Question [Q] Preferred network type not staying per reboot

Ok so I've had my xt912 for a couple years now and finally upgraded to the xt1080 (happy so far) now I've had this phone rooted and rom'd since the first day I bought it and for as long at I can remember I have to [ *#*#4636#*#* ] to change my preferred network type from GSM/CDMA to LTE/GSM/CMDA after every reboot. It also seems that for the last few roms if I leave my screen off for a while I loose my 4g and it won't pop back up so I have to switch it again to bring up my 4g.
Now it's a huge pain but I'm so used to I guess I just did it without any second thought.
The issue is I have this new phone and I'm looking at giving this my Razr to a friend who's not tech savy by any means... So I'm wondering if anyone knows of a setting I'm missing or something that can fix this.

Thanks for any input