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CyanogenMod 11 - GT-I9195 and GT-l9190 - Nightlies - Bug Reports & Discussion

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Default CyanogenMod 11 - GT-I9195 and GT-l9190 - Nightlies - Bug Reports & Discussion

Galaxy S4 Mini international LTE(GT-I9195) and 3G(GT-I9190) official CM11 nightlies bug reports & discussion.

This thread is to discuss any issues you may have or bug reports to raise regarding the CM11 nightlies AND stable versions for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini international LTE variant (GT-I9195) and the international 3G variant (GT-I9190) (see notes section if you have some other variant).

Opened this thread so that newbies can also post their issues here, as well as to keep the release thread clean for development-related discussions only.


Reporting to JIRA is allowed for M / SNAPSHOT rom versions. Guidelines on how to report stuff there.


GT-I9195 Nightlies changelog

GT-I9190 Nightlies changelog



Release thread / Development discussion only for the GT-I9195 | Download CyanogenMod 11 (GT-I9195) from get.cm

Release thread / Development discussion only for the GT-I9190 | Download CyanogenMod 11 (GT-I9190) from get.cm

Google Applications / gapps | Download gapps version 20140105 (also ART compatible) | Torrent.

Cyanogenmod Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini forums.

You can also report and confirm problems at google doc for this thread. I'll gradually move them here from there.


  • I'm not the developer for these roms, nor do I work for Cyanogenmod, I just maintain this thread as a hobby. Please don't PM or spam me to answer your questions.
  • This thread is ONLY for the CM11 nightlies discussion, there are other threads in the general and Q/A forums to answer questions about everything else than CM11 nightlies. (Example how to root s4mini is not related to this thread.)
  • Arco68 is the maintainer/developer in charge of maintaining/developing CM for our phones. He isn't in charge of developing everything on CM, for example trebuchet or other feature development.
  • F4k is the most active mod-developer for our phones, but he doesn't work for Cyanogenmod either.

  • Please note that the CM11 isn't anymore in it's early stages, but still everything is not a bug, a lot hasn't been merged yet. So expect missing features. The missing features will come in due time. First RC should come on this year 2014, no other specific eta for it, useless to ask for eta on this matter.

  • 1st rule of flashing custom roms etc.: No wipe - No whine.
  • 2nd rule of flashing custom roms etc.: Always backup before flashing/updating.
  • 3rd rule of flashing custom roms etc.: Google search and xda search are your friends when encountering problems.

  • How to act on xda forums. Also answers the question "why I only get angry answers when I ask questions?".

  • How root s4mini, general/small/faq guide.
  • [GUIDE] How to install CM11, quick/small guide thread.
  • When upgrading between different CM versions(cm10.1/10.2/11), you still need to flash the gapps module after upgrading as /system is wiped and it's pretty much necessary to do a full wipe when upgrading to CM11.
  • Gapps are Google Apps for Android. The reason why you need to flash them separately from the rom.
  • Notes about updating to latest stock FW before flashing custom ROMs
  • Flashing CM11(or any custom rom based on CM?) may break your NFC on the stock rom if you sometime want to go back to it. The thread about this problem, there may be some fix for it in that thread and discussion of this problem should be done there. (Dirty) fix for NFC on stock.
  • M / Snapshot / monthly releases are basically nightlies from specific time, but they shouln't have any major problems like bootlooping etc. More info about M-releases.

  • ClockworkMod(cwm) is the official Cyanogenmod recovery. Latest version
  • The ROM comes with a Superuser app. You don't need to install another one.
  • CM doesn't come with a IR Remote app, IR blaster support may be TV/device specific.
  • Screenshot is Vol-Down + Home in CM.
  • To install games/apps to external SD, you currently need some app/mod like FolderMount. Not sure how link2sd works, but it might help on this too. See this guide.
  • Whisper Push aka TextSecure is in short, encrypted messaging. It requires data connection in order to work for now. More info here and here.
  • Our device doesn't have LED like many phones do, so there's an another notification light implemented called BLN. (Sprint variant of s4mini has LED, but this variant isn't supported and these roms aren't for that variant)
  • Button Lights Notification (BLN) kernel support by junkyde was implemented to the official CM tree by arco68, so you now only need the BLN app(free or pro). Using task killers, adblock plus or other apps like Clean Master may cause BLN not to work. If you BLN doesn't work do the steps in this post.
  • Trebuchet launcher replaced Launcher3.
  • This rom doesn't support Holo.
  • If you use themes, be sure that they are up to date with CM11 changes.(When installing themes which appear to be improperly compiled, apply the default system theme and reboot and try again. Some themes maybe haven't been updated to kitkat standards.)
  • If you want to help with translations on CM, check their translation site (?was transifex before not sure now?).

  • These roms and this thread are only for the international models: GT-I9195 serranoltexx and GT-I9190 serrano3gxx. A comment from the rom developer about other variants. It's advised to post your full baseband from about phone settings before flashing anything.
  • Other S4 Mini variants like GT-I9192, Sprint(JDQ39.L520 or SPH-L520), SHV-E370K, SGH-I257M, GT-I9195T and GT-I9197 aren't officially supported and using these roms on them may brick your device, but if you want to root them etc. search other threads from these S4 Mini forums for guides.

  • Using ART instead of dalvik may cause FCs in apps etc. ART can also cause bootloops on some nightlies, example 20140222 and 20140226, check latest posts for future nightlies. (Generally ART should work just fine with the latest gapps and generally with all apps, but it needs support from app's side too.) Dalvik is still the official solution, supported and considered safe. Using ART may require more space from internal/external SD. Check for app ART combability here.
  • Xposed is not supported here (neither are any other mods), issues related to it aren't nightly problems. Xposed only works with dalvik.

  • If you are experiencing battery drainage, please check what's draining it with BetterBatteryStats or Wakelock Detector and the current issues below before posting about it. More info about wakelocks.
  • For those who experience battery drainage from wifi, check this post out.

  • You can't change settings for core1 permanently. Whatever setting you choose, core1 will always be restored to its driver defaults - interactive at any speed. Saving battery while core 1 is not needed is the point. It's a Qualcomm design.
  • CAF = Code Aurora Forum - A division of Qualcomm doing the source code for their hardware.
  • Quick Panel: Expanded desktop toggle doesn't show up if you haven't enabled Expanded desktop from the interface settings.
  • Quick Panel: Profile toggle doesn't show up if you haven't enabled profiles from the settings.
  • Three dots on apps is a new design preference from Google. More info.

  • You can request features/mods in this thread, but if you want something to be implemented into official CM tree, this is not the right place for that. Personally I suggest you to find Cyanogenmod official forum request section(if there even is one.. found this though). Some devs like F4k are usually interested in development of mods, so they might do them. But remember: Spamming them(devs) about requests doesn't get your mods done, on the contrary it might even get your requests to be ignored.

  • I have made this same thread only including issues and requests from this post to the Cyanonmod forum too.


Few useful apps and other stuff
  • Google Experience launcher download link.
  • Minimal gapps package version 20140227, minimal gapps package only includes the basic google stuff like Play, but no maps, hangouts etc. But it's still recommended to use the package which cyanogenmod wants you to use. Example PAgapps have been reported to cause issues.)
  • Different modems. Ask about the benefits and other stuff in it's thread and not here.
  • For downloading smaller updates instead of whole nightlies, check CyanDelta updater app. But still it's recommended to download whole rom, if problems occur, from get.cm.
  • For making nandroid backups without booting to recovery, check this app (also has pro version). The app's xda thread. (If it doesn't work, update your recovery and root+busybox to the latest and try changing the shell as mentioned in the app.)
  • (I might add more useful apps to this list if people tell about them, but I won't keep them up to date as in if you use them you are in charge of updating them. And this thread is not about their problems.)


Before reporting a bug
  • Check the issues in this post and last 1-2 pages of the thread, so you can just quote and confirm a bug reported by another (or just use thanks button for this).
  • If it isn't a known bug already, post it using the bug report template. Ask if someone else can reproduce it.
  • If nobody can reproduce it, then you should do a full wipe(make a backup in cwm before it), don't restore/install anything else(this includes custom kernels/apps/settings etc.) than what is needed for trying to reproduce the bug in a clean install. Or just do this step before even reporting it.
  • If the bug is still there then, you can just restore your phone back to the state before wiping.
  • It would also help greatly to provide logs (in [code][/code] blocks), in an organized manner.

Only report issues occurring on the latest nightly.

Preferably don't report bugs if aren't using the default performance settings(no oc, interactive governor, i/o row etc.), default kernel(no f4k/bln/mods/customs etc.), default launcher(trebuchet) and no app freezing/greenifying/xposed/scripts etc. Or at least test without them before reporting.[/B]

Bug report template:

1. What is the bug/issue?
2. How does it occur(reproducing steps, 3rd party devices/apps, provide full device model names)?
3. How long it has been an issue (example nightly version)?
4. Are you using any mods, kernels, task killers, hibernating apps etc.?
5. Which cache do you use, dalvik or ART?
6. Does it happen when using mobile data, WiFi or both?
7. What have you tried to do to fix it?
8. Provide screenshot from About phone settings.
9. Logs.
10. Additional info.

Example answers:

1. BT doesn't work.
2. I switch on BT, scan for devices, but nothing shows up.
3. Since xxxxxx-nightly. / Since I did this or that.
4. No. / Yes, but I have tried without them. / Yes, this and that.
5. Dalvik. / ART, but I have tried with dalvik. / ART. / (Default=dalvik).
6. Only on mobile data. / Only on WiFi. / On both. / Without them/airplane mode.
7. I have tried with 5 different BT devices from different manufacturer and full wiped, but nothing helps.
8. "Screenshot".
9. "Logs".
10. Some additional info.

You can also report and confirm problems at google doc for this thread. I'll gradually move them here from there.



  • Missing/not working settings:
    - BLN can stop working when receiving a lot of notifications. Info.
    - BLN lights don't shutdown until turning the screen off after it has been turned on. Info.

Verified & Reproduced
  • Missing/not working settings:
    - Option to mute camera/video shutter/recording starting sound.
    - National data roaming. (at least for some countries.)

  • Missing features:
    - Picasa integration from gallery menu.

  • Camera issues issues/missing features:
    - Photosphere. Tempfix.
    - Camera zoom is more pixellated and blurry than the video recording's. Screenshots.

  • Trebuchet issues/missing features: (Trebuchet is still in it's early stages, so it's pretty buggy and missing a lot of features, I would suggest using any other launcher until it gets fixed, example Nova launcher (free).)
    - Missing settings for drawer and dock in the trebuchet settings, like option to hide apps in drawer, dock pages etc.
    - Also missing other options for homescreen and general. Example more rows/columns.
    - Unchecking the option "show persistent search bar at top of screen" actually doesn't hide the search bar at all.
    - Scroll effect setting is faded and doesn't turn unfaded when tapping on it.

  • Lock screen issues/missing features:
    - Only system symbols available for lockscreen custom icons.
    - The keypad doesn't enter the screen lock pin after a reboot, only after screen off then on again does it responds.

  • Email issues/missing features:
    - IMAP account does not sync the sent, draft, trash folders. It seems that it syncs only the INBOX folder filled in the account setting.
    - Exchange works fine, but maybe the sent folder should show the To field and not the sender's name(as in yourself) on each email. (this is more a suggestion on design?)

  • Quick Panel issues/missing features:
    - Long-pressing User Switcher doesn't take you to the user profile setup. And the toggle doesn't work if you haven't setup your profile from People app first.
    - Using camera doesn't save pictures to external sdcard even if it is set as the default save location. It saves them to internal sdcard.

  • Screen mirroring/cast. (Unstable/blinking WiFi display with no audio with Samsung AllShare Cast Dongle and LG LA 660S). Worked last in cm10.1.
  • Ringtone sound samples are no more concatenated seamlessly like in CM10.2/10.1. More info.
  • CWM recovery issue: Date/time is wrong on the nandroid backups. Temporary fix. CWM recovery also missing date/time options.
  • Stock browser: Inverted rendering in Browser doesn't work. More info.
  • Performance settings: If you set powersaving, the device gets very laggy, because the cpu gets stuck on 384MHz. Conservative and powersave may also cause bootloops if you set "Set on boot" option on.
  • The loud volume acceptation doesn't "survive reboot". On CM10 it was not reseted until you wiped the cache partition, meaning that you had to accept it only once.
  • Quiet Hours doesn't mute example Whatsapp notifications. More info.
  • Flip action in alarm not working, shaking works just fine.
  • Unable to share contact info/cards from People app to text messaging app(default or hangouts).
  • When you're on a call and need to use the number pad(in-call-ui), the numbers are blue. As in, it should use kitkat colors/ui.
  • Proximity sensor doesn't turn off after ending a call, if you have covered the sensor before and the whole time of the call. This of course causes battery drainage. Use-case: Using phone when it's in your pocket via BT device to make a call.More info. Tempfixes.
  • Whisper push / TextSecure doesn't work without data connection. Example for SMS/MMS it doesn't work. More info and clarification about the issue here.

Fixed / In coming build
  • -

Unable to reproduce / Unique to certain users / Unable to fix / Unverified / Kernel issue
  • BT issues:
    - BT issues can be device specific, since not all are having issues with their BT devices or with BT in general.
    - BT headphones issue 1. More info.
    - Contacts don't sync with car BT, but everything else syncs just fine. Works fine on samsung stock rom. Tempfix: Bluetooth Phonebook app from play may fix it.

  • Panasonic RPHX headphones cause system crash when plugged in.
  • Wired headset music controls not working, neither volume nor playback (stock Samsung earplugs) for the past 6-7 nightlies.

  • (Unique issue): Few users, example tomicop, was having a problem with cm stock camera and saving stuff to sdcard with it, the camera app crashes when trying to switch from internal to external storage. For more info search this thread for his messages, but according to him, he has pretty much tried everything to fix it. Few things to try to fix it. Tempfix from dong2007, it has been reported to fix the problem.

  • Dialer (SIP CLIENT) All incoming is URL based.

  • Pressing alarm icon on quick panel, can cause "alarm/clock has stopped" If you have set alarm with 3rd party alarm app and also pressing it doesn't take you to the 3rd party app, only integrated. (this might not even be a real issue)

  • The dialer issue when it freezes, hangs and no sound on calls. Was caused by PAgapps package, reported fixed when using cm provided gapps(linked top of this post).



  • S view flip cover support. (some info here)
  • Jawbone UP wristband support. (some info here)
  • Choco Cooky or more fonts in general.
  • SMemo from StockRom.
  • Touch sensitivity increase option. (some info: 1,2.)
  • Option to disable illuminating buttons / button backlights when only touching the screen, but still illuminating them when you touch the buttons. Info
  • WiFi hotspot options/settings, example how many users can connect to it.
  • TPTs or way to repartition system since there's like 1GB empty unusable space.
  • Option to disable bootanimation from settings. Some info.
  • Dynamic notifications. More info.
  • Notification counter on icons. Info 1 & 2. Picture.
  • Framework implementation to adjust how strong the haptic feedback is for soft keys. Some info. Temporarily you can use xposed app Gravitybox.
  • Wi-Fi direct over NFC. Tempfix, SuperBeam app.

Accepted (being/will be worked on in the future)

Done / Already available

  • -


Borrowed the template from @Whosat
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LTE (serranoltexx/l9195XXUAMF5) with the latest CM11 nightly and f4ktion kernel.

CyanogenMod 11 - GT-I9195 and GT-l9190 - Nightlies - Bug Reports & Discussion thread
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From this day (27th of January) onwards:

I won't be answering to off-topic noob questions. At least not when the person mentions nothing about what he has done to fix it, how did it happen, when did it happen or if the english is so bad(many who say sorry for my english, write it just fine. but then there are those who's english is like this: mi huv raat ma phune, mo hevu problam) that google translate would do a better job etc.

I don't discourage other people to not to answer, but I'm just done with you guys who just come here, do nothing themselves, and wait for the quick answer to their problem and don't even bother to hit the thanks button (not that I really care about my xda e-penis, but still you ungrateful bastards).

This just because 99% of these noobish question answers are in the first post or if they would just search google/xda about it, they would have already found the answer. I have my limits, too. If this post hurts somebody's feelings then you should really think how you have acted on this forum and also seems that you didn't watch this when you registered here.

I'll update the op if when it's necessary and discuss the problems with people who don't fit the above, but seems that we are pretty much in the phase of just waiting for CM to get stuff working.


Personal note2: (21.2.2014)

I might be inactive on updating the OP from now on, at least on the weekends, so please @ mention me when you use the bug report template to report a bug and when some issue gets fixed.



You can also report and confirm problems at google doc for this thread. I'll gradually move them here from there.


Note 3:

If you are using M version of the rom, please ALWAYS mention it in your post/signature. This thread is mainly only for cm11 latest nightly discussion and reporting problems for M version should be done to the JIRA tracker.

How to report to JIRA tracker: ONLY FOR M versions.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LTE (serranoltexx/l9195XXUAMF5) with the latest CM11 nightly and f4ktion kernel.

CyanogenMod 11 - GT-I9195 and GT-l9190 - Nightlies - Bug Reports & Discussion thread
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I think we should combine this thread for both the I9190 and I9195, as they are so similar. Pretty much everything applies to both models, so reporting the same things in two threads doesn't really make sense.
Haters gonna hate

~$ git revert

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Originally Posted by arco68 View Post
I think we should combine this thread for both the I9190 and I9195, as they are so similar. Pretty much everything applies to both models, so reporting the same things in two threads doesn't really make sense.
Okays, I edited the first posts and topic so it should be good for both variants.
Edit: now all links should be working.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LTE (serranoltexx/l9195XXUAMF5) with the latest CM11 nightly and f4ktion kernel.

CyanogenMod 11 - GT-I9195 and GT-l9190 - Nightlies - Bug Reports & Discussion thread
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I installed CM11 on my Nexus 7, and while works brilliantly well (far better than the "first milestone" tag would suggest), the non-removable Google search bar really annoys me. Not CM's fault, but I'll be glad when they provide a way to remove it. Until that happens I think I'll stick with CM10.2 on my GS4 mini, it's doing everything I want it to.
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Change log points to 10.2.

Need for now: http://www.cmxlog.com/11/#

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ROM: KK-4.4.2: CM.11 Nightlies

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Default Upgrading from CM10.2 to CM 11

I got the update notification via CMupdater within CM10.2. Can I update via that way or do I have to still wipe everything before updating? Thanks.
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don't work: aldin setting from clocks and alarms, clock widget, lock screen;
is a good version
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Problems with camera here

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Anyone tried ART instead of Dalvik yet? (Under Development Settings->Select Runtime)

bug, cm11, cyanogenmod, l919, nightly
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