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[Kernel][AOSP/TW] ChronicKernel - (UV/GPU/CPU-OC/dyn fsync/Linaro) [04/23/2014]

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Default [Kernel][AOSP/TW] ChronicKernel - (UV/GPU/CPU-OC/dyn fsync/Linaro) [04/23/2014]

ChronicKernel for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4

 * Your warranty is now likely void.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * spontaneous combustion, or any other host of cosmic penalties
 * which may befall you, your family, or your phone.
Here is a initial kernel for AOSP/TW. It has all the features you would expect from a modded kernel, CPU OC, GPU OC, more CPU governors, Undervolted, Underclockable, GPU OC CPU L2 OC, and linaro -o3 optimizations


* Rooted (obviously)
* I use CyanogenMod as my daily, so i don't test the TW version much..it should be fine though.

1: Place zip on sdcard
3: Reboot into recovery
3: Clear cache and dalvik cache
4: Flash zip
5: Reboot
6: If desired edit the init script at /system/etc/chronic-config.sh to suit your needs
7: Profit


* All-in-One kernel for all qualcomm variants (AOSP/CM only)
* Compiled with linaro
* GPU OC to 627 Mhtz (450Mhtz default - configurable though chronic-config.sh init script)
* CPU OC to 2322 Mhtz (1890 Mhtz default)
* CPU L2 cache overclocked to 1.3Ghtz
* Raised the low/med/high values for GPU governor one step each
* Added many I/O Schedulers
* Some scheduler performance tweaks
* Added CPU Governors intelidemand, wheatley, lagfree, linoheart, smartassH3, badass and smartmax (Default gov = intellidemand)
* Dynamic Fsync
* User adjustable CPU uV
* frandom support
* Optimized and compiled with with the "Optimize a lot, or -o3 option)
* USB fast charge (disabled by default - configurable though chronic-config.sh init script
* Patched to Linux 3.4+


New Release v3.0 All-In-One AOSP_KK4.4 Kernel!

* Sorry for the long delay. Got burnt out on android for awhile and got some new toys as well so was busy
* All the needed updates to kernel and Ramdisk since last release and to comply with CM"s new all-in-one rom build,
because of this we can now use one flashable zip for all qualcomm variants now. I added the auto-loki patching from
CM's rom zips so loki should be done for you. let me know if you have any issues.
* Updated kernel to 3.4.82
* I'm sure there are a few small fixes I forgot since last release but basically you can expect what you did with the last release just up to date.


New Release v2.4 for AOSP Android KitKat 4.4! (TW to follow soon)

Changes since v2.3:
* Got rid o dcvs governor as it never worked
* Updated to offical Android 4.4.2/CM-11 Kernel source, changes include:
* We are now using the msm2 gpu driver not msm.
* Updated WiFi Drivers
* Updated Sensor drivers
* Many changes to the framebuffer and vidc driver
* Linux 3.4.75

And as always the ramdisk is synced with CM as of time of compile

* AOSP-JB4.3: Tagged v2.3.3 (maintenance update)
* AOSP-JB4.3: Fixed issue with latest ROM builds

* AOSP-JB4.3: Tagged v2.3.2 (maintenance update)
* AOSP-JB4.3: Merged all the upstream commits from CM, should help with stability
* NOTE: If your colors are off with the display. Its because your ROM hasn't been updated to latest display drivers, ask your ROM developer to update their ROM.

* Common: Updated to Linux 3.4.66
* Common: Added Faux123's Simple GPU governor
* Common: Fixed compatibility with PAC
* AOSP-JB4.3: Merged upstream changes for compatibility with latest CM nightlies
* TW: Tried to fix issue with LPM mode (charging while off)

* Bumped AOSP to v2.2 and TW to v1.2 respectivly
* Common: Fixed issue across all custom S4 kernels where the Governor is only applied to online cpu cores. They are now set regardless
* Common: More aggressive L2 Overclock, bumped max L2 freq by 100 Mhtz and have a more aggressive scaling of the L2 freqs
* Common: Updated to Linux 3.4.62
* AOSP-JB4.3: a few (minor) upstream changes

* AOSP-JB4.3: Merged over 200 commits from CM to bring in sync, No other changes, although seems performance is a little improved

* General: initial release ot the TW/GE kernel, refered to as TW-JB4.3, this is the same as the TW (now known as TW-JB4.2) just compatible with GE roms

* AOSP-JB4.3: Synced Ramdisk with CM, latest nightlies should work now
* AOSP-JB4.3: Fixed a bad merge in the last version related to I/O scheduling
* AOSP-JB4.3: Added official Samsung exFAT support (thanks ktoonsez for original commit)
* AOSP-JB4.3: Updated to Linux 3.4.59
* AOSP-JB4.3: Tagged v2.1

* AOSP-JB4.2: Added official Samsung exFAT support (thanks ktoonsez for original commit)
* AOSP-JB4.2: Updated to Linux 3.4.59
* AOSP-JB4.2: Tagged v2.1

* TW: Some cleanup to try and make it more stable
* TW: Added official Samsung exFAT support (thanks ktoonsez for original commit)
* TW: Updated to Linux 3.4.59
* TW: Tagged v1.1 and will be known from this point on as "TW-JB4.2"

TW-JB4.3 - TW/GE
* TW-JB4.3: Initial TW/GE kernel v1.0

* AOSP-JB4.3: Maintenance update - Synced with upstream CM kernel at time of compile - glitches should be gone
* Note: sorry for the delay. i was busy getting 10.2 booting on pyramid/glacier/holiday
* Took the version number out of the OP title as its not the same across all platforms

* AOSP-JB4.3: Added AOSP 4.3 kernel, has all the updates from CM's kernel as of this date
* AOSP-JB4.2: Sync with CM. a little clean up
* TW: TW kernel is now out of RC and v1.0, Merged a few things from the AOSP-JB4.3 kernel
* There were a good amount of updates that are kinda hard to explain. if you want more details check my github

Old Changelogs
* TW: RC2 release
* TW: tried to fix exFAT support, please let me know
* TW: Fixed an overlook that was causing the GPU to stay at a higher freq then normal

* Fixed a few little overlooks on my part in the TouchWiz beta1. Here is RC1

* inital TW build, still beta but should work fine just might have a couple things enabled (I/O schedulers that dont work or shouldnt be)

* Fixed Color temp settings not showing in Advanced Settings
* Couple tweaks to fastcharge cherry-picked from ktoonsez's kernel
* Merged JFA source
* All CM changes merged
* Added option to configure CPU OC from chronic-config.sh
* Fixed a race condition between chronic-config.sh and init.qcom.post_boot.sh setting governor
* Updated to Linux 3.4.52
* Fixed a type-o in chronic-config.sh that might have prevented dynfsync from being set to the desired setting
* Initial support for the Sprint variant
* General cleanup

* Reworked the way the config script works. it now sets gov correctly. it was renamed to chronic-config.sh and moved to system/etc/
* A few upstream updates

* Maintenance update
* Merged all upstream CM changes, should work on latest nightlies now

June-26 Stable Release
* Over 100+ upstream commits, like vidc etc, CHECK HERE for details
* Updated to MFx source/google sources
* small bugfix to screen off max gov
* wakelock fix (upstream)
* Updated to Linux 3.0.50
* Few misc bugfixes

** Honnestly the changelog doesnt do the update justice. CHECK HERE for details

* Upstream: Kernel source updated to MDL (samsung)
* Bugfix: Synced ramdisk with upstream CM to fix issue with bluetooth
* Fixes to Fast charge
* Bugfix: fix issues with workqueue (ktoonsez)
* Screen off Max freq will be disabled while in call (ktoonsez)
* Bugfix: Two EHCI: HSIC commits from caf to fix a wakelock
* Added CIFS Support
* Switch to intellidemand as default CPU governor
* Set 504Mhtz as boot freq for GPU
* GPU: Changed 544mhz to 545mhz to conform better with the pll table
* reduce some log spam (ktoonsez)
* GPU OC: Add 627mhtz step
* Linux 3.4.49

* Merged all upstream changes from CM kernel, including things like the MDM kernel source update
* Updated to Linux 3.4.48
* GPU OC now correctly reflects the current gpu freq to sysfs

* Pretty sure the intellidemand issues are fixed now
* Some bugfixes from caf for cpufreq and cpufreq stats
* GPU OC is fixed now (wasn't working correctly, would reject any freq higher then 450)
* GPU OC steps are now 504 544 and 601mhtz
* Synced with upstream (CM)

* Added in between steps to OC freqs to try and help people squeeze a little more out of the CPU (ktoonsez)
* GPU OC to 533Mhtz
* Added some missing intelidemand code to try and fix battery drain
* Some upstream changes like control screen color temp by sysfs
* Switched back to interactive as default governor

* Tweaked the GPU bandwith and governor low/med/high values for better performance
* Some bug fixes from type-o's made by samsung
* Removed CPU governors that don't support hotplugging (ktoonservativeq, dancedance)
* Min cpu freq with start at 378Mhtz for all cores
* Switched to XZ compression when making kernel to reduce size (the only impact on user end is a 1 sec longer boot time on Samsung splash)

* Reverted some cherry-picks from upstream that was causing bootloops for some
* Fix for GPU governor, it was sometimes getting stuck at 450 mhtz even with screen off (credits: ktoonsez)
* Updated the updater-script in the flashable zip to do some housekeeping before flash like remove old modules

* Fixed bad zip packages

* Rebased source off of ktoonsez kernel,
* Fixed all the instability from the last releases
* CPU OC up to 2322 Mhtz (not all devices can handle this!)
* added frandom support
* Added a few Governors and I/O Schedulers
* Disabled a lot of useless debugging options
* Disabled un-needed modules
* More general build optimizations
* Other changes I forgot

* Fixed all the bootloop issues from the last build

* Bugfix: cpu freqs on all cores but core0 weren't being set to desired levels
* Bugfix: a lot of block (I/O) fixes from caf and faux123
* CPU is now overclockable to 2268Mhtz but not all devices, including mine can handle this.
* CPU can now be overvolted to 1500 uV
* CPU L2 cache overclock to 1.3Ghtz (this seemed to give the most performance boost out of any overclocking so far)
* full kernel based mpdecision (there is an init.qcom.post_boot.sh script included that will disable userspace mpdecision, DON'T REMOVE IT)
* Added back all the special UID drivers that got disabled
* A lot of cleanup to the defconfig and disabled a lot of useless options and enabled some that weren't there before
* Switched to intellidemand as default governor
* Switched to ROW as default I/O scheduler
* CPU: Boot at default freq of 1890Mhtz for stability
* Probably a lot more small tweaks I'm forgetting

* Added an init.d script to zip to help control custom kernel settings
* Added CPU OC to 2106 Mhtz (1998 mhtz default)
* Set default GPU OC to 450mhtz to save battery (still overclockable via 89chronic init script)
* Adjusted the GPU Bus bandwith, seems to help with performance and battery life
* Lots of updates for CM kernel (gpu drivers etc)
* Maybe a couple other tweaks I forgot to list

* initial release

* Please keep all comments in this Discussion Thread. Any comments not in that thread will be ignored. Feel free to use the DevDB Bug reporting option as you see fit. This is critical in keeping the same question from being asked times in 5 different threads all with the same answer. It was really slowing down development.

* ]If you have problems with frequencies sticking use "No frills CPU Control" and go to Settings and prevent other apps from changing CPU settings

* Although this kernel has now reached "stable" status. bugs still could pop up. please if you find a reproducible bug and decide to post please try and provide a last_kmesg or logcat.

* Versions go as follows: AOSP-JB4.3 = CM-10.2 etc, AOSP-JB4.2 = CM-10.1 etc, TW-JB4.2 = Android 4.2 TW based ROMs, TW-JB4.3: Android 4.3/Google Edition based ROMs

AOSP-JB4.2 : ChronicKernel-JB4.2-AOSP-TMO-v2.3.zip
AOSP-JB4.3 : ChronicKernel-JB4.3-AOSP-TMO-v2.3.3.zip
AOSP-KK4.4 : ChronicKernel-KK4.4-AOSP-JFLTE-v3.0.zip
TW-JB4.2 : ChronicKernel-JB4.2-TW-TMO-v1.3.zip
TW-JB4.3 : ChronicKernel-JB4.3-TW-TMO-v1.3.zip
Goo.im Repo : CLICK HERE
* This Kernel can also be downloaded directly with GooManager *

My Github (main): https://github.com/Team-Hydra/android_kernel_samsung_jf

* First off of course cyanogen, the CyanogenMod project and all who contribute.
* A lot of this was taken/based off of flar2's Kernel for the HTC One, so thanks for the source!
* Also grabbed some things from Faux123's kernel
* All the people who have helped me learn more and more over the past 4 months (arco/dastin1018/android1234567) you guys are the best!

I really didn't want to do this but people keep asking so here is a donation link if you want to buy me a coffee or pack of smokes (I go through a lot sitting on the PC messing around lol) go ahead. But not required or expected by any means

Note: The name on the paypal account may say patricia, this is because it's a family paypal account.

Happy Flashing


XDA:DevDB Information
[AOSP/TW] ChronicKernel, a Kernel for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 4

Kernel Special Features: * Compiled with linaro * GPU OC to 627 Mhtz (450Mhtz default - configurable though chronic-config.sh init script) * CPU OC to 2322 Mhtz (1890 Mhtz default) * CPU L2 cache overclocked to 1.3Ghtz * Raised the low/med/high values for GPU governor one step ea

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2013-10-09
Last Updated 2014-04-23
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Default Reserved

Please keep all discussion in the new Q&A thread please. otherwise your comment will most likely be ignored. Check "NOTES" section in OP for details
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Nice. GPU OC. Party only getting started. Cant wait fot CPU OC.

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yeah i've never overclocked the cpu from scratch before. i have it done but it wont boot. i think i'm missing a couple references in source somewhere
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Great to see you on the S4 albino! I really appreciated your work on the Sensation.
Mini Doxie FTW!

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Oh, this is sweet. Installing it now.

Is the S4 audio hardware compatible with the Voodoo Sound? (Had this on my S1, and it was needed..)

Looking forward to this.
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Getting lower benchmark scores for some reason on this kernel.

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hmmm i get 6800 is quadrant with stock cm kernel and 7600 with mine. what benchmark program. if you want try underclocking the gpu by 50 mhtz you can do this with this command

echo "4500000" > /sys/devices/platform/kgsl-3d0.0/kgsl/kgsl-3d0/max_gpuclk

i'm considering lowering the GPU to that as it saves battery and might give better performance i'm not sure
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Originally Posted by albinoman887 View Post
yeah i've never overclocked the cpu from scratch before. i have it done but it wont boot. i think i'm missing a couple references in source somewhere
I think gs4 uses acpuclock 8064 for its main CPU controll. Check the pll tables and convert the hex to decimals and multiply by 27 if I'm not mistaken.

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AEI - Android Environment Installer - http://goo.gl/4TKdi

Kernel Build Script How To - http://goo.gl/admz2


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This belongs in original Android development?

I have many app ideas, but don't have the skill or the time to learn how to make an app. if you would like to know an idea and attempt to make one, just message me.
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