Default [MOD][CM10.2][4.3.1] % symbol added near the battery icon

Hello guys!
I just want to share with you this little mod that i've made (big thanks to adi_aisiteru_reborn that linked me the tutorial)

As you can see in the picture, i've add the "%" symbol in the battery icon. It's not that much, just a little graphic mod, but here it is for all who want it.

hope you enjoy it

only compatible with alpha 4, when arsradu will update the ROM, i will update the systemui.apk too

for the newbie XD: to install it
1) download my systemUI.apk
2) use a root browser (the best, in my opinion, is root explorer) and, first of all, move it in "/system" folder
3) here, change permission of my SystemUI.apk in "rw-r--r--"
4) "Important" make a backup of your old systemUI.apk (it is in "/system/app" folder)...for the backup just copy this systemui.apk in the external sd card, to avoid any errors
5) then, push my systemui.apk (please be sure that you have setted permission like i said) from "/system" in "/system/app".
6) Confirm the overwriting with "yes", reboot and that's it
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