Default [Q] USB connect/disconnect sound

Hey there, long time lurker first time posting,

Just a quick question to see if any of you guys know where to find something.

Recently installed the BeanStalk 4.4 ROM onto my N7105 LTE. All is fine and dandy except when connecting/disconnecting a USB cable, I get this really annoying sound that loops over and over until I drag down the notification bar.

I've checked literally every sound option and for the fun of it checked all the others too - can I find it? Nope.

I had a quick search on here and found someone experiencing a similar issue on an S3 with a solution to navigate to system/media/audio/ui/ and delete/rename Charger_Connection.ogg

This file doesn't appear in that folder on my Note, I had a look at all the other file names contained in there and tried renaming the dock sounds and wireless charging (long shot, I know) but they still don't work.

Now to the question; how do you stop this sound? I don't mind having to dive into the file system to change/delete a file. I'm hoping I've just been a little bit of a silly and missed a setting somewhere