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[ROM][5.3.14] .::StockMOD ROM::. | Galaxy S5 | UVUENC2 | RLS2.1

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By saranhai, Recognized Contributor / Developer on 28th October 2013, 04:57 AM
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Announcement from saranhai: .::StockMOD ROM::. RLS2.1 | Samsung Galaxy S5
Thanks to DocHoliday77 for posting the Official Update! Be sure to thank him Here

The first TouchWiz 4.3 ROM for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III!



Please do not kang any part of this ROM without developer permission, violators WILL be caught, and moderators will be notified.

"My phone never worked this great, ever! I am very grateful to you and Doc and others for making me finally happy with my phone."

"Your rom saved my phone. 4.3 update blocks changes to the nv registry - so people who lost their imei are no longer able to use the preferred method of using nv- items reader writer. however.. when using your rom it works!!! thanks so much man. you're doing excellent work."

"Flashed installed, tested, all good to go! Gents Thank You for your Contributions...."
Judge Joseph Dredd

"...I for one have found this to be very stable and meets all my needs as a DD. The final issued Rom from Samsung/ATT will be anticlimactic. This is very good."

-T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-T999-
-T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III LTE SGH-T999L-
-Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-T999V-
-Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-T999N-

.::This Thread will be divided into 4 Sections::.
Click to go to each post

-StockMOD Custom ROM-
A ROM aimed at giving you the core features of TouchWiz, and much more!

-StockMOD ROM-
Completely based on Stock ROM, little to no changes.

-Community Section-
A place for all of the previously uploaded ROMs, the Mods Center, and Signature Banners!

Answers to (Hopefully) all your questions

If you like our work, help us support more devices!
Donations are very valuable, and help support further development.

Visit Us

TheLastSidekick the guy is a boss!
DocHoliday77 for posting the UVUEMJ4 T-Mobile Leak
Loserskater for posting the UCUEMJ2 AT&T leak
designgears for finding the leak and sharing it
The guys over at the AT&T forums for being extremely helpful and nice
DocHoliday77 for posting the T999UVUEMJ4 Modem
Anonymous for finding the T99UVUEMJ4 Modem
Stratak7 and upndwn4par for the Insecure Kernel
Fcortes626 for the APM and Unlimited MultiWindow Mod
Zhuhang for Viper4Android Mod
Arsaw for his help in porting over Galaxy Note 3 Features
RagzDog for giving us permission to port over Galaxy Note 3 features from the I9300
AT&T for the leak
Samsung for continuing to support our beloved Galaxy S III
Everyone else that helped make this port possible
Important Please Read
I. Appreciation

There are many ways to show your support to us. You can:
  • Press the "Thanks" button.
  • Hit the donation button and help support the team
  • Wear our specially prepared banner
  • Share your opinion about my work and write some feedback in our threads.
  • Advertise our work to your friends, family, anyone who owns this device.
  • Rate our threads with 5 stars.

We appreciate all the support you give us, but we don't expect anything
II. Sharing is all about sharing. If you would like to use any part of our work, please feel free to do so but remember to do the following beforehand:
  • Inform - Please send us a PM or email telling us
  • Permission - Please, if you do not have permission from us, don't use it. Most of the time, we will allow you to, but if you don't get our permission first, we will report.
  • Credits - No one wants their work stolen. Please remember to give proper credits when using our work.

III. Support

If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to post them in the our threads. However, because all of us have social lives outside of XDA, your questions may not always be answered right away. Members who are more experienced in our work, please help out the ones who don't.
If you want to get the fastest and the best answer - ask the question in our threads instead of PM'ing us. Chances are, other users will be able to help you when Team Members don't have the time to.
IV. Updates

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V. Responsibilities

We are not responsible for your device! We do not guarantee that everything will work the way it's supposed to. Not every device is created equal, what might work on our devices may not work on yours or vice versa. Please be a responsible person when it comes to flashing. This is a mature site, don't act immaturely when your device becomes problematic. If you cry and blame us for "destroying" your device, we will laugh at you. Your device is your responsibility, act like it.
Thanks for choosing Team Inferno, we hope you enjoy our works!
-Team Inferno-

XDA:DevDB Information
StockMOD ROM 4.3, ROM for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III

saranhai, TheLastSidekick, DocHoliday77
ROM OS Version: 4.3.x Jellybean
ROM Firmware Required: UVUEMJ4 or UVUEMJC Modem
Based On: Touchwiz

Version Information
Status: Stable
Stable Release Date: 2013-10-27

Created 2013-10-28
Last Updated 2014-08-19
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2013-10-27-20-01-34.jpg
Views:	22268
Size:	33.5 KB
ID:	2355023   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2013-10-27-20-01-43.jpg
Views:	22303
Size:	36.6 KB
ID:	2355024   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2013-10-27-20-01-55.jpg
Views:	21593
Size:	25.6 KB
ID:	2355025  
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28th October 2013, 04:58 AM |#2  
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.::StockMOD ROM::. [May 3rd, 2014] Galaxy S5 Edition
.::StockMOD ROM::.
"A ROM aimed at giving you the core features of TouchWiz, and much more!"

  • Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-T999
  • Root and Custom Recovery Installed
  • T999UVUEMJC Modem
  • ROM File
  • Knowledge of what you're doing
  • Patience

  • Based on T-Mobile UVUEMJC Official Update
  • Android Version 4.3
  • Works on our SGH-T999
  • Removed Samsung KNOX and SELinux set to Permissive
  • Root Permissions
  • Audio Mods
  • AROMA Installer
  • Fully Debloated
  • Custom Launcher Options
  • Galaxy S5 Theme!
  • Smart Pause & Smart Scroll *BETA*
  • Reader Mode
  • Galaxy Note 3 Apps and Features
  • Quad View Multi-Window: View 4 Apps at once
  • Easy One Hand Settings
  • Galaxy S4 Themed Camera App
  • XPosed App
  • Wanam XPosed Module
  • International i9300 Bootanimation
  • Tweaked Build.prop for better performance and stability
  • And Much More!

StockMOD ROM 4.3 RLS2.1 May 3rd, 2014
-Rebased to T999UVUENC2
-Added the following from the Galaxy S5:
--Real PortedGalaxy S5 Launcher
--Accuweather Widget
--MyFiles Themed S5
--Bootanimation/Shutdown animation
--Boot Audio
-SystemUI and Framework-Res further themed 
-Cleaned up system 

StockMOD ROM 4.3 RLS2 March 9th, 2014
-Changed up the base a bit, thanks to the developers of S3Rx
 Hopefully this will make things more stablized 
-Fixed MMS Through WiFi Calling for T-Mobile users
-Added Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 Keyboard
-Mobile Data, WiFi-Hotspot, Torch Toggles now added to Notification Panel 
-Added "Extra Settings" in Settings->My Device (Big thanks to S3Rx Developers!)
-Added Galaxy S5 Theme! Icons, System, etc
-Multiwindow all apps are now enabled by default
-System-wide and Framework Tweaks
-Seperated Carrier ROMs once again, wasn't working out 
-"Going back to the basics"

StockMOD ROM 4.3 RLS1 January 27th, 2014
-Merged the two carrier ROMs together, Based on T-Mobile <b>UVUEMJC</b> (ROM size increased again due to this)
-Added More Galaxy Note 3 Features:
--S Note
--S Travel
--S Finder
-Fixed Internet app FC
-Fixed Galaxy Note 3 Browser App FC
-Themed White Apps (Phone, Messaging, Settings, etc) On Stock UI, Thanks WHOIZLUCKY92
-Added Custom Kernel Installation in AROMA
-Merged some AROMA settings windows together (should help with the freezing problem, please report)
-Cleaned stuff up in AROMA Code
-Progress bar now actually reaches 100% instead of being stuck at one point
-Now is RLS release versions!

StockMOD ROM 4.3 v8 January 2nd, 2014
-Now you can choose your device style in AROMA! (ROM Size increased because of this)
 We know that not everybody likes to have their phone look and act like the Note 3, or just want a stable ROM, well now that's possible!
--Stock: Little to no modifications or addons, most stable (All AROMA Options are still available!)
--Galaxy Note 3: Experimental, many modifications and addons from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4, not fully stable
-New wallpapers: Inferno Wallpapers!
-Transparent Accuweather Widget from Galaxy Note 3 added (Thanks DdronD4L)
The following apply to Galaxy Note 3 Style only:
-New lockscreen options ported 
--Watercolour (Not working, will cause bootloop)
--Lens Flare
--Ripple with Ink Effect
-Galaxy Note 3 toggles added to SystemUI
-Galaxy Note 3 browser app ported (buggy, FC's)
-Galaxy Note 3 multiwindow ported
-Galaxy Note 3 quadview multiwindow ported (view 4 apps at once)
-Galaxy Note 3 one handed operation ported
-Galaxy Note 2 SystemUI ported
-Floating Miniapps from Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tabs ported
-Added InkEffect Application
-Added LG Camera app from LG Devices
-Fixed Smart Eye Icon
-Many Thanks to XDA Member RagzDog for his contributions in the I9300 forums, and for allowing us to port these features over to the US Variants

StockMOD ROM 4.3 v7 December 15th, 2013
-Added Note 3 Features
 --My Magazine (Launcher Shortcut)
 --Weather Widget 
 --Most Stock Apps (Phone, Contacts, Calendar, etc)
 --Browser (Smart Scroll Beta)
 --Video Player (Smart Pause Beta)
 --Most Media Files (Alarms, Ringtones, UI)
-Build.prop Tweaks
-Galaxy S4 Themed Samsung Camera App
-Additions to Settings App
 --Screen Mode Option (Under Display)
 --Reader Mode (Under Display)
-Added Smart Pause/Smart Scroll *Still Beta*(Thanks Arsaw and team!)
-Added Google Nexus 5 Camera and Gallery App in AROMA Installer
-Fixed Accuweather Widget Issue for Galaxy S III Widget
-Cleaned up some stuff
-*Air Gesture Settings are included...I hope you guys know that they will NEVER work on the Galaxy S III due to hardware incompatability*
-*Not everything currently works! Beta Mode!*

StockMOD ROM 4.3 v6 December 8th, 2013
-Changed Splash Image (Thanks imilleson )
-Fixed Email Crash 
-Added ROM Mods Option in AROMA Installer
-Added SPlanner Widget (Calendar Widget) in AROMA Installer
-Build.prop Tweaks
-Some other things I can't think of

StockMOD ROM 4.3 v5 December 3rd, 2013
-Added a whole bunch of new additions to AROMA Installer
--Samsung Apps & Addons
--Some Galaxy S4 Options
--Accuweather Widgets
--Custom Keyboards
--Email Client
--Additional Apps
--Music Players
--Audio Quality Mods
-Renamed, no longer "SLIM ROM" anymore
-More things I forgot

StockMOD SLIM ROM 4.3 v4 November 29th, 2013
-Rebased to T-Mobile UVUEMJC Official
-Added 4 Way Reboot Menu (Thanks fcortes626)
-Added Unlimited Multiwindow Apps(Thanks fcortes626)
-Changed bootanimation to Samsung Official
-Additional changes to AROMA Installer
-Fully Debloated
-KNOX and CiQ Removed

StockMOD SLIM ROM 4.3 v3 November 12th, 2013
-Rebased to T-Mobile UVUEMJC Leak
-Removed KNOX and CarrierIQ
-Fully debloated 

StockMOD SLIM ROM 4.3 v2 November 9th, 2013
-Rebased to T-Mobile UVUEMJ4 Leak
-Removed KNOX and CiQ
-Completely debloated and slimmed down
-Added AROMA Installer
-Fixed Nova Launcher Crashing issue
-Minor tweaks to System for better performance

StockMOD SLIM ROM 4.3 v1 October 29th, 2013
-Initial Release

These apply to the Note 3 Style only, Stock is bug-free:
  • Smart pause/scroll still don't fully work
  • Watercolour Lockscreen WILL CAUSE a bootloop
  • Weird overscroll image
  • When taking a screenshot, it'll say that the screenshot wasn't taken, don't worry, it was
  • Using the search bar in settings will cause FC
  • Please report

How To Flash:
  1. Flash T999UVUEMJC Modem
  2. Flash ROM: If flashing freezes at "Initiating AROMA", just take out the battery, reboot to recovery, and keep trying! It'll eventually work.
  3. Reboot and Enjoy
*First Boot will look like it has frozen, be patient.*

StockMOD Custom ROM T999 4.3

-Team Inferno-
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28th October 2013, 04:58 AM |#3  
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.::StockMOD ROM::. [Dec. 1st, 2013]
.::StockMOD ROM::.

  • Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-T999
  • Root and Custom Recovery Installed
  • T999UVUEMJ4 Modem
  • ROM File
  • Knowledge of what you're doing
  • Patience

  • Based on T-Mobile T999UVUEMJC Leak
  • Android Version 4.3
  • Works on our SGH-T999
  • Deodexed
  • Removed CarrierIQ
  • Removed Samsung KNOX
  • Removed Syscope
  • Root Permissions

StockMOD ROM 4.3 v4 December 1st, 2013
-Rebased to Official T-Mobile T999UVUEMJC Update, credits to DocHoliday77!
-Added Advanced Power Menu
-AROMA Installer Changes
-Untouched base except the following:
--Removed KNOX
--Removed CarrierIQ
--Removed Syscope

StockMOD ROM 4.3 v3 November 11th, 2013
-Rebased to latest T-Mobile T999UVUEMJC Leak, Thanks again DocHoliday!
-Untouched base except the following:
--Removed KNOX
--Removed CarrierIQ
--Removed Syscope

StockMOD ROM 4.3 v2 November 4th, 2013
-Rebased to T-Mobile T999UVUEMJ4 Leak, Thanks DocHoliday77!
-Removed KNOX
-Removed CarrierIQ
-Added AROMA Installer
-Minor Tweaks to System to enhance performance

StockMOD ROM 4.3 v1 October 27th, 2013
-Initial Release

  • You Tell Me

How To Flash:
  1. Flash T999UVUEMJC Modem
  2. Flash ROM
  3. Reboot and Enjoy
*First Boot will look like it has frozen, be patient.*


-Team Inferno-
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28th October 2013, 04:59 AM |#4  
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Angry Community Section

Signature Banners
Custom made by XDA Member imilleson!



Team Inferno Banner!


Older Downloads
Older versions of StockMOD ROM

StockMOD ROM Builds

StockMOD Custom ROM Builds


UVUEMJC Tether Hack

More Toggles Hack

Google Wallet Fix for TW 4.3

SuperSu v1.80 Root Fix

Transparent Note 3 Accuweather Widget

-Team Inferno-
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28th October 2013, 04:59 AM |#5  
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Info 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I flash the ROM the installation freezes? What am I supposed to do now?
A: This is a known issue with AROMA, it tends to freeze up (I'm guessing due to a lot of window options?) during initiation, you didn't do anything wrong. Just pull out the battery, reboot into recovery, and reflash. No need to freak out. Repeat as many times as needed.

Q: What happened to everything on my sdcard?!
A: When you flash this it will appear as if you've lost everything on your sdcard. You haven't, it just created a new folder '0' so you'll need to move all of your files/folders from /data/media/* to /data/media/0/*

Q: I can't find the Developer options.
A: Settings>More>About device>Tap 'Build number' a couple times

Q: Long pressing Home button doesn't bring up the Recents menu?
A: This is due to a bug in the Wanam XPosed app. Go into the app, long home key behavior and change it from "Recent apps list" to "Classic Recent on Android 4.2 (reboot menu on 4.3)" then changed it back to "Recent apps list" and reboot. (Thanks pp085ster!)

Q: Some of the options i chose in XPosed Mod Apps don't work?
A: This is a known issue, due to incompatibility between the app and the ROM. Hope the app developers will provide an update soon.

Q: Will this work on my T999V/N/L
A: Yes, but i doubt data would work for you without the proper modem.
*Don't attempt to flash the Modem mentioned in OP, that is ONLY meant for SGH-T999 users

Additional Information

So why don't some features work?

Well, the Galaxy Note 3 features being used our Galaxy S III's is 'taken' from officially released from Samsung for the Galaxy Note 3.
However, those phones have slightly different hardware and features than our devices- so they aren't the same. This means that parts of the software have to be 'ported' to work on the Samsung Galaxy S III. Some features will never be ported due to lack of compatible hardware.

OK, so why is porting so difficult?

The Android O/S is 'open source' meaning that anybody can see the actual source code for themselves, and see how it all works. They can modify it and adapt it to suit their needs (good).
Phone manufacturers USE Android in their phones, but they don't have to make all their own 'extra' software open source too. They like to protect their software by keeping it secret (not so good). There are many reasons why they do this, both good and bad, but it makes porting difficult.

When developers don't have access to the source code for parts of a phone, they have to write their own!... this means they have to have highly detailed knowledge of the phone, its hardware and other software components. Sometimes they can try things by trial and error, sometimes they have knowledge from a similar phone, and sometimes they just don't know.

This is the most common issue for 'ported' ROMS. Things like Power Management, Camera, WiFi, GPS etc are the things that make one manufacturer's phone stand out from another, and therefore end up 'secret'.

This does not mean that they will never work, it only means that they take longer to get working.

Who does the porting?

The actual porting is done by surprisingly few people:
- Some guys who know 'inside secrets'
- Some guys who are just great developers but who don't have the secrets
- Some guys who can develop but need a little guidance
- Some of them are 'great guys' helping the community (and keeping their own skills up to date)
- Some of them have other motives (good and bad)
- Some of them form teams to work on different ports

Why don't all the developers work together?

Developers are people - they have all the same issues as everybody else:
- Some like working alone
- Some feel that other developers standards aren't high enough
- Some are trying to fix a specific problem that THEY want fixed
- Some teams have different goals (one team might be aiming for a port that can work on 5 different phones, whilst another team are focused on a single phone. One team may want a totally 'clean' ROM and another want a ROM with lots of customisation options built in)
- Sometimes, people just don't get along with each other

I thought the ROM makers did all this work?

You'd be wrong.

The ROM developers use the ported code to make their ROMs. Sometimes they can choose different components from the various development teams to build a ROM.
Imagine a motor car:
1) The 'developers' make the engine, wheels, steering, chassis etc
2) The ROM Makers build their car choosing the components they need for their ROM
3) The 'Modders' add custom paint colours, fancy headlights, custom interior etc

The 'developers' are not smarter than the ROM makers, and the ROM makers are not smarter than the modders. They just have different roles (and some people do all three roles!)

Hope this clears some things up, thanks for reading.

-Team Inferno-
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28th October 2013, 05:17 AM |#6  
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Good work! I'm not completely stock lol, I haven't been for a while! Nonetheless interesting!
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28th October 2013, 05:22 AM |#7  
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just when I finished setting up a new ROM I see this :banghead: lol

Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk
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28th October 2013, 05:23 AM |#8  
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Good sht but i think I'll wait for the tweaks and mods

Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk
28th October 2013, 05:26 AM |#9  
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This is great, I wonder how the overall performance is compared to 4.1.2. Downloading! Thanks!

Sent from my SGH-T999 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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28th October 2013, 05:26 AM |#10  
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Screenshots added!
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