Default won't display my screen on time?

so my tablet is rooted, stock 4.4 , somehow when setup my google account, i guess i had it checked marked on backup

it backed up all my nexus 5 apps/data onto my nexus 7 FHD tablet! wtf??? is that possible? i forgot to uncheck it i guess when setting up my tablet again

so i can't view my 'screen on time anymore' is there a way to re calibrate? i think i rebooted and it still doesn't show it

in the battery settings info, i can see a
" with a kitkat logo"

that was my nexus 5 bootup logo, why is it showing on the nexus 7?

also maybe installing GSAM battery app mess up my battery/screen time display?
8gb NeXus⁴ 4.4 kitkat fully stock
16gb NeXus 7 FHD w/ TWRP signed-razor-KRT16S-from-JSS15Q 4.4.2 KK w/ ElementalX v2.6 kernel @1.736 ghz UV800 using ART mode
32gb NeXus 5 white rooted/unlocked TWRP v2.6.4.3 touch , 4.4.2 KOT49H kk stock, franco kernel r32 w/ ART UVing 1.5ghz max cpu vomer
samsung galaxy gear black watch w/ Null v23 rom