Default JasJar & GPS

To all
I am using Destinator 3 in the JasJar.It works very well.

If you wanted unhide the GPS Settings do:
Delete the DWORD marked "hide"
Add a DWORD called "Group" end give it value of "2"(dec)

I could not using the GPS Settings, seems that is not working.

The only way to use the Destinator was editing port to com 4.

BUT: Every time that I wish to use the GPS, I have to delete the old GPS Partnership and create a new one.
The GPS that I am using is the HOLUX Gr-230.

Or do a soft reset in the Jasjar, the GPS start to work again

Please any sugestions?


Rom 1.13.53
Rom date 09/23/05
Radio 1.03.02
ExtROM 1.13.137
Qtek 9000
ROM 2.10.01WWE PV
radio 1.15.00
Protocol 42.51.P8