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[Toolkit][Windows&Linux(Wine)] Already Setup Adb/Fastboot Environment and Installer

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By Lgrootnoob, Account currently disabled on 8th November 2013, 03:53 AM
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First, I take donations.
Second, see the 2nd post about Windows XP compatibilty.(XP requires that the tool be used on a usb drive or a partition that does not contain the current running operating system)
(For the other OSs it works fine on the drive with the running OS) (For Linux see the last post)
Third, XP users that don't have a removable drive available can use the XP-ONLY version on the local drive.
Fourth, read EVERYTHING here on the first and last post.
Fifth, adbClient is a download, unzip, connect to phone package that requires nearly no setup at all allowing you to use the android debugging bridge.
If you want to install adb and fastboot use the "instadb" command.(If you get an access denied error, you must have the administrator password and check your typing)

If you want to update but continue to keep automagically using your work folder: you must copy the Work folder into the folder above the updated bin folder.
Like so: extract the new package. copy the old work folder into the new extracted folder. your work folder should sit right beside the launchadbclient script and the updated bin folder.
This tool can be moved anywhere alongside the work folder

To launch the script extract the zip and run LaunchadbClient by double clicking on it.
Type "xt" without quotes to see a menu for commands.
Check out some package management by typing apk.
To install adb and fastboot to the system without fiddling with environment variables use the instadb command.
Visit this link first to enable usb debugging:
To utilize the Google usb driver extract its zip and right click the android_winusb.inf file and hit the install option.
If Google's drivers dont work or you have no drivers or adb doesn't mention any connected devices at the top of the window then you need to visit your manufacturers website for your phone's driver.
Here is the pdanet all purpose adb driver that is pretty much fail proof. if you have any issues with it uninstall it and try another one from below.
If all three of those driver suggestions are not applicable then read the "OTHER DRIVERS" category:
OTHER DRIVERS: The Universal Naked Driver is a good one. Or you can follow this exceptional tutorial for all purpose adb driver installation (I am not responsible for any issues with the tutorial, I just found it.)
I recommend Adb Konnect from the play store if drivers are a problem.
Sometimes your usb cable is keeping you from using adb, so try changing cables.(this actually just happened to me with my samsung usb cable and i ended up using my nexus 7 one instead)

This tool is here to make my life(and your life) with adb easier.
It's the windows command line on steroids.
It is made for being put on a flash drive and being used on different computers.
Especially if you are using someone else's computer but want to keep an environment with your tools and files in it where you could just load it up from a flash drive.
It uses shortcuts for tools including and can autoroot etcetera among other features. This tool is free to use and distribute\modify with my name attached. It contains a presetup adb and fastboot environemnt and has extra binaries\scripts for working with the windows command line and android easier.
Overall it makes interfacing with android over adb much more interesting.

1.9.5-XP_ONLY is for the Windows XP desktop only.

Version 3.2.9 is the latest stable release, Use this version please. Thanks for your interest.
If you want to take a snapshot of the latest development go here.
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8th November 2013, 09:14 PM |#2  
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: I now have a donate button if you want to see more development.
I don't support 2.2 or 1.9.5 anymore. Only 3.x.
KNOWN ISSUES: tar might not work.
apklist won't auto exit because of the more pipe. just use control-c for now to unfreeze it
Some of the scripted adb commands stall.

The only thing that I own in the zip is the scripts. The copyright notice and license for android sdk and included files is included as Notice.txt and Noticeforadb.txt in the
With this tool their is no need to install adb or fastboot on your computer just run the script.
If you get an antivirus warning its because of the Zergrush, Psneuter, Framaroot, and ExynosAbuse root exploits.(And the Hstart binary sometimes)
I am not malicious anyway.(You can read my code easily)
You can copy the folder wherever you want. (I made sure it works)
Just don't have anything named bin in the same directory as the launch script.

This tool is meant to be an extension to the command prompt and will pass anything that it doesn't understand over to the command interpreter.
It works in Wine. Extra launching needed. (See last post)
This is a tool for beginners and advanced users however beginners need to learn adb's commands before using this tool.
It will root 2.x and up(Support added for newer android versions). I suggest installing Supersu also.
Tool works on all windows versions: Wndows XP and above.
You are no longer encouraged to use the XP only zips for Windows XP.
For XP: If you use the tool on the local drive it throws errors however if you use it on a usb drive then it works fine
If you need to use it on a local drive then you can use the old win xp only version.
Windows 8 and 8.1 run the tool perfect.
Use the exit command to exit the tool.(It auto kills the adb server)

Links to third party tools used or included:
Recommended download: ApkMultiTool. Another recommended download: Mediatek flashtool
Android Sdk
Stahlworks Binaries : Open source
Win32 Busybox Binary(pclouds) REPLACED WITH Tigress busybox
Freac Not in Slim builds.
Stericson Busybox Android Binary
Sqlite3 android
Hstart for use with startup sound
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9th November 2013, 09:53 PM |#3  
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This info applies to testing, finals, and anything else.
add start settings app and browser app command using am start
add intent disabler (Disable an app's MAIN so that it can be hidden from drawer and be unstartable "locked" )
add the ability to make img of a specified size and store it in /data and even loop mount it to sdcard
add the ability to live image the system and data partitions.
remember to make the user specify the filesystem for sdcard image
I need to backport all bug fixes and improvements to 1.9.5_XP-ONLY
use vbscripts to automate key sends (control-c) Not done due to batch sucking.
add su -c sh to start up root shell on device for use with things like strace. Not done due to batch sucking.
add if blank adb devices say you must connect with either cnt or plugging your device in. (But still show the output)
add variable for work folder
Migrate all custom data text files(hist,clr) to config folder in Work\ but keep defaults in regular bin folder.
add adbkiller script to the desktop by question on first startup.(Store info text file in userbin) (User variable then desktop)
clean output on adbp and adbps plus
change all du -smc to du -sm for single push/pull
add ability to do several pushes and pulls with du -smc in one operation
add parameters to adbp and adbps
add if not defined to destination and source file in adb and adbps to allow for hitting enter to quit in the middle of setting up a push or pull
cleanup and organize xt
include some sort of nano for windows binary for command line editing
include a compact notepad++
Remove extra binaries such as zip and unzip to point to busybox linkers (Skim through code to change "zip" to "busybox zip" or "sfk zip")
Pass all inputted commands to a script that can parse arguments before they are sent to they're respesctive scripts or binaries. (Mostly to catch /? and run it without call)
Remember to update adbClient Launcher to point to new folder.
Add first time greeting, explaining commonplace commands and the various folders using java.
add batch snake from here and here for fun
learn some design tips from  batch snake.
add adb closer background script for when someone closes adbclient with the windows close button.
add ability to root adbps and adbp or just enable insecure adb debugging
setpass not using admin privileges, add call capability to use instadb privilege elevation code as an elevation module for the rest of my code)
search for commands
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11th November 2013, 08:11 PM |#4  
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This changlog is deprecated for the commits page on my github:
With 1.3.1 adb/fastboot has been updated from platform-tools to rev. 19(Previously rev. 18.0.1)
Split 1.3.1 into xp only and vista up packages
Add a work command that will send you back to the work folder no matter where you are.
See third post.
Removed a couple of the zips in the post to make the download list easier.
Made license a separate download.
Add unroot function.
Implement extracter with a windows tar exe for extracting images from a tgz.
Make adb/fastboot installer for system. (%WINDIR%\system32) (To install the binaries just type instadb and follow the prompts)
(Installing adb and fastboot to the system makes adb or fastboot dependent applications operate without the need to setup complicated environment variables.)
(Before you would have had to make the environment variable point to the folder conanaining the binaries then you would have to check to make sure its setup properly. this will eliminate that issue)
Add the launch script into the package and update instructions. (JUST added launcher to make starting it easier.)
Issues with my implementations of certain processes inside the script.
Fixed updater typo.
Added sfk binary from stahlworks.(VERY useful tool
Added zip and unzip binary from stahlworks
Added latest usb driver from google.
Add the launch script into the package and update instructions.
add win32 busybox and remove gnuwin32 tar command.
Apk install from file. And apk uninstall and apk installed lister. pm argument sender. apk command for menu
Version change in updater code. but server on mandatory downtime for a week.
Fixed problem with missing dlls in system32 install for adb and fastboot
^Fixed bugfix in 1.8 Whackamole:)
use nul to detect dirs
everything that is passed to cmd is called.(In 1.8.2+)
Added ls links to busybox and can use params like ls -l
Made links to busybox with batch files and parameters.
Added md5sum binary.
Make attempt at auto pushd popd implementation. To use this feature just cd to wherever then type back to go back.
New XP local drive version. (Remember that XP can run any version from a removable drive or drive that isnt the partition with the running OS on it.)
FIXED - Output cleanup and implementation of code rendering inner shortcuts unuseful)
add extra bin for user binaries in Work\userbin
added addpath command to append the current folder to the temporary path
Fix another bugfix.
testing version released so the version number on my server will not be updated until I have personally evaluated these builds for a couple of days.
implement pushd popd into my code
add windows tools from knife into adbclient. 
made repo command.
added bin2hex binary
added deveject binary
move %clrsnd% %clrval% above the doneloop subroutine so busybox's ls command can properly highlight file names.
only use %clrsnd% %clrval% when needed (pretty much the same as I have done with adb devices and fastboot devices)
added zipalign binary
update updating system to live (ON)
add repo style p2p apt-get system called Gridlock(Thought of the name myself) (not p2p yet :(   )
moved extended menu out of code and into a file to help clean up stuff.
add bash link for busybox
fixed up repo script address(dynamic)
added mkfloppy
fixed bug in apk installer code.
removed cmdmenusel and trashed the idea of using it for the preffered java dependency setup.
fixed small bug
changed exit for future dynamic handling of shutdown disk operations.
cat command takes over the beginning of the next echo so it has an echo. in its code.
Deprecated every addpath script and moving to modular addpath userspace script.
Also fixed varname bug in addpath script that made it worthless
Commented my info in.
fixed unrooting issue.
piped apklist to more.
Comment code/subroutines etc. and use whitespace to make it easier to read.(Half done, it needs more work)
everything below is for unreleased 2.3 version.
Strace helper
added opener
added audio converter freac (Freac has source  code available freely on their webpage)
Remove just a couple lines from the inital output to make it fit the command prompt screen.
strace installer (chmod 777 adb push and su -c sh) for work with strace.
add data /T to top of script
added frontend for deveject binary because it is too complicated
make cnt a command that will take params so you can type cnt
^if no params are given it will ask for ip address
added send command to strace in testing
merged strace bug fixes into testing
fixed another path bug in testing
code now becoming very modular with me using scripted functions as commands in other scripts.
lgctnp always out to work dir now
fixed 'regression' in hist (Accidental reference to deprecated function broke it) (ALSO: fixed in clr)
project no subroutine/if statements: instead of using if statements on the users input on the main loop I will use batch files in my path that have the name of the user's command.
^This eliminates "" crashing.
add hash check for transmitted file. (Needs md5sum binary for android.) (Make it a question)
add busybox installer
add quick fixes menu for things like accidentally deleted launcher, etc.
fixed issue with busybox android binary got deleted.
added: 'mode con:cols=100 lines=50' for big console
fixed up lgctnp and dmsgnp code
add dmesg 
quick patch for scroll height (It will be tweaked more in the future.)
3.1.5 will be a temporary bug fix and binary addition in preparation for.......
make cd freac* point to full path instead
add startup Splash screen for christmas holiday
added Framaroot to rooter
added exynosabuse to rooter
adbsl is accidentally pointing to old doneloop subroutine and needs to be pointed to EOF
move from old pclouds busybox binary to tigress win32 busybox
update android sdk dependent stuff (platform tools have been updated to 19.0.1)
update su and supersu
change call adbclient to call start adbclient so the intital launcher is exitable
java detector added
3.2 Released!
fix old subroutine pointers in devej
add startup sound
3.2.1 Released!
added screenshots to OP
patch instadb with set "installmaybe="
add size check for pulling/pulled or pushing/pushed files on adbp and adbps like the md5sum checker.'
update busybox/adb/fastboot/freac/anything else/check and update apk versions.
add question to adbp and adbps for redoing the push/pull operation if the user notices the hashes don't match
3.2.4 Slim Released!
change release naming scheme from final to only use final name for final release in 3.2.x, 3.3.x etc.
fix adbp to do you to "Redo pull operation?" instead of "Redo push operation?"
cleanup root.bat output organizing exploits by android version.
change subroutine pointer in ex from doneloop to :EOF
3.2.5 Slim_ Maintenance Released!
Google's usb driver updated to revision 9.
link every busybox applet
store busybox whoami value in variable and then put it into $~: set /p command
pointed launcher directly to bin folder name
updated binary and application dependencies
Made some progress in porting a new xp desktop version: the path names need to have quotes around them.
3.2.6 Slim Released!
INFO: adbClient is somewhat usable in Wine.
Framaroot and sfk updated.
Tigress busybox updated.
Fixed qfx mounting issue.
android busybox binary updated
updated supersu apk and su, NOTE: It is ton of work to support 4.3 rooting but I will do it soon in 3.2.8 I will have to bundle cydiaimpactor somehow.
3.2.7 Slim Released!
2.2 removed(cached locally, so it will be unavailable. leaving the remnants of 1.9.5 even though xp is not supported by microsoft anymore)
3.2.8 Released!
updated to usb driver v10
3.2.9 Released!
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5th January 2014, 10:41 PM |#5  
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Bump, any dev can use this tool to have their rom users debug the roms that they make easily if they like.
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8th February 2014, 12:15 AM |#6  
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I have done enough testing to know that this works in Wine on Linux pretty good now.
However, special launch instructions are needed.
cd to the adbclient bin folder(Currently bin-3.2.6-Slim) and use the command:
WINEDEBUG=-all wine cmd /c adbclient.bat
- all on one line.
Adbclient should be started and you can connect to your phone wirelessly with cnt *.*.*.* (Insert ip address to the left).
Happy Linuxing.

EDIT: Bash port coming soon to a Linux computer near you.
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2nd May 2014, 05:08 PM |#7  
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Latest use of this tool as a library/environment for making a rooting package for phones.
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8th June 2014, 01:26 AM |#8  
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The changelog here will now go unmaintained in deprecation for a github repo:
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11th June 2014, 12:58 AM |#9  
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3.2.9 released.
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