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Custom ROM comparison database 2.0 (open to edit for public now!!!)

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Default Custom ROM comparison database 2.0 (open to edit for public now!!!)

Someone asked me to create a thread here for my custom ROM comparison database, so that's what I'm doing here now.
A few words from my side so you know what to expect of it and clear things up.
This is the original text I posted on my blog, so I'll just put it up here as well.

At the end of last week, I asked on G+ what to do next, an app comparison or a new custom ROM review. On of the first answers that got my attention was someone asking for a custom ROM comparison instead. I thought about it for a while how this could works since I can’t show them off side by side and it would be difficult no matter what. While thinking along I also remembered one post on YouTube where a viewer gave me the constructive criticism on the videos getting too long, especially the part where I listed all the features in the video review. I told him I am aware of that fact but I still haven’t found the right solution to make the videos shorter without missing any important specs. After some more thinking the idea of the comparison database was born.
The idea behind the database

Creating a database that contains all the available features clearly visible and quickly to access for everybody was actually the hopefully right solution. Using it I don’t need to waste anymore time on rattling down the whole list in my video… this saves me a whole lot of time but of course also you. And if someone wants to know if a specific feature is available in the reviewed ROM he can just quickly check the database and look for it, it’s as easy as that. Of course this method also allows me to focus more on the important aspects of the ROM itself.
Creating the database itself took quite some time for sure but in the end I think this is the cleaner and smarter solution for everyone. I hope this to get a helpful tool for everyone to easily find the right ROM for himself that suites him the most.

I did 2 videos, one quickly explaining the purpose of the database itself and an additional one explaining some of the more important custom ROM features so that people who are maybe new to custom ROM flashing know what to look for. If you see any feature in my database and wanna know what it is for or what it does, leave me a comment. I will then either quickly explain it if possible or collect some of the requests and make another “features explained” video.

Here is the link for the database (it will also be attached to every upcoming custom ROM video as well as the matching article), it will be updated with every upcoming custom ROM video review. I am no professional in text editing, so if someone is maybe bored or wants to help me out in making a better and more professional appearing database to improve it, please contact me, I’d really appreciate it.

Features of the database
- detailed list of all possible custom ROM feaures (~100 at the moment, constantly growing)
- containing 13 of the most popular ROMs + stock Android ROM + Xposed Framework to compare with each other (list is still growing)
- a lot of useful additional informations like links to downloads, ROM's websites, G+ communities and much more
- everything is sorted logically and color coded for fast and easy comparison
- all features have a quick explanation, expecially helpful for custom ROM beginners
- a lot of maintainers to keep it updated as good as possible (12 maintainers at the moment) - always looking for more, feel free to join
- constantly working on improving and enhancing the database

here is the link to the database 2.0 - thx to @parker09

some additional videos to explain the whole thing again...

Please feel free to leave any comments.
I'm a real Google docs noob so if someone maybe wants to help me clean it up and polish the style, just contact me.
And if this thread is posted in the wrong section, please just let me know.

I read the posts here and on the portal and wanna set some things straight.
I do the database including the reviews in my free time, but besides that Iīm also blogging,doing app/device reviews, how toīs and similar stuff so time for the database is therefore limited. Thatīs the reason I canīt progress with the database as fast as I would like to, also my way of testing takes up a lot of time.
I will of course try to do it as frequently as possible and of course ROMs like AOKP and Omni will follow in time.
Thatīs it for that.
Regarding mistakes and such, I know the database isnīt flawless but Iīm not doing errors on purpose. About missing features of certain ROMs, it is possible some ROMs now have features that werenīt available at my time reviewing it but itīs almost impossible for me to keep track of all changes since I use different ROMs all the time and canīt always go back to already reviewed ones.

Update 2
Big change, after all what I read, I finally decided to make the database open to edit for public. Everyone can add ROMs and changes as he wishes to. I only ask users to be resposible and keep everything clean. Feel free to make new entries or correct errors if found. I think this is the best way for the database to grow.
The 2nd change is the move to another design made by @parker09 that is way nicer and better in my opinion.
The old one will still stay but wonīt be updated anymore I think. So donīt forget to change your current link to the new one.
BIG THX to everyone in advance who decides to particate on working on the database, I hope the new way is a win for everyone.

Update 3
Sorry to say but the open to public idea wasn't the best it seems since the database somehow got messed up a bit. I want to prevent this from happening that's why I have some rules now to hopefully keep things clean and right this time.
Everyone is still welcome to participate in maintaining the database but has to do following now in order to get permissions to edit.
This reason for the rules is so I can better keep track of what gets changed by who and I know which parts are getting updated and which not.

How to get permission to edit?
Please contact me via PM on xda with the following title...
maintain custom ROM database "your email adress" "your google name" (the name that will appear when editing the document)
- Please also write down your name and email again within the pm just to be sure
- Please tell me which ROM(s) you would like to maintain or what you plan to edit.
- Please tell me if it is ok to add you to hangouts, this would make the teamwork faster and easier

Rules for maintainers
can now be found directly in the database

I want this so I have a list of all the maintainer and know who does what, so things don't get mixed up like 2 people editing one rom at the same time getting each other between in their way. This gives me a better overview so I can track the changes.

n3ocort3x - AICP Team member
owain94 - PACman Team member
vedantgp - CyanFox Team member - Special thanks for a lot of groundwork&more
josegalre - Special thanks for a lot of groundwork&more
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I love to beta test all sorts of stuff
Please check my Android Blog TheDroidEffect
and my custom ROM comparison database
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Thank your for publishing it here as well. This will be helpful for all of us.

...but not offline all the time

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SlimBean has Breathing SMS. I should know I ported it (its in MMS settings)

NOTE: Search, Read, Produce a Logcat then report any Stock Slim Issues

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Originally Posted by cordell12 View Post
SlimBean has Breathing SMS. I should know I ported it (its in MMS settings)
Maybe it didn't have it back when I reviewed it or I missed it. Will change it later. Thanks for the heads up

I love to beta test all sorts of stuff
Please check my Android Blog TheDroidEffect
and my custom ROM comparison database
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Can you add what you can do with stock+GravityBox? Then people can see which benefits they can get without flashing roms.
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Hi nimrodity,

please make it available as a online tool for all ROM makers, so that they can update it as and when possible. and then there's no need you to update it.
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Nice I did a column for Paranoid Android (as best I can - some features I don't know what they do) but did as best I could so if you want to copy & paste it.


On the second sheet I started one ages ago and that's the style I went with, and you hover over for what their options are.

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Interesting, but what I would really love to see is developers from cross-ROM platforms joining hands
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Lastest Carbon have got Paranoid PIE.
You are using custom kernel with Swipe2Wake implemented?
Are you getting screen freezes after some time?
No more reboots - one click just needed Screen Edges Fix

If you need to translate your app to Polish let me know!
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Default Small adjustments

You had a really great idea by doing this. I once search for something similar to this spredsheet and didn't find anything useful...till now!!

You did a wonderful job!

I just noticed 1 small thing and my other point is a suggestion:

1. In CM10.2 you have an option for the vibration intensity only, so maybe you could add to the "vibration" section: yes, but limited.
2. My suggestion would be to add another "spec" for the ROM. It would be "screen color/gamma calibration". It's a very interesting feature and CM10.2 (latest nightly) has it.

What do you think?

Keep up the good work!

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