Drive Mirrors for Nexus 7 Files [4.4 Stock Image!]

Mirrors for Nexus 7 Files

Hey guys,

So I've been noticing that I've been uploading a lot of mirrors for people lately. I usually use dev host, as sometimes Mega and what not are either blocked/don't work on mobile. I can confirm that dev host works on mobile android, and of course PC/Mac in Chrome and Firefox.

As my internet bandwith isn't very limited and I have quite fast speeds, I will take requests to mirror things here. I will usually have them uploaded as soon as I see your post and it finishes uploading on dev host.

Here are some that I've already done. Again, feel free to request uploads. Of course, I will only mirror and not take any sort of credit from the original developer for anything.

ROMs & Kernels

CM 11.0 by koko98 -

AOSP 4.4 by PA -



Stock 4.4 Flashable Zip -

Stock Images

4.3 - (Bootloader -

4.3 Stock + Root (Flashable) -
4.4 -

4.4 OTA -

Everything else

Google Experience Launcher APKs:
mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u ; repo sync ; make

Mirrors for Nexus 7 Files