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★☞[Rom][4.3][MJE] Jelly 'Beans' - Build 6 [01/01/14] AOSP/KitKat Themed || Game Changing ☜★

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Announcement from beanstown106: JellyBeans Build 6 is Now Live!

I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone as a result of installing custom roms and/or kernels. you do so at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself.
JellyBeans is Geared Towards Users that want the look of AOSP but want the stability and feautures of touchwiz, This Has the most Full Featured AOSP theme u can find on any Touchwiz Rom. Without Sacrificing any of the touchwiz specific Features Ex. Clipboard, Messaging, Etc. Etc.
Base Rom Feature's:
  • Fully AOSP Themed!
  • All AOSP Sounds instead of Touchwiz
  • Based off of My Deodexed OTA VRUBMJE 4.3
  • Bash, BusyBox, Sqlite3, Init.d Supportt
  • JellyBeans Hacked Launcher for Speed
  • JellyBeans custom build.prop tweaks
  • JellyBeans Custom Bootnaimation
  • Custom init.d support for SS
  • Custom Ad Blocking Host File
  • Custom JellyBeans Bookmarks
  • Custom Extended Reboot Menu
  • Custom 1% Battery Mod
  • Added Compatibility
  • Added 6 Extra Custom Toggles
  • Added custom notif and ringtone
  • Added aosp news/weather widget
  • Added Gpe Sunbeam live wallpaper
  • Added Cyanogenmods Torch and cLock
  • Added Fully Resizeable Note2 Popup Browser
  • Added Emoji keyboard
  • Added Working AutoBright Detail From Int Note3
  • Enabled Native All apps in Multiwindow/Penwindow
  • Enabled negative color widget
  • Enabled Mobile Hotspot
  • Enabled burst shot
  • Enabled sms/call blocking
  • Enabled camera shutter sound menu
  • Enabled All Rotations 360*
  • Enabled Call Recording
  • Enabled Infinite scroll on launcher
  • Enabled Dev Settings By Default
  • Enabled Ink Effect with Finger
  • Enabled App OPs
  • Disabled Increasing Ringer
  • Disabled default app popup
  • Disabled Signature checks
  • Disabled Scrolling Cache
  • Disabled Music Pause in camera
  • Increased Swirliness of Ripple lockscreen
  • Exchange Security Disabled on Email
  • Removed Rooot Checks System Status = Official
  • Removed Tether Provisioning calls
  • Removed Camera Low Battery Warnings
  • SysRW/SysRO support
  • Zipaligned on boot
  • Miui/Cm/Aosp Ringtones/Notifications
  • Unimited contact links

Stock Browser Mods:
  • enabled clearing of history
  • enabled bookmark deletion
  • enabled delete all on download list
  • enabled unlimited tabs
  • enabled custom homepage option
  • added exit button to app

Messaging Mods:
  • enabled mms/sms delivery reports option
  • enabled mms read reports option
  • enabled group messaging
  • enabled Nortification Vibrate Option
  • enabled screen on/off option
  • enabled save/restore messages
  • enabled split view option
  • enabled emergency report options
  • enabled bigger mms pictures
  • enabled sms widget
  • disabled converting effect between sms/mms
  • 999 Max sms message limit
  • 999 Max mms message limit
  • 999 Max Recipient Limit
  • unlimited messaging rate limit

Removed Bloat:
  • Removed How-to Videos
  • Removed Easy Mode
  • Removed Misc Google Bloat
  • Removed Misc Verizon Bloat (Kept My Verizon & Visual VoiceMail)
  • Removed Verizon OTA update Capability
  • Removed All Amazon Bloat
  • Removed All Knox Apps
  • Removed Swype Keyboard
  • Maybe More

JellyBeans Custom Settings:
  • Rom Control
    **Misc Mods**
    -Toggleable Screen off animations Crt or Fade
    -Scrolling Wallpaper Toggle
    -Infinite Scroll Toggle
    -Home Swype up action toggle
    -home on home magazine toggle
    -Sms Recieved Time stamp Toggle
    -All apps in Pen Window Toggle
    -multiwindow style toggle (stock,floating,floating+dock,floating+quad,floati ng+quad+dock)

    **Audio Mods**
    -Longpress To Skip Tracks Toggle
    -Ear Protection on/off Toggle

    **LockScreen Mods**
    -Aosp Lockscreen Toggle
    -Aosp Lockscreen Vibrate Toggle
    -Quick unlock toggle
    -Secure lockscreen widget toggle
    -Lockscreen Torch Toggle
    -Lockscreen Torch Timeout
    -Lockscreen Sounds Toggle
    -Stock Lockscreen Settings

    **Statusbar Mods**
    -Ime Icon Toggle
    -Alarm Icon Toggle
    -Bluetooth Icon Toggle
    -Smartstay Icon Toggle
    -Sound Icon Toggle
    -Dormant notification Toggle
    -StatusBar Color Picker
    -Network speed in statusbar toggle
    -Network Speed Color picker

  • Custom App Settings
    -Spen Keyboard switcher
    -Pie Controls
    -Gps quick fix
    -Fast Dormancy Toggle
    -Media Drain Fix

  • Xposed Framework Mods
    -Xposed Framework Installer
    -Per-App DPI Settings
    -Xposed Recents Ram Bar
    -Wanam Xposed

  • JellyBeans OTA/Addons Downloader
    -OTA Center
    -Theme Section
    -Revertable Mods
    -Misc Bloat
    -Samsung Bloat
    -Launcher Mods

  • Scripts
    -Toggle Add/Reset Script
    -Navbar on/off toggle
    -Fix Permissions Script
    -SysRo/SysRw Script
    -Restart SystemUI
    -Reboot Recovery Mode
    -Reboot Download Mode

  • About Rom
    -misc info about rom

Build 6 - 01-01-14
  • Readded Aosp Sounds
  • Removed duplicate libs saved 50+mb
  • Removed Secure Lockscreen Widgets Xposed app
  • Removed performance control app as its not needed
  • Removed pen window addon app as its not needed
  • Removed default app notification popup
  • Added Hidden App-Ops Permission management Feature
  • Added Quick Unlock On/Off Toggle
  • Added Secure Lockscreen Widgets On/Off Toggle
  • Added NavBar on/off toggles to scripts menu
  • Added option to hide smartstay icon
  • Added option to disable home tap on home for magazine
  • Added option to set swipe up on home for magazine/google now
  • Added native 4way/floating/dockable multiwindow modes
  • Fixed issues with multiwindow force closing i hope
  • Fixed issues with mms picture sending
  • Fixed Collage Viewing force close issues
  • Fixed AOSP LockScreen Now Acts/Looks Like True Aosp
  • Fixed Stock Browser Bugs, google not searching
  • Themed Simple Widget, Launcher Aosp Like
  • Updated Gmail, Youtube, Beam Services
  • Updated Es file, Flipboard, SuperSu, XuiMod
Build 5 - 12-16-13
  • Rebased off of the MJE OTA
  • Redid All mods on MJE apps/framework
  • Not one MJ7 apk left in rom
  • Build Number is now Base Version in about phone
  • updated all Mods in JellyBeans Downloader
  • updated Maps, Gmail, Hangouts, Youtube
  • updated play music, es file explorer, play store
  • updated google now, google services, terminal
  • updated Flipboard, Peel, samsung push services
  • updated ant services, ant plugins, beam services
  • updated hp print services, samsung print services
  • updated Samsung Services, Samsung link, Samsung hub
  • updated Samsung WatchOn, SuperSU to 1.85
  • updated Wanam Xposed, Xposed Per App Dpi
Build 4 - 12-08-13
  • Added Toddler Mode, Torch, Smart Network Toggles
  • Added Scripts Section to custom settings
  • Added Toggle For Dormant Mode Notification
  • Added Launcher Looping On/off Toggle
  • Added Longpress skip tracks on/off toggle
  • Added Safe Volume on/off toggle
  • Added All apps in Pen Window Toggle
  • Added Compatility
  • Added Nexus 5 ringtones, notification, alarms
  • Added Custom UI's to jellybeans downloader
  • Added Custom 4x5 Launcher to jellybeans downloader
  • Enabled Auto Brightness Detail From Int N3
  • Removed Tether Provision Checks
  • Removed Camera Low Battery Notifications
  • Secondary Wifi Notification off by default
  • Fixed Live Wallpaper Picker Crash
  • Fixed Add app or widget to homescreen bug
  • Fixed Toggles Resetting on Every reboot
  • Fixed Dragging of wrong app to multiwindow
  • Fixed Black Text on Some Toast Notifications
  • Fixed Camera Resetting transition animation
  • Updated Alarm clock theme and mms theme
  • Updated Es File Explorer, Google Music, play store
  • Updated Flipboard, Xposed installer, Xui mods
Build 3 - 12-01-13
  • Fully themed Rom AOSP Style!
  • Added sqlite optimizations
  • Added custom Jellybeans init.d Tweaks
  • Added a bunch of open source fonts
  • Added Native All apps in Multiwindow
  • Added Cron Support -Kejar31
  • Added Back Favorite app widget
  • Added Network speed in statusbar toggle
  • Added Netowrk Speed Color picker
  • Added Xposed RamBar for recent apps
  • Added AOSP UI Sounds instead of TW sounds
  • Added Brightness, Flashlight, wifi hotspot, reading mode toggles
  • Added Wallpaper Scrolling toggle to jellybeans settings
  • Removed leftover amazon files
  • Removed MultiWindow Manager
  • Removed Xposed IconThemer
  • Removed Xposed Theme engine
  • Removed wifi network notification
  • Removed screen on animations option (buggy)
  • Enabled installation from unknown sources by default
  • Enabled downloadable font apks to be used -elesbb
  • Enabled HandsFree, Smart Network Widget
  • Enabled Power Control Widget
  • Disabled AdBlocking By Default
  • Fixed Shealth Force Close Completely
  • Fixed Crt-Off in landscape should now work
  • JellyBeans Settings App Major Overhaul
  • Updated SuperSU to 1.80, Per App Dpi Module
  • Updated Google Hangouts, Terminal Emulator
  • Updated Play Services, mobeam services
  • Updated Youtube, Samsung push services
  • Updated to the latest version of adobe flash
  • Updated Spen Keyboard Switcher to Version 2
  • Updated Wanam Xposed Module
  • Updated Xposed Framework Installer
Build 2 - 11-15-13
  • Fixed Google Now Force Close
  • Fixed JellyBeans Settings not showing up in tab view of settings
  • Fixed shealth force close while using multiwindow manager
  • Fixed handwriting recognition service bug
  • Added Toggleable Screen On/off animations Crt or Fade
  • Added All S4 Wallpapers To Stock Wallpaper picker
  • Added Emoji keyboard
  • Added Google TTS Engine
  • Added Google Experience Launcher to JellyBeans Downloader
  • Added Call recording toggle to in call menu
  • Removed extra bluetooth toggle in Settings app
  • Enabled Settings Shortcut Widget
  • Smart Stay icon is only on when in use no more shadow
  • Updated SuperSU to 1.69
  • Updated Google Search to 3.1.8
  • Updated google play services
  • Updated Flipboard to newest version
Build 1 - 11-11-13
  • Initial Release All Mods above

and as a torrent in the xda devdb

md5: 3028795ae72f189a9d92346b9662b7eb

old builds can be found here:
Works with Safestrap or Dev Edition

Step 1-
Make Sure You Have a Custom Recovery Safestrap or Twrp
Step 2-
Wipe all(factory reset and davlick wipe) if coming from an old build
Step 3-
Install the Rom
Step 4-
Reboot and Enjoy!

For Feature Requests and bug reports please post in the Xda DevDB Section Up Top

The Extent of work that was done getting this theme to work with the Device.Default.Light Setup we have on us carriers was insane so dont let me catch you using parts of it in your roms/themes without approval. there is alot of custom xml, smali, png edits i made

XDA:DevDB Information
★☞[Rom][4.3][MJE] Jelly 'Beans' - Build 6 [01/01/14] AOSP/KitKat Themed || Game Changing ☜★, a ROM for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3

ROM OS Version: 4.3.x Jellybean
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: Touchwiz

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: Build 5
Stable Release Date: 2014-01-01

Created 2013-11-12
Last Updated 2014-01-10
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2013-12-01-02-26-55.png
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-12-01-02-26-59.png
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-12-01-02-27-07.png
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-12-01-02-27-15.jpg
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-12-01-02-27-19.png
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-12-01-02-27-24.jpg
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-12-01-02-27-30.jpg
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-12-01-02-27-42.png
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-12-01-02-28-15.png
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-12-01-03-58-06.jpg
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Size:	122.1 KB
ID:	2425774  
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12th November 2013, 02:22 AM |#2  
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Donate to Me
Hashcode - For Safestrap Recovery So u "Retail Guys" can have fun Too
Dwitherell - for helping, being a great guy, some mods and logic behind some mods, too many things! :P
Didact74 - Massive thanks for all the tutorials and mods for s3/s4
ForeverLoco - for being a great guy and working with me on the theme
Vertumus/daveyanihalation - For parts of thier theme i used as a base
Sbreen94 - help with custom setting, some mods, misc stuff
Ficeto - for his custom settings app i used as my base app
Kejar31 - for his wonderful cron scripts
madjini - for his toggle tutorials that led me to the brightness fix and torch toggle
NadMaj - For Custom 1% Battery icons
Angus MacGyver - for the Boot animation.. thanks a bunch
KennyGlass123 - For being an awesome MOD
Gadget! - for all graphics signatures, thread headers
Maybe More if i forgot u let me know and i will add you!
- It is Recommended to be on MJE Firmware
Check the Addons installer in Custom Settings
Direct link to Flashable Addons
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to use right click and hit copy image location then add to your signature

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:P Enjoy!!!!!!
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12th November 2013, 02:24 AM |#5  
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...i just finished installing Hyperdrive and now I see this?

I've only read amazing things of what you do beans,....

Now what am I to do
12th November 2013, 02:26 AM |#6  
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And it begins

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12th November 2013, 02:27 AM |#7  
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My favorite rom from the note 2 back in full effect now I will FINALLY root ..can't wait to get off start the process ..I know it's gonna be magic

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12th November 2013, 02:28 AM |#8  
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Can't wait!

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12th November 2013, 02:34 AM |#9  
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Is it suggested to run stock in stock rom slot then hyper in slot 2 then Beans (which will be my most used default one ) in 3rd slot ? Or just erase them all and run Beans all the way lol

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12th November 2013, 02:36 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by carycooke

Is it suggested to run stock in stock rom slot then hyper in slot 2 then Beans (which will be my most used default one ) in 3rd slot ? Or just erase them all and run Beans all the way lol

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You'll run out of space really quick like that. These touchwiz roms are huge

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