Default Help for Play Music

I'm not sure where to post this, but i'm having a weird issue with play music

i have all my songs uploaded to play music. i listen to them using my laptop browser and ipad play music app

All my songs are also present on my phone's storage,
when i use the play music app on my android phone, music that are liked,deleted, or added to a play list doesnt appear on my cloud, it doesnt sync to the ipad or my laptop browser. (i'm not a noob, i obviously enabled sync for play music)

i'm thinking this happens because android play music app confuse the duplicate music that exist in my phone and in the cloud.

I need to keep my music in the phones local storage because i dont have fast internet access on mobile data.

How can i make google play music android app to display ONLY online content?
currently the only option is "all music" and "on device"