Default [Q] Tired of updates, where to start

Have been using Motorola phones for the past 15 years or so, just because in general the call quality and build has always been better for me. Just recently bought a Note 3, was a great phone until I had issues with the sound quality, it sucked. I returned it. [ though apparently there was a Samsung software fix for that ] I'm a truck driver and have a Bluetooth hung on my ear for the better part of 12 hours a day, $ 2700.00 federal fine, no questions asked if not using hands free. So call quality is important. Went back to a Motorola Droid Maxx. I have always rooted my phone, changed the entitlement and eliminated all the bloatware. Rooted the Droid Maxx, but with the new Kit Kat that screws up the root, which there is a new root. I'm getting so tired of re-rooting the phone every 6 month or so, [every time there's a new android up date.] What I want is to get a phone that I can install a custom Rom, keep using my unlimited data and not mess with the phone every 6 months or so......don't mind out right buying a phone. So what phone to purchase ? I have always needed a large screen, big battery. And most important good call quality. Apparently the Droid maxx can't be unlocked yet. So what other choices do I have. Galaxy s4 ? Do I purchase a developers addition, unlocked. Need someone to walk me through the process. Not completely sure what ROM to install, was recommended to install Cyanogenmod ? Need some feedback from the Pros.