Default [Q] Bluetooth dialling with "Always ask" SIM mode


There seems to be a big flaw in the dual sim implementation. If you have sim management set to "Always ask" as I do (I have personal = SIM1 and work = SIM2) and you connect to a bluetooth car system, then when you make a call, the SIM choice dialog box still pops up which is stupid as the phone is either in my pocket or it is not safe to get it out and select.

Other brands I have had (e.g. Lenovo) just go ahead and use SIM1 under those conditions.

The ideal solution is contact binding where you can bind contacts or contact groups to a SIM and it uses that if specified or a default if not.
Next best would be to use the "Current SIM" if connected via bluetooth.
Third best would be that Samsumg make shortcuts for the SIM Management settings so other apps like Llama could automatically switch the mode to "Current SIM" or "SIM 1" if it is connected via bluetooth and then back to "Always ask" when disconnected.

I've tried the SimSelector app but it doesn't work properly (doesn't override the sim mode).

Has anyone found a satisfactory solution to this?

Is there somewhere I can send these suggestion to Samsung? I've tried support but I just get useless auto-replies.