Default [Q] zipallign a odexed rom?

I read some where that if you zipallign an deodexed rom you can get similar results to what odexed applications would do. So I had an thought that you could perhaps zipallign something that was odexed. I did a small amount of googling and didn't find a deffinent answer. From what I have gathered though, I would think you would technically be able to do this. All that zipallign is essentially doing is alligning the application on a 4-byte boundrey which essentially allows the application to not have to completely unpack it's self.

So, my main question is (assuming this is possible) is if you managed to zipallign a set of odexed applications(Let's say the system apps) would you even get a performance boost out of it? It seems like both odexed apps and zipalligned apps are aiming to do the same basic tasks, just in different ways. So I would imagine if there is any performance boost at all, it would be very minimal.

I was planning on odexing my system applications on my phone and living the non system applications in a deodexed zipalligned form. But if you can get a performance boost off of zipalligning odexed apps, I would be interested in trying that out also.

Feel free to correct me if Im wrong.
And thanks for any help.