!! This is possible thanks to all you amazing supporters and contributors!
You use your Google Keyboard every day, so why not make it Shaftamle!!

Shaftamle Keyboards is a very different type of thread. Keyboards are being added all the time. Users can submit their work to share with the rest of the Android world. User request sessions are held occasionally to give you all the chance to throw your idea out there! But the 4 things in my eyes that are most important are as follows:
  • Root or no root, it makes no difference. Just install the app as normal.
  • All phones and tablets using mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi and xxhdpi are supported! Which means anything relatively new will work!!
  • This is an EXTREMLY begginer(noob) friendly thread. If you have a problem/question, ask away. I try to answer any and all questions.
  • An extremly organized and easy to navigate main thread.
It's because of all these reasons and more that this is the biggest and best place on the internet for Themed Google Keyboards!!

Special Thanks
@wildstang83BIG thanks to wildstang83 for his awesome XDA-Portal article on 12/18/2013 about this thread!
@Rompnit-For allowing me to use the keyboard PNG's from his M.O.A.R. ROM's Aroma installer. Also for his inspiration and guide to themeing keyboards, located here.
@PhilDX-For modifying the original Google Keyboard to include a dedicated row of numbers. Without him, Shafta123Series would not be possible.
Tha Phlash- For letting me use an icon from his MNMLcony icon pack! Check out his AMAZING collection either in his app or his brand new website!!
@remotehugger-For helping me test the HDPI functionality.
@PiggySmalls502-For helping me with testing on Nexus devices.
@Brut.all, @vmancini3 and @NilsP-Thank you all for the help in my search to "Recompile the Google Keyboard!"
My Mom-For giving me her upgrade so I didn't have to pay $600+ for this phone!

Installation Requirements
There are a few things you need to know before installing these keyboards. Please read the following before installing:
  • You must be on Android 4.0 or higher. It is a requirment of Google Keyboard.
  • Your device must be either mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi or xxhdpi. ldpi is not supported.
  • You must UNINSTALL any exsisting Google, Android or AOSP keyboard first.
  • If your phone comes with Google Keyboard pre-installed(IE: Nexus, Moto X, Droid Ultra ect.) you must completely uninstall it for Shaftamle Keyboards to work. These types of phones have the Google keyboard installed as a system app. So without root you can't uninstall them. Unfortunately this means, these keyboards may not work on these types of non-rooted devices, sorry! If your not sure if this applies to you, go ahead and try, the worst that will happen is the install will fail.

Installation Instructions
  1. Download APK(app) to your phone. Your browser may warn you about the download, that is a default warning that occurs anytime you download an app file from another source other than the play store.
  2. Uninstall any existing Google/Android/AOSP keyboard using the Application manager(non-root) or Titanium Backup(root).
  3. Reboot your device.
  4. Click on the downloaded APK(app) and follow the prompts to install.
  5. When installation is complete, click the "open" button on the bottom right of the completion screen. This starts the 3 step setup wizard for enabling the keyboard, making it the default and setting up any additional languages.
  6. DONE! Enjoy your Shaftamle Google Keyboard!!
7.0 keyboards need a clean install. Which means if you have an older version of Shaftamle keyboards installed, you MUST uninstall it before installing a 7.0 keyboard. Once you have installed Shaftamle Keyboards 7.0, you can change keyboards without uninstalling. Simply install another 7.0 keyboard over existing 7.0 to change themes.

Thanks for reading, thanks for downloading and thanks for hitting the "Thanks" button! Enjoy!!

Google Version #: 3.1.19653.1284735

Standard Downloads














Maintaining all of these keyboards has become a pretty big task. It is this reason that I have discontinued the Zip format. Making zip files for each release requires twice the work that just doing apk's does. Since our non- recovery users are only able to use apk's, that is my file format of choice. However, since this is XDA and my primary goal is to give back as much as possible, I have come up with a solution. If you are a die hard flasher and really want Shaftamle zips, follow this extremely easy 5 step tutorial on how to make your own!! Knowledge is Power!!
This tutorial is for Windows Users
1) Download and install 7zip. (Win RAR and others similar are fine as well)
2) Download the Shaftamle Zip Template from below.
3) Take whatever Shaftamle keyboard you would like and rename it exactly as follows:
4) Right click on the downloaded Shaftamle template zip and select: 7zip -> Open Archive. DO NOT UNZIP OR EXTRACT!!
5) In the open 7zip window, double click the "data" folder, then double click the "app" folder. Now, drag the renamed Shaftamle keyboard into that folder and click "ok" on the popup message, overwriting the stock keyboard thats already in there.
Congratulations! You have built your own Shaftamle Zip file! Now go flash that bad boy!!

Shaftamle Zip Template 3.1.19653.1284735

Shafta-L Downloads
After install, you must enable the theme. Go to: keyboard settings-> advanced options-> color scheme-> material.




If you like my work, please Rate the thread and hit the "Thanks" button!
Donations are always greatly appreciated!! If you like my work, please consider a small contribution for the countless hours of hard work that made this thread what it is! Thanks for your support!!

Recent Change Log

10/16/2014: In celebration of Android Lollipop, as requested by an overwhelming amount of users, I give you Shafta-L-StockWhite!! Experience the stock white design even though it has not been released! Created to be EXACTLY like the screenshot pictured on the play store in the Google Chrome description!! Also available in 123 Series format! Enjoy!!

  1. Unthemed/Distorted Keyboards: Occasionally, keyboards may seem unthemed or distorted when using other apps or mods that further theme your phone. Things like CM theme changer, exposed or flashable themes sometimes incorporate keyboard themes which can affect Shaftamle Keyboards. (see posts #9 and #10).
  2. Swype not working/Buttons sticking after install: Simply reinstall the keyboard.

Advanced Trouble Shooting
If you are experiencing extensive lag, force closes or the app fails to install, don't panic!! Sometimes this happens. Why? Nobody is really sure. However, the steps below fix the issue 99.9% of the time. So, if you ALREADY tried to UNINSTALL as the instalation directions state, then click the button below for further troubleshooting instructions.

You MUST be rooted to perform these steps. You also must have a Root File Browser. ES File Manager is free and works great.

1) UNINSTALL ALL Google, Android, AOSP and Shaftamle keyboards. Titanium Backup or ROM Toolbox works great for this.
2) Open your root browser. Search through the following folders:
  • /data/app/
  • /system/app/
look for the following files and delete them: OR

Now, search through these folders:
  • /data/app-lib/
  • /system/lib/
For anything named:

And delete them as well.
3) Reboot your device.
4) Now that you have deleted any leftover duplicates you should not have any problems installing Shaftamle Keyboards, so give it a shot!
Please, If you do not understand or need any extra help, please PM me! I would hate for someone to mess something up on their phone because they did not understand the instructions. Enjoy!!

Thank you SO much to these Awesome Donators!!
@N4STYNATE @vmancini3 @PiggySmalls502 @Mistertac @gippy2@Natakranta @p-slim

Shaftamle Apperances
You can find Shaftamle Keyboards pre-installed in these Awesome ROMS/Mods!! Thanks you to all these amazing devs for including my keyboards in your work! I'm honored to be a part of your final product!
  1. SLT CaiRisma- Micromax A110 ROM @SuperDroid-BOND
  2. SlimBean PrimoU- HTC One V @mcgi5sr2
  3. Baja ROM- Verizon Note3 @bajasur
  4. Ex-Themer2 Xposed Module @SArnab©®
  5. Nemesis ROM- Verizon S4 @gigilie
  6. Darkside ROM- TMobile Note2 @manufan721
  7. TMS3 ROM- AT&T S3 @talkingmonkeys


Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Original.png
Views:	64177
Size:	254.1 KB
ID:	2494368   Click image for larger version

Name:	Original2.png
Views:	50906
Size:	250.7 KB
ID:	2494369   Click image for larger version

Name:	Black.png
Views:	49995
Size:	254.8 KB
ID:	2494370   Click image for larger version

Name:	Black2.png
Views:	43988
Size:	248.4 KB
ID:	2545798   Click image for larger version

Name:	Squared.png
Views:	40384
Size:	242.2 KB
ID:	2545801   Click image for larger version

Name:	Squared2.png
Views:	36956
Size:	251.3 KB
ID:	2598878   Click image for larger version

Name:	Squared3.png
Views:	32125
Size:	82.8 KB
ID:	2607086   Click image for larger version

Name:	Glass.png
Views:	16444
Size:	255.9 KB
ID:	2896478   Click image for larger version

Name:	Glass2.png
Views:	12151
Size:	253.7 KB
ID:	2941418   Click image for larger version

Name:	Ghost.png
Views:	12116
Size:	254.0 KB
ID:	2941419   Click image for larger version

Name:	AppleSauce.png
Views:	12946
Size:	239.9 KB
ID:	2941420   Click image for larger version

Name:	Unique.png
Views:	11685
Size:	255.7 KB
ID:	2941421   Click image for larger version

Name:	123Series .png
Views:	11697
Size:	243.4 KB
ID:	2941422   Click image for larger version

Name:	UserSubmits1.png
Views:	11454
Size:	251.3 KB
ID:	2941423   Click image for larger version

Name:	UserSubmits2.png
Views:	11659
Size:	239.5 KB
ID:	2941424   Click image for larger version

Name:	UserSubmits3.png
Views:	12467
Size:	228.2 KB
ID:	2941425   Click image for larger version

Name:	L.png
Views:	16562
Size:	234.4 KB
ID:	2941426   Click image for larger version

Name:	L2.png
Views:	10405
Size:	116.7 KB
ID:	2972956  
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Shaftamle Keyboards- Past Change Logs
Past Change Logs

9/18/2014:MAJOR UPDATE!!Lots of new options!! Here is the list of the Shaftamleness:
  1. Introducing, ShaftaGlassBlurSunset! Availible in the 7.0 download section!
  2. In the Shafta-L section, come and check out the Marble Series!! Now in Teal, Blue and Cyan! Pulled directly from the Material Design Color Chart!!
  3. ALL, yes, ALL keyboards now availible in 123 series format!!
  4. With the new editions, the total keyboard count pushes to 147!
  5. 123 Has been resized to be almost 20% smaller without sacrificing key button size.
  6. Rearranged a few of the secondary symbols in the 123 series keyboards to be more useful.
  7. Number row now also availible in Arabic Language!
Plenty of new stuff, so go check it out! This took a TON of time, so please hit the thanks button, rate the thread, tell a friend and laugh at iPhones!! Enjoy!!

8/13/2014:5 More designs posted! Introducing, ShaftaGlassCash(In the 7.0 section) and Shafta-L-SlateICS(In the Shafta-L section)!! Both designs are available in 123 series! Also, Shafta123-L-StockGreen is also now available in the Shafta-L section! Thanks for your support and ENJOY!!

8/10/2014:After an overwhelming amount of requests. I present to you, the first Shafta-L Series keyboard, Shafta-L-SlateNavy! Based on the official Android L keyboard from the Developer Preview. This is number 1 of a few that i will be creating in the coming days. I really wanted to keep this thread to Playstore versions only. But "L" is "in" and green is ugly, so here I am! And yes, NUMBER ROW INCLUDED!

8/1/2014:Thank you everyone for 1 full year of support! It's amazing how far this thread has come! To kick off the second year, I present to you, Shaftamle Keyboards 7.0!! Lots of little changes to go along this major update!!
  1. All Shaftamle Keyboards updated to Google Version 3.1.19653.1284735!
  2. 123 Series now includes number row on Qwertz, German and Russian!
  3. Font option now present for all English languages on "AppleSauce" series!
  4. Cleaned up OP, moved Past Change Log to Post#2 and updated troubleshooting section!

7/4/2014:ShaftaGlassRage is born!! Also, a brand new section has been added called, "Unique!" It was created for any future designs that don't fit in the existing sections. To kick it off, check out ShaftaNexusIV!! Both keyboards available in 123Series format!! Enjoy!!

6/28/2014:Thanks for 250,000 views!! Big Milestone!! 6 more 123 series options!! Shafta123Green, Cobalt, Amethyst, Ivory, KOSquared and NexusV!! Enjoy!!

6/20/2014: #100 IS HERE!! Introducing, ShaftaGlassNexusV!!!! Something completely different and extremely unique! Especially for all you Nexus lovers out there!!

Thanks so much to all you amazing supporters out there!! You provide the drive and encouragement to keep this thread going!!
Also, a huge thank you to the 3 members who have submitted their work to this thread!! They account for 30% of the keyboards!!

5/25/2014:I never wanted to do it! I said it would never happen! But thanks to the countless number of requests by the many users and supporters, it is finally here!!
Available in AppleSauceStandard(Grey shift keys) and AppleSauseLight(White shift keys)!
Black, ICS and Red are your color choices, and yes, all are available in 123 series format as well!!

They are not exactly like BlahBlah but its the closest this thread will get. Not cause I can't, cause I WON'T!

Attention: If you are having trouble seeing the non-bold font on the keyboard, have no fear!
If your using "English(United States)" as your language Go to:
There you can select Normal or Bold!!
If you're using other languages, it will still show up as "color scheme." That was a mistake on my part.
HOWEVER, even if your phone shows color scheme instead of font options, the feature WILL STILL WORK.
White=Normal Font
Blue=Bold Font
Please keep in mind that using non-system font may prevent this from working. Some fonts are not available in bold.


4/29/2014:Thanks for 200,000+ views!! A small token of my appreciation, I present to you, ShaftaGlassAsh!! Available in standard and 123 Series format!! Enjoy!!

4/20/2014:Happy Holidays! 5 Brand New 123 series keyboards!! Introducing, Shafta123ChronicSquared, CrimsonSquared, IvorySquared, ICS and Stone!! Also be sure to check out the ever growing User Submit section! joy!! As always, Enjoy!!

4/11/2014:All Shaftamle Keyboards updated to Google Version #3.0.19373.1072412a. All keyboards now include improved suggestions and corrections using data from Google apps and services. Also, all 123 series keyboards now include the number row for the Spanish language. Long press functionality for E, I, O and U have also been restored!! Enjoy!!

3/20/2014: After a long wait and lots of testing, it's finally here!! Introducing....ShaftaGhost!!!! 4 Brand New Shaftamle keyboards!! KO and KOSquared, BOTH available in 123series format!!

3/1/2014:7 New Shaftamle options!! Introducing, ShaftaSapphireSquared!! Also, ShaftRed, Purple, KO, CreamSandwich and Citrus now available in 123 Series format! Finally, from the User Submit section, both ManciniMidnight and Chrome are also availible with the extra number row! First Ghost keyboard is almost finished. Check back soon! Enjoy!!

2/24/2014: Introducing Shaftamle Keyboards 5.1!! All keyboards now have themed setup wizards! All keyboards now have matching themed Emoji layouts!! All Red keyboard popup shadows have been fixed. Most notably, ShaftaStoneSquared has been redesigned and is looking pretty good! It comes with its counterpart, ShaftaStoneSquaredLight, which has a slightly brighter backround! 5.1 WILL install right over top of 5.0. However I recomend doing a clean install on the first one. (Only because the setup wizard is themed! Nice! ) And as always, NEVER buy an iPhone, ALWAYS hit the "Thanks" button and most importantly, Enjoy!!

1/28/14:Thanks for 100,000+ views!! I present to you, ShaftaStoneSquared! Also, thanks to PhilDX, Shafta123Series is born!! Featuring a dedicated row of numbers!! Themed with the 5 most popular designs!! Shafta123Black, Shafta123Blue, Shafta123Onyx, Shafta123CreamSandwichSquared and Shafta123GlassICS!! Lastly, fixes as requested. KO, Onyx and Stone all have visible sub-numbers. Fixed emojis not appearing on Ivory and IvorySquared. Fixed suggestion text visibility issues on ShaftaBlue. Removed red accents from ShaftaBlack and replaced them with black!

User requests/submission section will open this week featuring the first user submission from vmancini3!

1/4/14:Happy New Year! Shaftamle Keyboard 5.0 is here!! Biggest Update so far!
  • All Original Keyboards support "Dual Theme!" Under "Color Scheme" Set White for Shaftamle Accent or Blue for Kit Kat Accent!
  • Introducing, ShaftaGlassCitrus. The newest Glass member!
  • Introducing, ShaftaSquared!! Availible in 10 Shaftamle colors!! ICS, Cobalt, Crimson, Fire, Lemon, Chronic, Amethyst, Rose, Ivory and KO!!

12/25/13:Santa finally showed up!! He brought a BRAND NEW keyboard!!ShaftaStone is unveiled in APK and ZIP format! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

12/21/13:Thank you to ALL the viewers, users, supporters and loyal fans of this thread out there!! As a result, wildstang83 featured this thread on XDA Portal on 12/18/2013! Proud is simply an understatement! Thanks again for all the support! You all are AWESOME!! Now, let me introduce to you....ShaftaGlassICS!! Big Ups to Tha Phlash for letting me use an image from one of his AMAZING icon packs!! Enjoy!!

12/13/2013:UPDATED original 11 keyboards to newest playstore version, #2.0.19133.927933a.You can now, by default, switch between Holo Blue and Kit Kat Gray accents through the keyboards' "advanced options" menu!!

12/6/2013:Thank you for 50,000+ views!! I present you with 5 new keyboards!! ShaftaFire, ShaftaChronic, ShaftaAmethyst, ShaftaRose and ShaftaLemon join the Shaftamle Android Keyboard family!! Thanks for all the support!!

12/2/2013:UPDATED toShaftamle Keyboards 3.1.Original 11 keyboards Updated to new playstore version. Google Version #2.0.19123.914326a. Fixed ShaftaKO and ShaftaOnyx so they are totally KitKat colored.

11/10/2013:UPDATED to Shaftamle Keyboards 3.0. Original 11 keyboards updated to new playstore version. Google Version # 2.0.18933.905102a! Original 11 now include Kit Kat Grey color scheme, flow through typing, new layout and Emoji support. (Must be on Android 4.4 for full Emoji Support.)

11/9/2013:As requested, I give you, ShaftaIvory!!Also made 1 very minor change to ShaftaCobalt.

10/23/2013:ShaftaCrimson and ShaftaCobalt are born!! Also made 1 very minor change toShaftCreamSandwich. More colors to come soon!!

10/21/2013:ShaftaCreamSandwich is born!!

10/15/2013:Thanks for 25,000+ Views!!(Almost) I give you, Shaftamle Keyboards 2.0!! All 11 keyboards are themed with 2 color scheme, matching popup preview and themed search button! Removed a few unneeded PNG's to help with APK size. A few new concepts are in the works for the next round of updates! Thanks for all the support!! Enjoy!!

9/6/2013:Thanks for 10,000+ Views!! As requested by many, ShaftaKO!!

9/3/2013 3:10 pm:UPDATED all keyboards to new play store release. Google Version: 1.1.1881.801980.(Update 1.1V2) UPDATED all keyboards to support MDPI, HDPI, XHDPI and XXHDPI. Fix blurring keys on Gold, ICS and Orange keyboards.

9/3/2013 2:00 am:UPDATED all keyboards to new play store release. Google Version: 1.1.1880.793830.(Update 1.1) UPDATED all keyboards to support MDPI, HDPI, XHDPI and XXHDPI. Fix blurring keys on Gold, ICS and Orange keyboards.

8/12/2013:3 New Shaftamle Colors released! Gold, ICS and Orange!

8/1/2013:Shaftamle Keyboards are born in 7 different colors in either APK or Zip format! Google Version: 1.0.1870.703320(Original Version)
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User Submits
User Submits

Over the course of the last couple months, I've had few users ask if I would post their work on my thread. I figured, why not? I have a lot of keyboards up already, why not help others show their skills without having to create their own thread. With that, Shaftamle User Submits is born!

Please note, these keyboards will work the same as my 6.0 version. They will install right over any other 6.0 version of mine. I have tested them to ensure they work with no issues. Also, that they will also work on the same resolution phones that mine support, which is almost all of them(no ldpi, ICS and up). I did not make these keyboards nor will I include them in my updates on the main thread. They are the creations of fellow users(Please thank them), I am simply hosting them on my thread. Hopefully to give the keyboards more exposure and you faithful, Amazing users, a couple more Shaftamle options!

If you would like to submit a keyboard that you have made, please follow the following Rules and Guidelines:
  1. Google Keyboards ONLY!
  2. Themeing ONLY! No moving of buttons, symbols, adding features, ect.
  3. Your keyboard MUST be optimize for mdpi, hdpi, xdpi and xxhdpi.
  4. It must work and function properly. If it does not, I will let you know. Its up to you to fix it and resubmit it. Otherwise it will not be posted. Sorry!
If you meet those requirements, feel free to PM me a link to the apk. Also, include the name of your design. After I test it, I will gladly add it to the thread! I reserve the right to post or reject any submitted keyboard at my discretion. Lastly, if you like one of the user submitted keyboards, please make sure to thank the xda-member who did the work!
Please keep in mind, these are 6.0 based keyboards. You must uninstall any 7.0 keyboard before you install these. They have not been updated yet. Enjoy!



jKossBlueWaffle@Thebear j koss
jKoss123BlueWaffle@Thebear j koss
jKoss123BlueWaffleGray@Thebear j koss
jKoss123CobaltBlueWaffle@Thebear j koss
jKoss123CobaltBlueWaffleV2@Thebear j koss
jKoss123CobaltBlueWaffleV3@Thebear j koss
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User Requests
User Requests

Round #1 is over. Accepted requests are posted below.

Please keep in mind, this IS NOT my job. Please be respectful and understand that this is a hobby. Regretfully, it will not be possible for me to fulfill all requests. Please be understanding of that. If this gets out of hand, I will simply stop doing requests all together.

If you would like to submit a request, please feel free AFTER reading the following rules:
1)Do Not make a request more than once.
2)Do Not PM me a request.
3)Do Not ask me to rebuild or copy anyone else's work.
4)Do Not ask for ETA's.
5)Do Not ask for physical changes to the keyboard such as moving the punctuation, making the keys bigger/smaller, adding symbols or anything that is outside the scope of theme modification.
6)Please show some effort in your request. Details are always good. If you would like a specific color, post the hex color code. Dont be the person who says, "Hi, can you do a teal one. Thanks." You WILL be ignored.

I will be more likely to fulfill:
  • Requests that are popular with many people. The more the better!
  • Minor fixes or different color schemes for already existing designs.
  • Requests for a existing color to be made into a 123 series keyboard.
  • Any reasonable request from someone who has donated to me.
    Please understand, I AM NOT SELLING OR REQUESTING money in exchange for keyboards.
    I am also not guaranteeing that if you have donated or do so in the future that your request will be fulfilled.
    I am simply stating that anyone who is kind enough to donate to me, for all the time and effort I have already put in, will certainly get preference.

For Round 1 of User Requests, I will take 2-4 of the best, most popular ideas submited between 2/9/14 and 2/16/14. If you like someone else's idea, re-post it.
If your request has been chosen, it will appear below.

Let the Games Begin!

Round #1- Accepted
1)ShaftaStoneSquared(Modified) and ShaftaStoneSquaredLight- Requested By: @N4STYNATE ETA: Posted
2)Grabber Blue- Requested By: @PiggySmalls502 ETA:Posted
3)Shafta123Red- Requested By: @lordpipa ETA: Posted
4)Shafta123CreamSandwich- Requested By: @JaviLerma ETA: Posted
5)Shafta123Purple-Requested By- @pitbullmommy45245 ETA:Posted
6)Something transparent- Requested By: @78Staff and @lyndonguti ETA: Posted
7)Fix Red keyboard selector transparency. Requested By: @ChiDi9901 ETA:Posted
8)Shafta123GlassCitrus-Requested By: @greatdanedukeETA: Posted
9)Shafta123KO- Requested By: @954wrecker and@TeH PLAYA ETA: Posted
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User Requests
Big Changes Coming Soon!
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User Requests
Check back soon!!
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nice work and nice write up.
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Thanks. Still on stock rooted odex and have been trying to black out as much as possible. Onyx looks great! You have to uninstall the market version first or it fails, just as stated.

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The onyx keyboard is BADASS. THANK YOU

Do you need root for these?
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Originally Posted by coldhardtruth

The onyx keyboard is BADASS. THANK YOU

Do you need root for these?

Thanks man, I appreciate it! Glad you like it. And NO, you don't need root. Just download the apk, not the zip and follow OP instructions.

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