Default After using Nexus Root Toolkit cannot connect in regular USB mode

I have used Nexus Root Toolkit twice successfully on two different computer, but on both occasions that has left the computer unable to connect to the Nexus 10 outside debugging mode.

I think it is "Step 1" in the driver install guide that tells me to:

2.) Launch Device Manager using the button bellow.

- Identify whatever device resembles your Nexus and right click it

- Select 'Uninstall'

- Check the box for 'Delete the driver software for this device'

- Select 'OK'

3.) Unplug your device and Launch USBDeview using the button bellow

- Use USBDeview to uninstall any;
- Android ADB Interface device's,
- Samsung USB devices,
- Google USB drivers
- ... or ANYTHING else you see that resembles your Nexus.

- In particular look for devices with Vendor ID
- "18d1" or... "04e8"

- Simply right click these devices, and select the option to:
- "Uninstall Selected Devices"
After doing this i can no longer connect the Nexus 10 as usb drive or/MTP. If i connect it, it simply says charging, and the Windows device manager doesn't list any new devices at all. Its like it isn't connected at all. If i enable usb debugging, i can use Nexus Root Toolkit without problem.

The computer in question is running Windows 8.1, and i first installed the Universal drivers that didn't work, and then got it to work with RAW drivers.

I assume that something got uninstalled that shouldn't have been, but i don't know what. Any help is appreciated, i don't fancy reinstalling windows