Default Decompile APK with apktool and deodex without errors


i hope someone could help me please.

Id like to deodex the 10E version for D802.
But with some apps i have problems to do this!
A lot off errors.
Dont know why.

But my main problem is, to mod the LGSystemUI.apk!
Decompile with apktool is not the problem, but i cant get it back!
Exception in thread "main" brut.androlib.AndrolibException:
otExist: apktool.yml
at brut.androlib.Androlib.readMetaFile( 164)
at brut.apktool.Main.cmdBuild(
at brut.apktool.Main.main(
Caused by: apktool.yml
at brut.androlib.Androlib.readMetaFile( 160)
... 4 more
Please could someone tell my what this error cause?
I guess missing framework files.
But all apk inside Framework foldes i but with if xxx with apktool!

Please help

Big thanks!