Default [Q] Titanium Backup Problem

Hello! I have a problem with Titanium Backup not restoring apps properly. Here is what happened:

- My two sons were sharing the Nexus 7 so we had two users. Then we decided the Nexus was going to belong to one of my sons only but he wasn't the main user. So I backed up his games and then deleted his profile. I then tried to restore his games on the main profile.

- First, his apps were crossed out on TBu. After some googling, I read that if I redownloaded his apps from the market, they would not appear as crossed out anymore. Which I did.

- Now when I try and restore them, I get the option to restore data only. If I click on that, a message appears in notifications saying: "Data restore complete for "?"" But when I go back to the games, the actual data is not restored.

Long story, but if anyone could help I would be immensely grateful. My child is hoping to play with his games after school today...