Question [Q] Phone crashes as soon as media scanner to boot in Safe Mode

Hi All,


My phone used to crash whenever left on for too long or when the battery is low. And when it crashes the processor heats up very rapidly and the battery charge runs out fast if I don't replace the battery and restart the phone. Well I'm running the Firmware Version 2.3.6 Build # Gingerbread.UCLB3 - yes the one that starts with the "Rainbow Screen".

Now the current problem,

I might have installed something recently (don't remember what), I got a memory is full message and phone went into the kernel panic mode. Ever since whenever I'm restarting the phone it keeps crashing as soon as the media scanner completes running 100%.

I removed the sim and booted into Safemode and phone is running all fine. Even if I booted to safemode with the sim on I think it'd still work.

What do I do?