Question OBOne KernOB on NuSenseOne rom

Hello everybody. I am a new convert from an iphone, had all the iphones upto #5, jaibroke all of them and basically messed around as much as I could.
I switched to an HTC One verizon version, and love everything about android.
I am S-off and rooted, I have NuSense One max 7.3 (JB 4.3 w/sense) installed its an amazing ROM, I just wanted a little more functionality so I installed OBOne KernOB 4.2.2/4.3 [3.4.10][SenseJB].
Everything functions perfectly fine but the phone mic and speaker do not work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I have tried posting at on the developer forum, but cant since I am new. I have reinstalled the kernel specific to Nusense and everything works as it should.
Is there a way to install the custom Kernel and fix sound.
If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.