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Hi. Universal Root de la Vega's threat was clsoed and Op recommended us to use VRoot instead.

I found this Chinese VRoot and it looks very easy to do. Please see link below (in Chinese language, but you can use Google to translate)


I just want to confirm if anyone had tried this and if it is KNOX 0x0 Root?



It still was NOT easy to use, but I can confirm positively that it can work and in my case did not trip knox. I had to reboot the phone manually at one point because it appeared stuck and I tried a 2nd time. The 2nd time the windows app rebooted the phone and it did get rooted.


Thanks to cubarican84, I used the following SIMPLE solution to clean up the chinese superuser mess: http://www.w0lfdroid.com/2013/11/How...perSU.html?m=1
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