Default I need to change ROM or calibrate screen - whichever is easier...

Hi. Thing is I have changed a digitizer in my Mozart, but now it freaks out on lockscreen. After phone is succesfully unlocked it works fine - I know that's standard behavior after changing digitizer. So the problem is I need to fix that no matter which way. It can be a simple calibration, it can be by changing ROM (will that help for sure? I read on other forum that it should). Do I need modified cable to do both things or one of them can be done simplier? I flashed some phones in my life, and to all of them in correct thread here on forums was a topic how to do it step by step. I cannot find anything like it for Mozart. Can someone point me a right direction or write few advices?

Model: HTC Mozart R8698
Windows Phone 7.8
OS Version: 7.10.8862.144
Firmware rev: 2250.21.51303.401
Hardware rev: 0004
Radio soft:
Radio hard: A.102.0.D4
Bootloader ver: 5.13.2250.3(135167)
Chip SOC ver: