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[ROM][WIP] CM10.1 Badadroid v2.1

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By volk204, Recognized Developer on 10th August 2013, 07:33 AM
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MOD EDIT: Thread closed at Volk's request. You can find his CM 10.2 here.

CM10.1 for WAVE and WAVE 2
Android Jellybean 4.2.2

READ and BEFORE POSTING (thanks to huntkb for updating it)

Android 4.2.2
CM sources of 21.10.2013
Updated to linux kernel version 3.0.86
272 MB RAM
F4k 720p patch for bigmem kernels (Video Fix)
New key Mapping:
- call key as CALL, Middle as HOME, endcall as ENDCALL
- Long press ENDCALL will show power menu
- lock key as POWER, framework patch is not yet ported
- Navigation Bar activated
- PIE control can be activated with Expanded desktop

GAPPS full gapps
flash through CWM (recovery)

KNOWN BUGS (what doesn't work):
- Network registration don't work with some SIM cards
- GPS -
- Conference Calls
- Bluetooth headset in calls
- Some problems with audio codec settings, but generally it should work
- Impossible to shut down phone in android, only restart
- Don't leave phone charging without supervising - if it gets enormously hot, disconnect it - this can literally blow up battery as there is no overheating protection yet. Do not leave it connected on 100% - it'll discharge by 1% all the time, and then recharge, what's very unhealthy for battery.
Maybe something else, what i forgot

You get none. Zero. Zip. We obligate ourselves to providing nothing further. You are on your own and will have to help each other via this thread. This is provided “as-is”, and if you don’t like it, use Bada or other releases.

We basically lack time to give full dedication to this rom, and we’re looking for skilled devs who know the Android, and/or other things that might be relevant.

Please join us on IRC: some people are on #badadroid (freenode).

Bada 2.0 is required
  1. Enter Bada Settings->General->Memory and make sure you have at least:
    370MB of free "System" memory
    160MB of free "User" memory
    400MB of free "Applications" memory
  2. Download BOOTFILES, armlinux_boot for your device:
    for 8500:
    for 8530
    (please pay attention if it's S8500 or S8530 BOOTFILES and FOTA you're choosing!):
  3. Download ROM:
  4. Start Bada.
  5. Extract zImage from zip and copy it to the Bada's User partition (the one about 390MB big).
  6. Copy whole .zip to the Bada's User partition.
  7. Flash BOOTFILES and FOTA using Multiloader.
  8. Reboot the phone holding Power and Call key.
  9. FOTA set of red messages should appear, after about 15seconds Badadroid logo shows up.
  10. Be patient, first bootup will keep unresponsible on Badadroid logo for up to 5 minutes.
  11. CWM Recovery starts, pick:
    - install zip from sdcard
    - choose zip from sdcard
    - cm-10.1-wave-<release id>.zip
    - Yes - install
  12. Reboot holding the Power key
You can remove installation .zip from the User partition from Android level by connecting through USB in MTP mode.
Do not remove zImage file.
Normal bootup is available using Power+Call keys
CWM Recovery mode is available using Power+Volume Up keys
CWM Flashing does overwrite zImage. So every next update you can just flash .zip through CWM.

Follow the steps there:


Lite ROM by Hero355 based on v2.1

- CM sources 05.11.2013
- [NETWORK] Added WCDMA only (UMTS900/2100) Mode selection
- Fixed modem power mode transition.
- [GPRS] Added suspend/resume network
- [SIM] Added basic SIM_IO implementation: reading Contacts, Messages, Voicemail number, SPN, ICCID from SIM card
- [SMS] Code optimization and cleanup. Thanks for Rebellos
- [SMS] Added MMS receiving
- Updated audio codec gain table from bada proprietary files
- And included all another updates after v2.0

BT fix for Wave 2 Thanks Tigrouzen for idea and BenzoX for testing
Just Flash it via Recovery

Kernel update for v 2.0
- Fixed wave 2 screen calibration. thanks to krischat1001

RIL_update2 for v2.0
- some memory leaks fixed
- set low level debug AMSS
- some another fixes, probably can resolve restart in long idle state

RIL Update for v2.0
- Fix for IMSI reading
I hope now mobile internet will be work on all phones
APN settings should load automatically. Most of APN is stored in ROM in system/etc/apns-config.xml
If APN is not loaded automatically check this file and add APN settings in it, if there are no in it.

- CM sources 21.10.2013
- Mobile internet is fixed
- Fixed search available networks and select networks
- Fixed PIN and PUK entering
- Fixed SIM PIN enable/disable/change
- Fixed sending MMS, receiving is still not working
- Fixed network indicator

- CM sources of 26.09.2013
- [RIL] Сompleted CALL interface, except conference call, but i really never use it before.
If you report bug please attach logs with detailed description, i really tested most of causes with hangup, activate and holding calls and etc, but it is too many cases, and probably i didn't meet some and don't know that this cause is exist.
- Some optimization from platform side, ported from aries

RIL Update2 for v1.2
- Reworked Call interface
- Just flash it via Recovery

RIL Update for v1.2
- [SIM] Corrected reading SMSC from SIM card
- [CALL] Added DTMF support
- Just flash it via Recovery

- CM sources of 17.09.2013
- Added TARGET_ARCH_LOWMEM for Dalvik
- Fixed gsm voicecall common setting in audio codec (Big Thanks for Tigrouzen)
- Fixed all audio ril pathes except Bluetooth audio pathes

Kernel Update for v1.1
- Audio recording and video recording fixed
- So now we can use VoIP applications on wave with Wi-Fi
- Audio in call is still broken
Big thank to Rebellos. i just found good topic on ALSA forum with solution and Rebellos implemented solution

- CM sources of 14.08.2013
- Fixed vibrator (Thanks to Rebellos)
- Fixed ENDCALL button behavior(Forgot to include it in v1)

Initial release
CM sources of 8.08.2013
Update compared to Rebellos CM10 ROM
- Android 4.2.2 CM10.1 based
- Updated to linux kernel version 3.0.86
- ROW i/o scheduler
- 272 MB RAM
- F4k 720p patch for bigmem kernels (Video Fix)
- New key mapping
- Navigation bar activated

Special thanks to Rebellos for his CM10 ROM, for his good sources and many time, what he spent for my learning
Another Badadroid devs: Oleg_k, mijoma, nbates66, anghelyi, mikegapinski, hunktb, autra, Tigrouzen and many others.
CyanogenMod team for base ROM
Paulk and Replicant project for good base for bada-modem RIL
and many other who help us.

Overall project thread -
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10th August 2013, 07:34 AM |#2  
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This is the format for a bug report: “XXXXX isn’t working. Here is how to fix it: [INCLUDE SOLUTION]” Don’t have source? Too bad. You’ll have to wait then.

If you report bugs, please don’t be disappointed if we can’t fix them immediately (or even never). It’s not because we don’t care, but because we don’t have time or don’t know how to fix it.
Please attach logcat and dmesg dump in your bug report. Dmesg should contain messages from both - bootup and issue occuring (you can't dump it 1 hour after bootup, rather 2 minutes after)
How to dump logs - Google for "android logcat dmesg" Or... whatever, here's one of 3204109 methods available.

In the Terminal Emulator enter:
Accept request for SuperUser access.
"dmesg > /storage/sdcard1/dmesg.txt"
"logcat -b system -b radio -b events -b main -d -f /storage/sdcard1/logcat.txt *:V"
"logcat -b radio -d -f /storage/sdcard1/radiolog.txt *:V"
Download them from phone, archive and upload them.
Privacy warning: Your logcat might contain sensitive information like your IMEI, IMSI, cell stations you were nearby, numbers you called and got calls from and SMS sent and received. If you don't want to publish this info - send them privately to one of developers.

If the Badadroid is restarting before you're able to catch any log:

Try to start kernel normally, when you see Badadroid logo start holding the middle key pressed. Keep the middle key pressed until phone restarts and shows the text: FOTA DOWNLOAD MODE & bTerm
Connect phone to PC.
Start bterm.exe
Type 4 commands:

dumpram 0x4FF00000 0x100000
There should appear file called dump_ram_0x4FF00000.0x00100000.bin - pack it and attach it to your bug report.

Bug reports without logs are completely useless.

Please contact us if you are a developer with something to contribute.
I do heavily encourage to work together on the better, common project instead of making kang releases and demanding money for somebody else's work.
Read as: If you think you can make something better than this by doing less and muchazo Ctrl+C Ctrl+V - you suck, go figure the rest.

I do recommend perfect tutorial by fattire:
Of course you have to init with -b cm-10.1 and modify some steps.
local manifest to use:
I do it like this:
cd ~
mkdir wave
cd wave
repo init -u git:// -b cm-10.1
cd .repo
cd ..
repo sync -j8
cd vendor/cm/
cd ../../
. build/
brunch wave
device name is wave so the build invocation can be brunch wave
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10th August 2013, 08:08 AM |#3  
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good job
you are amazing...
I was hoped to my phone again
10th August 2013, 08:26 AM |#4  
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i will be glad, if some one will make screenshots and/or video review, i will add it in OP
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10th August 2013, 08:46 AM |#5  
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disappointment :'(
Last edited by Fragerr; 10th August 2013 at 08:01 PM.
10th August 2013, 09:02 AM |#6  
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Thumbs up .
thanks volk great job u are the best... i must ask a question for cm10.1 installation system memory 370mb free but my wave2 has got 90MB free . how can i delete this memory and which apps use system memory?
10th August 2013, 09:10 AM |#7  
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What is the main difference between this and FnF? Thanks
10th August 2013, 09:26 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by ibrahim1170

thanks volk great job u are the best... i must ask a question for cm10.1 installation system memory 370mb free but my wave2 has got 90MB free . how can i delete this memory and which apps use system memory?

If you used CM10 Rebellos ROM you don't need check memory, just flash .zip via recovery and full wipe (all data will be deleted in android)
If not, try factory reset or reflash bada(in all cases you will lost all data in bada)
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10th August 2013, 09:27 AM |#9  
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volk ​​Thank you very much. king. I respect you
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10th August 2013, 09:28 AM |#10  
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very good slim gapps for jb 4.2.2 please
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