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[PATCHER][APP] Dual boot any ROM on all Galaxy S4 variants!

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I'm proud to present the first dual boot project for the Qualcomm-based Samsung Galaxy S4! This project started off as a feature in my ROM, but not anymore. This will allow any two ROMs (soon, three) to be installed at the same time. It works by patching the secondary ROM's installation scripts and boot image to load the ROM files from an alternate location (/system/dual, /cache/dual, and /data/dual). Because of the way this is implemented, no changes to the primary ROM are necessary :D


A huge thanks goes out to all of the donators for supporting this project! I if forgot to add you (and you want to be added), please send me a quick PM.
  • Christopher Edwards
  • Dang Lee
  • pikatchu
  • Gerard Worster
  • Matthew Smith
  • Shahzain Badruddin
  • John Nguyen
  • Marcos Shrem
  • John West
  • Oliver Madden
  • Bejda
  • Cody Wells
  • GhiGo65
  • remorema

It patches...
  • Custom kernels for dual boot support
  • ROMs so that they can be installed as secondary
  • Google Apps packages for AOSP-based ROMs
  • SuperSU so that it can be used in the secondary ROM

NOTE: If you want to dualboot a TouchWiz ROM, I highly recommend installing TW as the primary ROM. Otherwise, any mods will need to be patched before flashing.

What's supported?

There used to be a list of ROMs/flashable zips that are "supported" by the patcher ( However, the patcher has gone through a ton of updates that dropped many hacks that used to be required. Now, it usually makes no difference whether a file is supported or not.

How to use the patcher


Download the patcher apk and run it. Tap "Patch Zip File" from the navigation drawer and choose the file you want to patch.

Windows (GUI)

Double click DualBootPatcher.exe and choose the file you want to patch.


After patching the zip file, a new file, like file will be created. For example, patching ktoonsez's

would create a new

Instructions for dual booting

Before doing anything, download the Dual Boot Patcher app and the from the download section below.

The patcher offers several locations for installing ROMs:
  • Primary: This is normally used for installing a zip to the primary ROM. It is not required, but is strongly recommended because it has code to prevent the zip from inadvertently affecting other ROMs.
  • Dual: Dual/Secondary is the first multiboot installation location. It installs to the system partition. This is a good spot for installing a second ROM because it doesn't take any space away from the internal storage.
  • Multi-slots: There are 3 multislots: multi-slot-1, multi-slot-2, multi-slot-3. These install to the cache partition. This is specifically for devices, like the Galaxy S4, that have a massive cache partition.
  • Data-slots: There can be an unlimited number of data slots. These install to the data partition and eat up space on the internal storage. This is useful for devices where the system partition is nearly full and the cache partition is tiny. These slots are named "data-slot-[id]", where "id" is something you provide in the app.

With that said, let's get to the "how to"!
  1. First, boot into your primary ROM and install the Dual Boot Patcher app
  2. Open the app and go to "Roms" in the navigation drawer. It will ask if you want to set the kernel. Make sure that you do.
  3. Go to "Patch zip file" in the navigation drawer and patch the ROM or zip you want to install. You can select one of the installation locations described above.

There are two ways of flashing the patched zip file. You can either flash it normally from recovery or flash it using the in-app flashing feature. Both methods are explained below.

Flashing from recovery

To flash from recovery, just flash the patched zip file like you would for any other zip. Nice and simple.

In-app flashing

To use in-app flashing, go to "Roms" in the navigation drawer, tap the floating button on the bottom right, and add the zips you want to install. You can queue multiple zips and they will all be flashed in one go. Once you've added all the zips you want to flash, click the check mark in the action bar and they will be flashed right away.

A normal backup from recovery will backup every ROM. If you would like to back up ROMs individually, please see @rlorange's awesome tool:

App and data sharing

DualBootPatcher very recently got support for sharing apps and their data across ROMs. Maybe sharing is somewhat of a misleading term. The feature actually makes Android load the shared apps and data from a centralized location, /data/multiboot/_appsharing. So you're not sharing apps from one ROM to another per se. The ROMs are just loading the apps from one shared location. Let me make this clearer with an analogy.

Think of the people in a company office as ROMs. You want to share with your coworkers some documents (apps). Instead of telling them to come over to your desk to see those documents (sharing apps from one ROM to another), everyone goes to the conference room to look at the documents together (loading apps from a shared location). That's how app and data sharing is implemented.

To use app sharing, follow these steps in every ROM that you want to use app sharing:
  • Install the app you want to share
  • Open DualBootPatcher and go to "App Sharing" in the navigation drawer
  • Enable individual app sharing
  • Tap "Manage shared applications" and enable APK/data sharing for the app
  • Reboot

When you uninstall an app that's shared, it simply become unshared for the current ROM. That way, other ROMs are not affected. To continue the analogy above, if you quit your job, you won't shred the documents that everybody else was looking at.

If you unshare an app's data, it will go back to using the data it had before it was shared. In other words, you leave the conference room and go back to work on your own documents at your desk.

(Hope my analogy didn't suck too much :p)

How do I...?

Switch the ROM if something doesn't work properly?
You can flash the DualBootUtilities zip from recovery. It will provide a menu interface that allows switching to the various ROMs.

If you have TWRP, you can also switch manually by tapping Install -> Images (bottom right) -> Go to /sdcard/MultiBoot/[Your ROM]/ -> flash boot.img.
Wipe /cache, /data, /system, or dalvik-cache?
The easiest way is to do it from the app while booted in another ROM. Just go to "Roms" in the navigation drawer, tap the 3 dots options menu for the ROM you want to wipe, and tap "Wipe ROM".

Alternatively, flash the DualBootUtilities zip from recovery, which will also allow you to wipe a ROM.

NOTE: Don't use the recovery's built-in wiping abilities as that may delete non-primary ROMs!
Update the primary ROM?
Patch the zip for primary and flash it. The "primary" installation target is designed so that other ROMs won't be affected when you want to flash something for the primary ROM.
Update a non-primary ROM?
Patch and flash the zip exactly like how you did it the first time.
Flash a mod or custom kernel for the primary ROM?
Patch it for primary before flashing. If the zip does not wipe /cache, it is also safe to flash it directly.
Flash a mod or custom kernel for a non-primary ROM?
Just patch and flash it :)


I recommend against using the stable version of the patcher right now. So many changes have been made in regards to device support, ROM support, and general bug fixes that it's better to use the unstable snapshot builds until the next stable release is made.

[LINK] Dual Boot Patcher (Snapshots) and DualBootUtilities recovery zip
[LINK] Dual Boot Patcher (Stable)
[LINK] DualBootUtilities zip (Stable)


Donations are not required, but are greatly appreciated :D Donators will have their names listed in a nice big font on this post and will also be listed in the README file of the patcher.

Source code:

XDA:DevDB Information
Dual Boot Patcher, Tool/Utility for the Samsung Galaxy S 4


Version Information
Status: Testing

Created 2013-09-17
Last Updated 2014-07-29
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Name:	DualBootPatcher01.png
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Name:	DualBootPatcher02.png
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Name:	DualBootPatcher03.png
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Name:	DualBootPatcher04.png
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ID:	3318269   Click image for larger version

Name:	DualBootPatcher05.jpg
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Name:	DualBootPatcher06.png
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Name:	DualBootPatcher07.png
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Name:	DualBootPatcher08.png
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Name:	DualBootPatcher09.png
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Name:	DualBootPatcher10.jpg
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ID:	3318276   Click image for larger version

Name:	DualBootPatcher11.jpg
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Size:	214.7 KB
ID:	3318277  
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EDIT: Funny how people are thanking this reserved post :D
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  • Version 5.0.2
    • Fix bug in regex that may cause "errors=remount" to become "errwrs=remount" for my noobdev ROM leading the init binary to fail
  • Version 5.0.1
    • Fix issue where the mount script would not be executed in the init scripts of ktoonsez's kernels
    • falcon is the Moto G, not the Moto X
  • Version 4.1.3
    • Add support for EHNDROIX
    • Add support for WanamLite
    • Sort ramdisks and presets in GUI
  • Version 4.1.2
    • Add support for Echoe v20
  • Version 4.1.1
    • Add support for Echoe v18
  • Version 4.0.4
    • Update to version 1.7.28-2 of the cygwin library (for Windows)
    • Add support for OctOS
    • Add support for NamelessROM
    • Add support for Tquetski's MIUI
    • Automatically comment out check_icd in init.rc of TouchWiz 4.4 ramdisks (initial work to make stock init binary dual-boot capable)
  • Version 4.0.2
    • Remove generic boot.img support. Use the GUI patcher or patch-ramdisk script instead.
    • Add support for patching unsupported boot.lok files by unifying the file type detection code in the CLI and GUI programs
    • Add support for BlackBox 2.2
    • Add support for Echoe v14, 14.1 (untested)
    • Add support for jamal2367's Google Edition version R1.1 final
    • Add support for jamal2367's old Android 4.2.2 build
    • Add support for LiquidSmooth Kit Kat
    • Add support for AOSB
    • Add support for Bobcat Google Edition
    • Add support for SHOstock (TW4.4 tested)
    • Fix bug where the newly flashed kernel for devices needing loki is not saved properly
    • Fix modem partition mounting in TouchWiz 4.4 ROMs -- Fixes unknown baseband bug
  • Version 3.2.2
    • Added support for:
      • Carbon's Kit Kat ROM
      • Omnifarious's ROM
      • Kangakat
      • BAM-Android
      • Infamous Google Edition
      • Echoe Google Edition
      • Echoe TouchWiz
      • Official MIUI (TouchWiz-based)
      • Moto X's optimized bionic and dalvik libraries installer
  • Version 3.2.1
    • Fixes this error when a zip is unsupported:
      AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'configs'
    • Add support for VirginROM (4.4 Kit Kat)
    • Add support for Dandroid (4.4 Kit Kat)
    • Add support for faux's Google Edition 4.4 jgedlte kernel
    • Add support for Gummy's Google Apps package
  • Version 3.2.0
    • Google Edition ROMs have the ugliest ramdisk by far (err...I mean Google Edition 4.4 ROMs will now boot)
    • chmod.exe from Cygwin's coreutils in now included in the Windows build so the patcher can set the necessary permissions on the init binary in Google Edition 4.4 ROMs
    • Disable SELinux by default globally
    • Fix mediaserver crash caused by the removal of /system/etc/snd_soc_msm/snd_soc_msm_2x_Fusion3_auxpcm in jamal2367's Google Edition 4.4 ROM
  • Version 3.1.1
    • Add support for Ktoonsez's Google Edition 4.4 kernel
    • Add support for Hell(y?)kat
  • Version 3.1.0
    • Add support for multi-boot patching in the Android GUI
  • Version 3.0.1
    • Update SuperSU patch to support version 1.80
    • Switch to CyanogenMod 11's mkbootimg and unpackbootimg sources
    • Add support for Google Edition 4.4 ROMs (ie. stop trying to patch the missing MSM8960_lpm.rc in the ramdisk)
    • Hack to allow the file chooser in Android 4.4 Kit Kat to work properly (in the Android version of the patcher)
  • Version 3.0.0
    • Separate many functions into to make patchinfo files simpler
    • Set compile target for the Android GUI to Kit Kat (API 19)
    • Add support for debug builds of the Android GUI so I don't have to sign test builds
    • Add support for removing those pesky device check asserts
    • Add support for using multiple patches (can combine auto-patcher with manual patch)
    • Fix broken patch generator in Windows (hopefully, we won't need it anymore though)
      • Removed by default for HellyBean
    • Add auto-patcher
      • Searches through updater script to find mount, unmount, format, and delete lines and replaces them with the multi-boot equivalent.
      • Finds line that flashes the kernel and inserts line that takes a backup and stores it in the appropriate place for the dual boot switcher
      • All partitions will always be unmounted after installation so the phone is not in a weird state when flashing the next zip.
    • Auto-patched ROMs
      • GoldenEye
      • CyanogenMod
      • HellyBean
      • PAC-Man
      • ProBAM
      • AOKP
      • IOKP
      • AOSP
      • SlimBean
      • Paranoid Android
      • AICP
      • Carbon
      • JellyBeer
      • Omni
      • Gummy
      • Vanir
      • Dirty Unicorns
      • jamal2367's Google Edition
      • Ktoonsez AOSP, TouchWiz, and Google Edition kernels
      • Faux kernel
      • Ausdim kernel
      • Adam kernel
      • Infamous kernel
      • Triforce ROM
      • Paranoid Android Google Apps
      • BaNkS' Google Apps
      • CyanogenMod's Google Apps
      • doomed151 Google Apps
      • SlimBean Google Apps (standard and aroma)
      • task650's AOKP Google Apps
      • MIUI's Google Apps
      • MIUI ROM
      • Foxhound
      • HTC Sense 5 port
      • MaKTaiL's Google Edition
      • Kangabean
    • Triple boot! (and quadruple and quintuple and ...)
      • Any auto-patched ROM is automatically supported
      • Requires version 2.0.0 of the Dual Boot Switcher app
      • Dual Boot Switcher supports up to 10 ROMs in addition to the primary and secondary
      • Patcher supports 3 ROMs in addition to the primary and secondary (unless someone wants more)
      • The Android GUI only supports dual booting for now
      • Partition configuration (where things are installed):
      • Introduced a new script that keeps track of what has and hasn't been mounted
        • Terribly written updater-scripts aren't a problem anymore
        • Note: using the script outside of the patcher will cause the ROM to be installed as secondary
      • Note: I don't want to rewrite SELinux rules and compile a modified version of vold, so for now, the target /system must be on a different physical partition than the target /cache. Other dualboot solutions have worked around this by installing the ROM files to a loop mounted ext4 filesystem image
      • Installing ROMs to /data should work in theory, but will not be supported
    • What else? :p
  • Version 2.5.3
    • Catch exception when file cannot be extracted
    • Add support for loki'd ChronicKernel
  • Version 2.5.2
    • Add support for OmniROM's Kit Kat ramdisks
    • Add support for Paranoid Android 4.4 Google Apps
    • Fix syntax error in scripts/
  • Version 2.5.1
    • unlokibootimg: struct can convert little-endian bytes to integers in Python 3.0 and Python 3.1 too
    • Don't use backslashes for filenames when generating patches from Windows
    • Add rushi.1986's patches for GoldenEye AT&T:
    • Update for bootimg variable
    • Add support for Ktoonsez's non-AOSP kernels
  • Version 2.5
    • Add support for extracted loki'd boot images:
    • Add support for Loki'd ktoonsez's AOSP 4.3 kernels
    • Fix crash when script is run with Python 2 due to the code trying to encode a "UTF-8" string as "UTF-8"
    • Flush stdout when printing status messages because Python 2's print() doesn't do that automatically
    • Fix general patch for Kangabean and enable Loki ramdisk patching for it
  • Version 2.4.3
    • Add support for IOKP
  • Version 2.4.2
    • Use custom-compiled tar to fix extraction on ROMs that don't have tar with xz support
    • Fix status messages in patcher so the app doesn't appear to pause with no activity
    • Clean up app cache as soon as it's not needed anymore
    • Add support for GoldenEye (TouchWiz 4.3) for T-Mobile
  • Version 2.4.1
    • Add support for loki'd Slim Bean
  • Version 2.4
    • Switch to GNU patch because busybox's patch can't handle fuzz. There's no way in the world we could ever have 100% perfect patches, so busybox is not an option.
  • Version 2.3
    • New Android app for patching files directly on the phone
  • Version 2.1
    • Add script for generating patches
  • Version 1.18.1
    • Add LiquidSmooth ramdisk
    • Add support for LiquidSmooth
  • Version 1.18
    • Add munchy_cool's 64-bit OS X unpackbootimg and mkbootimg binaries
    • Add support for OS X
  • Version 1.17.5
    • Add support for Metaiiica's PAC-Man
  • Version 1.17.4
    • Fix regular expressions for HellyBean and AOSP
  • Version 1.17.2
    • Add support for ProBAM
  • Version 1.17.1
    • Add support for HellyBean
    • Windows: Allow zip files to reside on a drive other separate from the patcher
    • Bug fix in variable name
  • Version 1.17
    • Add support for Vertigo's AOKP
    • Add generic AOKP ramdisk
  • Version 1.16.2
    • Add support for TriForceROM
  • Version 1.16.1
    • Add support for iNTriNsiC (20130806 version)
  • Version 1.16
    • Add support for Negalite
  • Version 1.15
    • Add support for geiti94's Sense 5 port
  • Version 1.14.2
    • Add support for Kangabean
  • Version 1.14.1
    • Add support for Paranoid Android Google Apps package
  • Version 1.14
    • Add support for Broodplank's AOSP
    • Add support for doom151's AOSP Google Apps package
  • Version 1.13
    • Add support for Evil UnWizzed
  • Version 1.12
    • Add support for ComaDose
    • Add support for JellyBeer
    • Add support for jamal2367's Google Edition ROM
  • Version 1.11
    • Fix critical bug in the repacking of boot.img that may cause secondary ROM to not boot (duplicate files w/same name in zip)
  • Version 1.10.1
    • Add support for AROMA Slim Bean Google Apps package
  • Version 1.10
    • Optimize patcher script so only one full zip read and one full zip write is required
    • Add support for BaNkS's Google Apps
  • Version 1.9
    • Add support for Carbon ROM
    • Add patched Carbon ramdisk
  • Version 1.8.1
    • Use 0 context diff for paranoidandroid.dualboot.patch so it can apply properly to AOSPA's updater-script
  • Version 1.8
    • Add support for FoxHound ROM
    • Add generic TouchWiz ramdisk
    • Update README with notice about free disk space
    • Bind mount /data/media during installation. It is bad practice for an updater-script to touch /data/media, but some ROMs do this, so we need to handle it
    • Add support for mounting secondary /cache in dual boot helper script
    • Update to support version 1.7's change in ramdisk compression
  • Version 1.6.3
    • Add support for Adam kernel (UNTESTED)
  • Version 1.6.2
    • Add support for Ausdim kernel (UNTESTED)
  • Version 1.6.1
    • Add support for Slim Bean ROM
  • Version 1.6
    • Add new script for replacing the ramdisk in boot.img
  • Version 1.5
    • Add support for MIUI
  • Version 1.4.2
    • Add support for ParanoidAndroid
  • Version 1.4.1
    • Experimental Infamous kernel support (UNTESTED)
  • Version 1.4
    • Initial support for Google Edition ramdisks
    • Add support for MaKTaiL's Google Edition ROM
  • Version 1.3
    • Minor fixes in preparation for public release
    • Update README with supported files and convert line endings to rn (thanks Windows!)
  • Version 1.2.6
    • Add SuperSU support
  • Version 1.2.5
    • Add AOKP support
  • Version 1.2.4
    • Add ChronicKernel support
  • Version 1.2.3
    • Add support for Vertigo's PAC-Man
  • Version 1.2.2
    • Add support for CyanogenMod's Google Apps
  • Version 1.2.1
    • Add support for official CyanogenMod nightlies
  • Version 1.2
    • Add faux kernel support
  • Version 1.1
    • Add Windows support
    • Newly compiled mkbootimg.exe and unpackbootimg.exe to support Windows' separate text and binary file I/O modes
    • Add a portable, minimal version of Python 3 for Windows
    • Use newer GNU patch from MSYS for Windows
  • Version 1.0
    • Initial release (Linux only)
    • Supported kernels: ktoonsez AOSP 4.3
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Awesome work!
Is it possible to add support for the google edition 4.3 ROMs?
For example

Also, the loke-doki zip so that us att users can flash roms that are not lokied!
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Originally Posted by rushi.1986

Awesome work!
Is it possible to add support for the google edition 4.3 ROMs?
For example

Also, the loke-doki zip so that us att users can flash roms that are not lokied!

Thanks! I'll add support for the ROM you linked right now.

loki-doki actually doesn't need any patching
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I wish we could patch the files from android Dx

If I actually did help, how bout a Thanks
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Could you also enable the patch for miui rom avail in the i9505 Android section. .
Sorry in mobile can't link you the thread

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regarding this dual booting, is there any possibility that the /data partition can be shared across both roms?

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Originally Posted by hisname

regarding this dual booting, is there any possibility that the /data partition can be shared across both roms?

Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk 2

+1 this would be awesome

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17th September 2013, 08:19 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by hisname

regarding this dual booting, is there any possibility that the /data partition can be shared across both roms?

Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk 2

Originally Posted by chickentuna

+1 this would be awesome

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 4

It depends on what you mean by /data. Currently, the internal SD is shared. It's possible to share /data/app and /data/app-asec without too much trouble (so apps aren't downloaded twice). If you're looking to share /data/data (app settings), I don't think I'll implement that, as least not for all apps. I don't think it's a good idea to have to have a blacklist of apps that can't have their data shared, such as launchers.

I'm considering adding a new section to the dual boot switcher app so that you can choose which apps' data should be shared between the two ROMs
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