Default [Q] use of tasker to convert full screen to pen window.

Hello. I am on DN3 rom v3.1.1. The rom has pen window like the note 3 but in this rom it can be used without the spen ie with fingers directly too.
I wanted to know that is there any way to use gmd gesture control and tasker together so that we can convert a full screen app into pen window by some gesture.
For example, suppose I have defined a gesture in gmd gesture control like pinch to run a task from tasker. The task will be related to conversion of full screen to pen window mode. Now suppose if I have whatsapp open on my screen and I do the gesture which i have defined to run the task from tasker, the whole screen app should minimize into a pen window. I am not able to explain it any better. Hope you guys understand. Thanx. I would have myslef done it if I had even little idea about how to do it .