Default What are the differences between ROM 1.11 & 1.12

Hi all

I have searched high and low on this site and the net and can't find what the differences are between ROM version 1.11, 1.12 & 1.13.

I know they will be only small but lets list them.

This is the Whats New items with the O2 Mini ROM V1.11

What's new?

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Latest updates on Microsoft Windows Mobile - latest Microsoft AKU(*) release 2.6 for Windows Mobiles 2003 Second Edition.

MMS client - MMS client upgraded to with improvements in interoperability.

Radio software - Tested in major operators network in Asia. Improvements on GRPS and GSM performance.

New and updated operator network settings - New additional operator settings for CTM (Macau), Orange (Thailand), Peoples (Hong Kong) and Sun Cellular (Philippines).

Resolutions to known issues

    * Fine-tuned speaker phone echo cancellation
    * Improved audio quality
    * Occasional radio no signal when PDA wake-up base band
    * Occasional AEC failure during voice call
    * Occasional failure in receiving cell broadcast message after reset
    * Other party unable to hear voice using Bluetooth headset 5 minutes after device goes into power safe mode
    * Updated keyboard mapping
    * "Load text failed!" displays in localization builds in MMS
    * Time stamp incorrect in message info in MMS

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