Cloud Search [Q] My Android QWERTY dilemma...

I want buy an new phone (or used too) but I want a phone with hardware QWERTY keyboard.

I am between these:

Droid 3
+ 8MP camera, 1080p video, excellent keyboard
- 512 MB ram, no ICS

Droid 4
+ 8MP camera, 1080p video, excellent keyboard, excellent front camera, 1 GB ram, ICS
- Non-removable battery

4G Slide
+ 8MP camera, 1080p video, stock FM Radio, excellent main camera
- No arrow keys, no ICS

Samsung i927
+ 8MP camera, 1 GB ram, ICS
- 720p video, no FM radio?

Samsung S Relay
+ 1 GB ram, ICS
- 720p video, 5 MP camera, no FM radio?

Which is the best solution in your opinion?

I am close to droid 3! I haven't some problem with it, only FM radio but I could fix it with application.
In 4G slide, I dislike the keyboard! if it had arrow keys maybe It would be my first choice.
In Droid 4, I dislike the battery I imagine that it will create me problems in future
In Samsungs, if there isn't solution via application it is big problem because I think FM radio is really important.

Do you have any of these models? What do you think about these?? Any other proposal? GSM model for Europe country