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Official MEGA CM11 Theme Chooser Thread [258 OLD--478 NEW] [UPDATED 01/18/15]

11th November 2013, 05:06 PM |#1  
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The KitKat Theme Chooser is now in: CM11, AOKP, SlimKat, Liquidsmooth, Hellfire, Gummy, Carbon, AOSB Project, Nameless, Vanir, Mahdi, AICP, SOKP, C-Rom

If you find this Collection to be Useful please hit the "THANKS" button to show your appreciation. Thank You.

All Paid Themes on the Minus Site can be Found/Purchased in the PlayStore

Banner By @vicino

60 Free Themes & 198 Paid Themes



[*/X/H/*/*] Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/cugkl59
[*/X/H/*/*] Crimson Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/bpkwp7p
[*/X/H/*/*] Purple Kush [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/d6xh6x7
[*/X/H/*/*] Cotton Candy Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/c8wmcut
[*/X/H/*/*] Gunmetal Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/d5lyyau
[*/X/H/*/*] Kiwi Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/d9x76ew
[*/X/H/*/*] Cobalt Inferno [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/9jeaye6
[*/X/H/*/*] Canary Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/93sc7r3
[*/X/H/*/*] Cobalt Christmas [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/d8meygh
[*/X/H/*/*] CyanOrangen Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/cyz82pp
[*/X/H/*/*] Royal Kiwi Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/d826jkn
[*/X/H/*/*] Royal Crimson Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/bqvqc3e
[*/X/H/*/*] Royal Blue Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/cueker6
[*/X/H/*/*] Cyan Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/d4a4hzp
[*/X/H/*/*] Kiwi Kush Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/ahnrgwa

[*/X/H/*/*] Night [srijithn] http://tinyurl.com/adqfoep
[*/X/H/*/*] Brushed Night [srijithn] http://tinyurl.com/adqfoep
[*/X/H/*/*] Rainy [srijithn] http://tinyurl.com/adqfoep
[*/X/H/*/*] Racing [srijithn] http://tinyurl.com/adqfoep
[*/X/H/*/*] Soccer [srijithn] http://tinyurl.com/adqfoep
[*/X/H/*/*] Paperoid [srijithn] http://tinyurl.com/adqfoep
[*/X/H/*/*] Cyanoid [srijithn] http://tinyurl.com/adqfoep
[*/X/H/*/*] Wooden [srijithn] http://tinyurl.com/adqfoep
[*/X/H/*/*] Jeans [srijithn] http://tinyurl.com/adqfoep

[*/X/H/*/*] BlackedOut [blackout1911] http://tinyurl.com/bv4vx6g
[*/X/H/*/*] Betterbean Blue [blackout1911] http://tinyurl.com/b4ln4vd
[*/X/H/*/*] Betterbean Red [blackout1911] http://tinyurl.com/b4ln4vd
[*/X/H/*/*] Betterbean Green [blackout1911] http://tinyurl.com/b4ln4vd
[*/X/H/*/*] Betterbean Orange [blackout1911] http://tinyurl.com/b4ln4vd
[*/X/H/*/*] Betterbean Cyan [blackout1911] http://tinyurl.com/b4ln4vd
[*/X/H/*/*] Betterbean Purple [blackout1911] http://tinyurl.com/b4ln4vd

[*/X/H/*/*] HCT Gold [Hispania Custom Team] http://tinyurl.com/mt2y43v
[*/X/H/*/*] HCT Alazan [Hispania Custom Team] http://tinyurl.com/lzug8q5
[*/X/H/*/*] HCT AcidGreen [Hispania Custom Team] http://tinyurl.com/mbosxrc
[*/X/H/*/*] HCT Turquoise [Hispania Custom Team] http://tinyurl.com/mt6fxh3
[*/X/H/*/*] HCT Purple [Hispania Custom Team] http://tinyurl.com/kve2vqw
[*/X/H/*/*] HCT Holo Gold [Hispania Custom Team] http://tinyurl.com/ms5s82v
[*/X/H/*/*] HCT Holo Alazan [Hispania Custom Team] http://tinyurl.com/l845f8v

[*/X/H/*/*] Gloss Green [DeNitE] http://tinyurl.com/lomgckp
[*/X/H/*/*] Laser Orange [DeNitE] http://tinyurl.com/kc234x3
[*/X/H/*/*] Black Wood Red [DeNitE] http://tinyurl.com/lregaaa

[*/X/H/*/*] Blue Infinitum [Razer(x)] http://tinyurl.com/9f3o6sw
[*/X/H/*/*] Black Infinitum [Razer(x)] http://tinyurl.com/9b6l6ez

[*/X/H/*/*] Mianogen [tung91] http://tinyurl.com/bxx3m78
[*/X/H/*/*] Holo Sense [tung91] http://tinyurl.com/luv3tdp

[XX/X/H/*/*] Fixer [Sonny Sekhon] http://tinyurl.com/ccv8l7m

[*/X/H/*/*] Flats [rayford85] http://tinyurl.com/mxf5jgb

[*/X/H/*/*] Touchwiz 5.0 [thomassafca] http://tinyurl.com/mv2t525

[*/X/H/*/*] Easy Day Theme [droiday] http://tinyurl.com/bpefy4l

[XX/X/H/*/*] Violet [Haeretik] http://tinyurl.com/qgy7vro

[XX/X/H/*/*] ReBorn [Primokorn] http://tinyurl.com/ln8bov2

[*/X/H/M/*] Gem Flat [xIC-MACIx] http://tinyurl.com/o3ofx5h

[XX/X/H/*/*] Lovins Xperia [Rizal Lovins] http://tinyurl.com/c9n3gma

[*/X/H/*/*] Neon Colors [nitinvaid] http://tinyurl.com/ausnppx

[*/X/H/*/*] Holo Blue [hypophysis] http://tinyurl.com/kq254jx

[*/X/H/*/*] iOS 7 Flat Style [ibocharov] http://tinyurl.com/me3zgv4

[*/X/H/M/*] DarkHolo [SpadaBoss] http://tinyurl.com/n6prnv9

[XX/X/H/*/*] Convex Green [filimstor] http://tinyurl.com/m33wyb4

[XX/X/H/M/*] MIUI V5 Restayl [Alex-Ap] http://tinyurl.com/mslj9qv

[XX/X/H/*/*] Shade Sapphire [Droid Designeers] http://tinyurl.com/m2lxy7d NEW
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11th November 2013, 05:07 PM |#2  
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[*/X/H/*/*] Black N Blue [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lgn32Wk6TPkzC
[*/X/H/*/*] Black N Orange [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lmUfg5Myqou0q
[*/X/H/*/*] Black N Red [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lQpXmPhtcl6kq
[*/X/H/*/*] Black N Green [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lbfIvhBeyEWSLS
[*/X/H/*/*] Black N White [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lbpCg7uYtzXSf2
[*/X/H/*/*] Brushed Steel [DeNitE] http://minus.com/l3qI7IogOoQOF
[*/X/H/*/*] Brushed Chrome [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lU3OwbG2GmftX
[*/X/H/*/*] Leather Blue [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lbh3NFjxT9xt06
[*/X/H/*/*] Leather Red [DeNitE] http://minus.com/l7yTpF1TLOpMq
[*/X/H/*/*] Leather White [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lbm0MfiUJcLBNN
[*/X/H/*/*] Leather Orange [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lCiSoURjD915L
[*/X/H/*/*] Leather Pink [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lth9SvpMIKfNM
[*/X/H/*/*] Leather Purple [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lGWAjxHREKzxz
[*/X/H/*/*] Leather Green [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lbjEemO6iqOJg7
[*/X/H/*/*] Leather Yellow [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lUlCUIYiI0Cm1
[*/X/H/*/*] Stone Grunge Blue [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lbp3ewOv7smWu
[*/X/H/*/*] Stone Grunge Red [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lEj0oLwLfFTwT
[*/X/H/*/*] Stone Grunge Green [DeNitE] http://minus.com/l7jJXSE5hsoke
[*/X/H/*/*] Stone Grunge Orange [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lPG2C9u6A25OQ
[*/X/H/*/*] Stone Grunge White [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lX3q0zandRPTP
[*/X/H/*/*] Acid Rain Blue [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lXLCKKFbm7sHi
[*/X/H/*/*] Acid Rain White [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lGrDvsishexiQ
[*/X/H/*/*] Acid Rain Orange [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lYIt7X8Ma9Luj
[*/X/H/*/*] Acid Rain Green [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lVlKT2AaMaaV
[*/X/H/*/*] Acid Rain Red [DeNitE] http://minus.com/l0OfoqHVVIrXQ
[*/X/H/*/*] Simple Blue [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lleUDfvAMikw8
[*/X/H/*/*] Simple White [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lbvmcldwKNpPvb
[*/X/H/*/*] Simple Orange [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lF086n3xgWVzF
[*/X/H/*/*] Simple Green [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lZgOaVDNswFbP
[*/X/H/*/*] Simple Red [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lnjtAWaLIpSLm
[*/X/H/*/*] Mesh Blue [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lGltpNeT3yJTe
[*/X/H/*/*] Mesh Orange [DeNitE] http://minus.com/l45goshNzi1vB
[*/X/H/*/*] Mesh White [DeNitE] http://minus.com/l9GqjZ3B9SvoU
[*/X/H/*/*] Mesh Green [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lb2uFol4yCTcqA
[*/X/H/*/*] Mesh Red [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lbvugKvuBj2Fwx
[*/X/H/*/*] Brushed Mesh Blue[DeNitE] http://minus.com/limX0OuQe6uHg
[*/X/H/*/*] Laser Blue [DeNitE] http://minus.com/lWY5XymHmE0eN
[*/X/H/*/*] Laser Pink [DeNitE] http://minus.com/i/Pi9os7Ui3gM0
[*/X/H/*/*] Laser Green [DeNitE] http://minus.com/i/Re2jF36RoIjK
[*/X/H/*/*] Laser Red [DeNitE] http://minus.com/i/bkw6xZDnCCsg6
[*/X/H/*/*] Laser Orange (DONATE) [DeNitE] http://minus.com/i/buZTx734vvAnB
[*/X/H/*/*] Black Wood Blue [DeNitE] http://minus.com/i/ugeEw6TUX0D
[*/X/H/*/*] Black Wood Green [DeNitE] http://minus.com/i/bmtzQkIX6VnL6
[*/X/H/*/*] Black Wood Orange [DeNitE] http://minus.com/i/btOSwlmswyLND
[*/X/H/*/*] Black Wood White [DeNitE] http://minus.com/i/bx7lJVmOuBieu
[*/X/H/*/*] Black Wood Red (DONATE) [DeNitE] http://minus.com/i/DSOhzBcigRqA
[*/X/H/*/*] Gloss Blue [DeNitE] http://minus.com/l6U4GgNmN9RBy
[*/X/H/*/*] Gloss Pink [DeNitE] http://minus.com/i/Kvfscqfy3tGH
[*/X/H/*/*] Gloss Purple [DeNitE] http://minus.com/i/2Fk4CsgSJDK3
[*/X/H/*/*] Gloss Orange [DeNitE] http://minus.com/i/exTnPeBi79pp
[*/X/H/*/*] Gloss Red [DeNitE] http://minus.com/i/80xX7IjwuyKb
[*/X/H/*/*] Gloss Green (DONATE) [DeNitE] http://minus.com/i/FzmiJeLiuO3S

[XX/X/H/*/*] Vivid [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lnwyJuPsVHkpg
[XX/X/H/*/*] Vivid ICS Blue [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lZyWq15QKJevA
[XX/X/H/*/*] Lucid [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lblkg57fj2d2tX
[XX/X/H/*/*] Onyx [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lPQaFL459Qo2l
[XX/X/H/*/*] Frost [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lJiqK7roAoQmC
[XX/X/H/*/*] Tangerine [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lzybStqhDdUZc
[XX/X/H/*/*] Gingerbread [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lrLXtHoFyNwcs
[XX/X/H/*/*] Minimal ICS [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lbpKw84N1BUH5i
[XX/X/H/*/*] Faded Blue [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/ljL3p1m9F7xx7
[XX/X/H/*/*] Faded Green [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lbhuF2kbj9PD3P
[XX/X/H/*/*] Crimson [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lhRD5NVMVuiUM
[XX/X/H/*/*] Violet [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lbaCenLIyqTs59
[XX/X/H/*/*] Cyan [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lKFyzHADYmjkC
[XX/X/H/*/*] Chrome [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lZlPnxcgSVbMJ
[XX/X/H/*/*] Ember [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lbqKKi392R0QT6
[XX/X/H/*/*] ICS Glow [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lQC3PiPy2uPVQ
[XX/X/H/*/*] Red Glow [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/ly4waSiRzNzl1
[XX/X/H/*/*] Green Glow [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lvDdUDQ2DJSEB
[XX/X/H/*/*] Cyan Glow [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lbs8TTAMkbCMPd
[XX/X/H/*/*] Pink Glow [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lbikdx50ILq0GH
[XX/X/H/*/*] Artic Blue [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lbh7welLZvoxMi
[XX/X/H/*/*] Artic Yellow [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/l3nTDZ31DXKyK
[XX/X/H/*/*] Artic Pink [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lwX9qzE92grYq
[XX/X/H/*/*] Artic Green [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/llwzvOo7rKsn0
[XX/X/H/*/*] Artic Orange [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lbmsgjxhjsKbxC
[XX/X/H/*/*] Artic Purple [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/l4TIJlJ9prllm
[XX/X/H/*/*] Artic Grey [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/ltMjsciFFK6WF

[XX/X/H/*/*] Purple [Haeretik] http://minus.com/lYl9GEk0tTBX0
[XX/X/H/*/*] Honeycomb [Haeretik] http://minus.com/lNPyp3uZGRpXT
[XX/X/H/*/*] White [Haeretik] http://minus.com/lx0bqoMAZ40hV
[XX/X/H/*/*] Yellow [Haeretik] http://minus.com/lbwZgzWDh8HaBg
[XX/X/H/*/*] Orange [Haeretik] http://minus.com/lJwqWw5Id8tuk
[XX/X/H/*/*] Green [Haeretik] http://minus.com/lTv9sf1JUdGlI
[XX/X/H/*/*] Pink [Haeretik] http://minus.com/llmCMHgn5RfMT
[XX/X/H/*/*] Blue [Haeretik] http://minus.com/llmc12hl1K9Ds
[XX/X/H/*/*] Brown [Haeretik] http://minus.com/lLfVTRlRJmnGt
[XX/X/H/*/*] Bluestock [Haeretik] http://minus.com/lQkDbkK9rbJVm
[XX/X/H/*/*] Red [Haeretik] http://minus.com/lBxmTQVLLj43c
[XX/X/H/*/*] Cyan [Haeretik] http://minus.com/lbincvRzh20kYJ
[XX/X/H/*/*] Gray [Haeretik] http://minus.com/i/n3eVJlxb8ri1
[XX/X/H/*/*] Greenstock [Haeretik] http://minus.com/i/k87SUuxeDrG4
[XX/X/H/*/*] Breaking Bad [Haeretik] http://minus.com/l65zLOyyITsv9
[XX/X/H/*/*] Battlefield 4 [Haeretik] http://minus.com/i/buC4TjsaJeAX6

[*/X/H/*/*] Night (DONATE) [srijithn] http://minus.com/loydvTDhRjM43
[*/X/H/*/*] Brushed Night (DONATE) [srijithn] http://minus.com/lVnCoXoiLa5KL
[*/X/H/*/*] Rainy (DONATE) [srijithn] http://minus.com/lqbIh29qOl2kT
[*/X/H/*/*] Racing (DONATE) [srijithn] http://minus.com/li1xEaSX2yWLF
[*/X/H/*/*] Soccer (DONATE) [srijithn] http://minus.com/lPqylRl3JDM1Z
[*/X/H/*/*] Paperoid (DONATE) [srijithn] http://minus.com/lykAGy8jf0O61
[*/X/H/*/*] Cyanoid (DONATE) [srijithn] http://minus.com/lIPOCnDZ1L9Wz
[*/X/H/*/*] Wooden (DONATE) [srijithn] http://minus.com/i/PP3l43PPqD4E
[*/X/H/*/*] Jeans (DONATE) [srijithn] http://minus.com/i/bl70SISAg0azv
[*/X/H/*/*] Dark iOS [srijithn] http://minus.com/i/1irl7Y3FdLxz
[*/X/H/*/*] Transparent iOS [srijithn] http://minus.com/i/bjTVVc7cC18Mc
[*/X/H/*/*] Ironman [srijithn] http://minus.com/i/UNTMXJdblrGI

[*/X/H/*/*] Clean Theme [BigDX] http://minus.com/l6JS10lFPFQzB
[*/X/H/*/*] Jelly Bean Extreme [BigDX] http://minus.com/lbmXGCi6cyGDFM
[*/X/H/*/*] Jelly Bean Extreme Red [BigDX] http://minus.com/l4fNtiubZCrMA
[*/X/H/*/*] Jelly Bean Extreme Pink [BigDX] http://minus.com/lKol8jORBhuQ6
[*/X/H/*/*] Jelly Bean Extreme Green [BigDX] http://minus.com/lbozfcDFcgioMM
[*/X/H/*/*] Jelly Bean Extreme Blue [BigDX] http://minus.com/lboEL5GMZG4g0P
[*/X/H/*/*] Jelly Bean Extreme Purple [BigDX] http://minus.com/lbzckHuMkIrkwH
[*/X/H/*/*] Jelly Bean Extreme Yellow [BigDX] http://minus.com/lraN25XqR5KGI
[*/X/H/*/*] Jelly Bean Extreme Orange [BigDX] http://minus.com/l38SZjiRqypSQ
[*/X/H/*/*] Jelly Bean Extreme White [BigDX] http://minus.com/lbebnmMRALR43A

[XX/X/H/*/*] Convex Red [filimstor] http://minus.com/i/s8JKHUiLU9wK
[XX/X/H/*/*] Convex Light Green [filimstor] http://minus.com/i/QkHwwO8HT1Fp
[XX/X/H/*/*] Stalker [filimstor] http://minus.com/i/7CetJ8WP03vq
[XX/X/H/*/*] Kitkat Other Kind [filimstor] http://minus.com/i/FP7WroP0eEyo
[XX/X/H/*/*] Blazer [filimstor] http://minus.com/i/E2SKIfOcaKQ8
[XX/X/H/*/*] Modest [filimstor] http://minus.com/i/G5v2bsF73eg7
[XX/X/H/*/*] Bitmap [filimstor] http://minus.com/i/QThnKucuiGG8
[XX/X/H/*/*] Blue Luxury [filimstor] http://minus.com/i/KC0Crz959wq4
[XX/X/H/*/*] Assassins Creed [filimstor] http://minus.com/i/FoRrOkXP7XKN

[*/X/H/*/*] BlackedOut (DONATE) [blackout1911] http://minus.com/lbogf9Hi3yNEW1
[*/X/H/*/*] BetterKat Blue (DONATE) [blackout1911] http://minus.com/lbpZbdRCs78NiP
[*/X/H/*/*] BetterKat Red (DONATE) [blackout1911] http://minus.com/l5byg1BITZaV0
[*/X/H/*/*] BetterKat Green (DONATE) [blackout1911] http://minus.com/lbfDcQtZFpCyxM
[*/X/H/*/*] BetterKat Orange (DONATE) [blackout1911] http://minus.com/lwJT38UyoGAbM
[*/X/H/*/*] BetterKat Cyan (DONATE) [blackout1911] http://minus.com/lDSu0oOEW9TcF
[*/X/H/*/*] BetterKat Purple (DONATE) [blackout1911] http://minus.com/i/bswy9MA6qrtpN

[*/X/H/*/*] Galaxy S4 TW [thomassafca] http://minus.com/i/hnP7uBPeGxTy
[*/X/H/*/*] Sony Xperia Z [thomassafca] http://minus.com/lb0zFo9MjsQ6FW
[*/X/H/*/*] Sony Xperia Red [thomassafca] http://minus.com/i/AhLvEvTLjJ2L
[*/X/H/*/*] Sony Xperia Green [thomassafca] http://minus.com/i/boYhcJN4SzoI0
[*/X/H/*/*] Sony Xperia Orange [thomassafca] http://minus.com/i/bnPgja1EfwwAB
[*/X/H/*/*] Sony Xperia Purple [thomassafca] http://minus.com/i/4k9Tu9ac7PSe
[*/X/H/*/*] LG Optimus [thomassafca] http://minus.com/lWLN4ffEcoP4E
[*/X/H/*/*] HTC One Sense 5.0 [thomassafca] http://minus.com/lbi7suL5Db0PzF
[*/X/H/*/*] Huawei Ascend P6 [thomassafca] http://minus.com/i/oRAyGIW4Zy59
[*/X/H/*/*] Galaxy S5 TW [thomassafca] http://minus.com/i/98uNqBmNe2kM

[*/X/H/*/*] The Battered [Darryl Dillon] http://minus.com/liLMoWTr0niLT
[*/X/H/*/*] Black N Gold [Darryl Dillon] http://minus.com/lbaafd2FwsKYs0
[*/X/H/*/*] Rocked [Darryl Dillon] http://minus.com/llUPilQISWoAc
[*/X/H/*/*] Black N Blue Giniro [Darryl Dillon] http://minus.com/lgIEhUR3yTYf8
[*/X/H/*/*] Black Fire [Darryl Dillon] http://minus.com/lZ6FT7FLhNYqo
[*/X/H/*/*] Juiced [Darryl Dillon] http://minus.com/lbl02J1vhr0v33
[*/X/H/*/*] Red Juiced [Darryl Dillon] http://minus.com/i/bs8rHzr8O3eI0
[*/X/H/*/*] Orange Juiced [Darryl Dillon] http://minus.com/i/9tPYPGBFwrSi
[*/X/H/*/*] Krushed [Darryl Dillon] http://minus.com/i/bhDTJTr6hwN0l

[*/X/H/*/*] 5UBZ3R0 [johnblundon] http://minus.com/l6AyTAWVY3cGB
[*/X/H/*/*] RA1N [johnblundon] http://minus.com/lhEPGanRU49yt
[*/X/H/*/*] 5M0KE [johnblundon] http://minus.com/ls6rNkNQJuMhI
[*/X/H/*/*] 3RMAC [johnblundon] http://minus.com/lueu5KZQLMnKy
[*/X/H/*/*] R3PT1L3 [johnblundon] http://minus.com/i/t85SwU932Xvd
[*/X/H/*/*] TR3M0R [johnblundon] http://minus.com/i/Tg1VdzghmsGm
[*/X/H/*/*] 5C0RP10N [johnblundon] http://minus.com/i/uaUl8BjguqsR

[*/X/H/*/*] Neon Colors (DONATE) [nitinvaid] http://minus.com/lbq3UYQSwp5wYa
[*/X/H/*/*] Blue Fire [nitinvaid] http://minus.com/l45BPOtg6diU8
[*/X/H/*/*] Dark Fire [nitinvaid] http://minus.com/lbnh6z1Kk1L9J3
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[*/X/H/*/*] SGS5 Theme [ChisApps] NEW
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[XX/X/H/*/*] Purple [Haeretik]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Honeycomb [Haeretik]
[XX/X/H/*/*] White [Haeretik]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Yellow [Haeretik]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Orange [Haeretik]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Green [Haeretik]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Pink [Haeretik]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Blue [Haeretik]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Brown [Haeretik]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Bluestock [Haeretik]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Red [Haeretik]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Cyan [Haeretik]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Gray [Haeretik]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Greenstock [Haeretik]
[XX/X/H/*/*] White [Haeretik]

[*/X/H/*/*] Asthetic [sam0829]
[*/X/H/*/*] Asthetic Color [sam0829]
[*/X/H/*/*] Aqua Blue [sam0829]
[*/X/H/*/*] FlatVint [sam0829]
[*/X/H/*/*] Flaty Transclucent [sam0829]
[*/X/H/*/*] iB [sam0829]
[*/X/H/*/*] iO [sam0829]
[*/X/H/*/*] iG [sam0829]
[*/X/H/*/*] iR [sam0829]
[*/X/H/*/*] i-Dark [sam0829]
[*/X/H/*/*] MinimalUi [sam0829]
[*/X/H/*/*] BlueWing (DONATE) [sam0829]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Indigo [Themeloft]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Pink [Themeloft]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Gold [Themeloft]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Lime [Themeloft]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Cyder [Themeloft]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Galaxy [Themeloft]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Blend UI [Themeloft]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Material Design [Themeloft]
[XX/X/*/*/*] DayDream [Themeloft]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Navi [Themeloft]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Ltimized [Themeloft]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Redd [Black Bear Blanc]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Blrdd [Black Bear Blanc]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Carbonn [Black Bear Blanc]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Plmm [Black Bear Blanc]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Juicdd [Black Bear Blanc]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Sklldd [Black Bear Blanc]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Chocdd [Black Bear Blanc]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Brushdd [Black Bear Blanc]

[*/X/H/*/*] Holo White (DONATE) [slukk]
[*/X/H/*/*] OnePlus One [slukk]
[*/X/H/*/*] MIUIv5 [slukk]
[*/X/H/*/*] Lumpi (DONATE) [slukk]
[*/X/H/*/*] Football Fan [slukk]
[*/X/H/*/*] Codename L [slukk]
[*/X/H/*/*] Planar [slukk]
[*/X/H/*/*] Planar Blue [slukk]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Slim UI [Screenlicious]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Kreatur [Screenlicious]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Hybrid UI [Screenlicious]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Vivid UI [Screenlicious]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Serpent UI [Screenlicious]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Hydra UI [Screenlicious]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Shift UI [Screenlicious]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Stellar Emerald [Screenlicious]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Fi [Arz Bhatia]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Nue [Arz Bhatia]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Nue Air White [Arz Bhatia]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Nue Qua Blue [Arz Bhatia]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Nue Fi Red [Arz Bhatia]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Nue Ora Orange [Arz Bhatia]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Veu [Arz Bhatia]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Orange Lollipop (DONATE) [polishchocolate]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Lime Lollipop (DONATE) [polishchocolate]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Material Lollipop (DONATE) [polishchocolate]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Red Lollipop (DONATE) [polishchocolate]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Holo Lollipop (DONATE) [polishchocolate]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Android Lollipop (DONATE) [polishchocolate]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Holo Modern (DONATE) [polishchocolate]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Holo Modern Light (DONATE) [polishchocolate]

[XX/X/H/*/*] BRDD [twaintyfour]
[XX/X/H/*/*] STRTT [twaintyfour]
[XX/X/H/*/*] GLE [twaintyfour]
[XX/X/H/*/*] RedRabbit [twaintyfour]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Architeqq [twaintyfour]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Orng Superb [twaintyfour]
[XX/X/H/*/*] BlacqTerial [twaintyfour]
[XX/X/H/*/*] BLXX [twaintyfour]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Orbit Amber (DONATE) [Nucleoid]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Android L [Nucleoid]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Android L Dark [Nucleoid]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Android L Red [Nucleoid]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Android L DarkRed [Nucleoid]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Android L Blue [Nucleoid]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Android L DarkBlue [Nucleoid]

[*/X/H/M/*] Transparent [SpadaBoss]
[*/X/H/M/*] Transparent Purple [SpadaBoss]
[*/X/H/M/*] Transparent Green [SpadaBoss]
[*/X/H/M/*] Transparent Orange [SpadaBoss]
[*/X/H/M/*] Transparent Red [SpadaBoss]
[*/X/H/M/*] Transparent Gold [SpadaBoss]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Objects Orange [Carlo Savignano]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Objects Red [Carlo Savignano]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Objects Purple [Carlo Savignano]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Objects Blue [Carlo Savignano]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Objects Green [Carlo Savignano]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Objects Material [Carlo Savignano]

[XX/X/H/*/*] ReBorn (DONATE) [Primokorn]
[XX/X/H/*/*] ReBorn Gold [Primokorn]
[XX/X/H/*/*] ReBorn Blue [Primokorn]
[XX/X/H/*/*] ReBorn Red [Primokorn]
[XX/X/H/*/*] ReBorn Cyan [Primokorn]
[XX/X/H/*/*] ReBorn White [Primokorn]

[XX/X/H/*/*] KitKat White (DONATE) [rush25 and monish1995]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Hybrid Blue (DONATE) [rush25 and monish1995]
[XX/X/H/*/*] FlareX (DONATE) [rush25 and monish1995]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Herathon Night (DONATE) [rush25 and monish1995]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Herathon Light (DONATE) [rush25 and monish1995]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Herathon Eclipse [rush25 and monish1995]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Britzer [Idea Designs]
[XX/X/*/*/*] DarkOut [Idea Designs]
[XX/X/*/*/*] DarkOut Purple [Idea Designs]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Kaagaz [Idea Designs]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Pury Family [Idea Designs]
[XX/X/*/*/*] DUSK [Idea Designs]

[XX/X/H/*/*] materiaL [mlv]
[XX/X/H/*/*] materiaL RED [mlv]
[XX/X/H/*/*] ONYX [mlv]
[XX/X/H/*/*] JADE [mlv]
[XX/X/H/*/*] RUBY [mlv]
[XX/X/H/*/*] SAPPHIR [mlv]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Twizzed5 (DONATE) [b16h22]
[XX/X/*/*/*] L-Kat (DONATE) [b16h22]
[XX/X/*/*/*] L-Kat Dark (DONATE) [b16h22]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Nero [b16h22]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Note 4 [b16h22]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Blue Matte [b16h22] NEW

[XX/X/H/*/*] Flux [giannisgx89]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Flux White [giannisgx89]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Liv [giannisgx89]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Liv Dark [giannisgx89]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Trix [giannisgx89]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Flis [giannisgx89] NEW

[XX/X/H/*/*] Android L Preview [Neel World]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Purple Transulent (DONATE) [Neel World]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Xperia Z2 White [Neel World]
[XX/X/H/*/*] MIUI V6 [Neel World]
[XX/X/H/*/*] MIUI V6 Dark (DONATE) [Neel World]

[XX/X/*/*/*] iDarkL [VIVEK]
[XX/X/*/*/*] NineX [VIVEK]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Demure [VIVEK]
[XX/X/*/*/*] MIUI6 [VIVEK]
[XX/X/*/*/*] MIUI6 Dark [VIVEK]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Dell Green [CriGio]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Hazy Smooth Chrome [CriGio]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Hazy Smooth Dark [CriGio]
[XX/X/*/*/*] AnimUI White [CriGio]
[XX/X/*/*/*] AnimUI Dark [CriGio]

[*X/H/M/*] Gem Flat (DONATE) [xIC-MACIx]
[*X/H/M/*] Gem Emerald (DONATE) [xIC-MACIx]
[*X/H/M/*] Simplex (DONATE) [xIC-MACIx]
[*X/H/M/*] Simplex Blue (DONATE) [xIC-MACIx]

[*/X/H/*/*] Mianogen (DONATE) [tung91]
[*/X/H/*/*] Holotimus (DONATE) [tung91]
[*/X/H/*/*] Holo Sense (DONATE) [tung91]
[*/X/H/*/*] Android L Dark [tung91]

[*/X/H/*/*] Flats (DONATE) [rayford85]
[*/X/H/*/*] Rogue [rayford85]
[*/X/H/*/*] Snow Breeze [rayford85]
[*/X/H/*/*] LAX (DONATE) [rayford85]

[*/X/H/*/*] Neon Colors (DONATE) [nitinvaid]
[*/X/H/*/*] Blue Fire (DONATE) [nitinvaid]
[*/X/H/*/*] Pastel L (DONATE) [nitinvaid]
[*/X/H/*/*] Pastel L Light [nitinvaid]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Meterial Dark (DONATE) [pecco]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Meterial Red (DONATE) [pecco]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Material Retro (DONATE) [pecco]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Material Retro Dark (DONATE) [pecco]

[*/X/H/*/*] Zelig (DONATE) [Haritsah Dany Fradika]
[*/X/H/*/*] OOR [Haritsah Dany Fradika]
[*/X/H/*/*] Skystone [Haritsah Dany Fradika]
[*/X/H/*/*] Skystone Mako [Haritsah Dany Fradika]

[*/X/H/*/*] Black N Blue (DONATE) [R3Ds Themes]
[*/X/H/*/*] Black N Smash [R3Ds Themes]
[*/X/H/*/*] Smash N Red [R3Ds Themes]
[*/X/H/*/*] Smash N Blue [R3Ds Themes]

[XX/X/*/*/*] LessUgly [LexReznichenko]
[XX/X/*/*/*] LessUgly Blue [LexReznichenko]
[XX/X/*/*/*] LessUgly Black [LexReznichenko]
[XX/X/*/*/*] ColorPhobe (DONATE) [LexReznichenko]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Athens [joshuas_79]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Barcelona [joshuas_79]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Summer In Barcelona [joshuas_79]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Flatter [Javierd]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Blue Flatter [Javierd]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Hea [Javierd]

[XX/X/*/*/T] Grigio [napster113]
[XX/X/*/*/T] Glas [napster113]
[XX/X/*/*/T] Vert [napster113]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Drop [Tano Abeleyra]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Leaf [Tano Abeleyra]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Flame [Tano Abeleyra]

[*/X/H/*/*] MiOS (DONATE) [Nguyen Huu Nam]
[*/X/H/*/*] L Modern [Nguyen Huu Nam]
[*/X/H/*/*] Sense 6 [Nguyen Huu Nam]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Xen (DONATE) [blazze11]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Xen Blue [blazze11]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Xen Red [blazze11]

[XX/X/*/*/*] FIRST Theme [Cristiano Matos]
[XX/X/*/*/*] RUBRO [Cristiano Matos]
[XX/X/*/*/*] BLUISH [Cristiano Matos]

[XX/X/H/*/T] Green UI (DONATE) [Ronapps]
[XX/X/H/*/T] True Blue (DONATE) [Ronapps]
[XX/X/H/*/T] Blazing Red (DONATE) [Ronapps]

[XX/X/H/*/*] reNu Neon Green [BigDX]
[XX/X/H/*/*] reNu Lust Red [BigDX]
[XX/X/H/*/*] reNu Material Blue [BigDX]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Ubuntu + L [Nikhil Bhale]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Hacker's Theme [Nikhil Bhale]
[XX/X/H/*/*] L-Dark Material [Nikhil Bhale]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Xmerald Blue [Novo Milenio AndroidTM]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Xmerald Orange [Novo Milenio AndroidTM]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Xmerald Violet [Novo Milenio AndroidTM]

[XX/X/*/*/*] BlueMerry [Luis Alonso Chavez Armendariz] NEW
[XX/X/*/*/*] GreenRadioactive [Luis Alonso Chavez Armendariz] NEW
[XX/X/*/*/*] Globe (DONATE) [Luis Alonso Chavez Armendariz] NEW

[*/X/H/*/T] DarkUI ThyrusHolo (DONATE) [Thyrus]
[*/X/H/*/T] FireChili Thyrus [Thyrus]

[*/X/H/*/*] Stock Glow [Darryl Dillon]
[*/X/H/*/*] Tranzendence [Darryl Dillon]

[*/X/H/*/*] Android L [Quantum Dust]
[*/X/H/*/*] Polygon [Quantum Dust]

[XX/*/*/*/*] Prism Breeze (DONATE) [Adizzzle]
[XX/*/*/*/*] Prism Flare (DONATE) [Adizzzle]

[XX/X/H/*/*] LG G3 [thomassafca]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Huawei Ascend P7 [thomassafca]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Shamrock [TheRealBigJake]
[XX/X/H/*/*] BluDreamz [TheRealBigJake]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Bright Red [Tilak Sidduram]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Autumn [Tilak Sidduram]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Deru [Andrea Panico]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Electrum [Andrea Panico]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Luse UI [Holotype LLC]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Android L UI [Holotype LLC]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Nightscope [jasonevil]
[XX/X/*/*/*] MIUI V6 (DONATE) [jasonevil]

[XX/X/*/*/*] L (DONATE) [yackovsky]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Mono Collection [yackovsky]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Huawei Ascend P7 [OscarrrJ92]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Windows 8 [OscarrrJ92]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Sky Blue [BORDEN GRAPHICS]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Candy Red [BORDEN GRAPHICS]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Lumin [Sonny Sekhon]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Blanc [Sonny Sekhon]

[*/X/H/*/T] BlakKat (DONATE) [DJDarkknight96]
[*/X/H/*/T] KlearKat [DJDarkknight96]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Doodle (DONATE) [aly_hosny]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Win10 (DONATE) [aly_hosny]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Real Xperia Z3 [Nurbolat Kenzhekulov]
[XX/X/H/*/*] Real Xperia Z3 I/O [Nurbolat Kenzhekulov]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Squar [Onur Aktrk]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Materia [Onur Aktrk]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Graviton (DONATE) [upndwn4par]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Graviton Evolution [upndwn4par]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Holo Kitkat(DONATE) [93Akkord]
[XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Holo Lollipop (DONATE) [93Akkord]

[XX/X/*/*/*] OneL+ Lollipop [giuros77]
[XX/X/*/*/*] OneL+ Green [giuros77]

[XX/X/H/*/*] MateriaLStyle Grey [pashapuma]
[XX/X/H/*/*] MateriaLStyle Light [pashapuma]

[*/X/H/*/*] Atomic Green Plus [Giordano Cristian]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Piazza [Lozone]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Flat Pink (DONATE) [yknx4]

[*/X/H/*/*] SteelBlue [TeamCarbon]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Phantom [Gustavo F. Santos]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Android L [Nikhil Bhale]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Lollipop HD [Studio L]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Neon Droid (DONATE) [Adizzzle]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Android L [Doga.Ozkaraca]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Aero (DONATE) [ainen]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Mahdi [Alex Mullis]

[*/X/H/*/*] Incarnadiae [Darkion Avey]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Pressor [arandompackage]

[*/X/H/*/*] Blu Sky [Ivan Botty]

[XX/*/*/*/*] Empire [Drumdestroyer]

[XX/X/H/*/*] ChocoSketch [Alex-Ap]

[XX/X/H/*/*] L White (DONATE) [Ashish Dubey]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Material Red (DONATE) [Riccardo Orlando]

[XX/*/*/*/*] Flat [David Vaz Guijarro]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Aurora [Max Rhrl]

[XX/X/H/*/*] Shortcircuit (DONATE) [danmen]

[*/X/H/*/*] iOS 7 Flat Style (DONATE) [ibocharov]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Donate App [Karan Brar]

XX/X/H/*/*] Blink [knokfirst]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Material Design L (DONATE) [Deepak Kaku]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Levo [Pixkart]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Xeus Twilight (DONATE) [SEVEN]

[XX/X/*/*/*] OPPO ColorOS [Haritsah Dany Fradika]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Pyrrha [A.A.Mughal]

[XX/X/*/*/*] ether(DAB) [matthew0776]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Dew (DONATE) [Giulio Fagioli]

[XX/X/*/*/*] PaperUI (DONATE) [memnoc]

[XX/X/*/*/*] LunarUI 3.0 (DONATE) [Pneuma]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Lumex [stagosal]

[XX/*/*/*/*] BlueMerry [Luis Alonso Chavez Armendariz]

[XX/X/*/*/*] Merzee [Kriti Designs] NEW

[XX/X/*/*/*] Glaze [BRComsci] NEW

[XX/X/*/*/*] Different [CanaroLab] NEW

[XX/X/*/*/*] Horizon (DONATE) [m.i.n.a.r.] NEW

[XX/X/*/*/*] OnePlus MM [MM Themes] NEW

[XX/X/H/*/*] WiiMa NBC (DONATE) [wii360] NEW
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CM11 How to Create Themes for NEW Theme Engine by TheArc http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2789194

CM11 How to Create Themes for NEW Theme Engine from your Phone by Jamison904 http://infamousproductions.github.io/how.html
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Hope for the same success as you had in cm10. Great contribution.

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To be continued..
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Mega thread with ONE whole theme!!! Seriously though, how do you find the time to get every theme in one thread?

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Let's hope this collection grows as large as your last one
I loved it!
Also thanks to all themers

The flats themes Screenshots suggest it also supports cm11

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